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Season Two

A Stitch In Time

A time-travelling vigilante, on a mission to kill sex offenders before their first crime, is continually changing her own present. FBI Agent Jamie Pratt is working on the case with an ever-growing list of dead, but how can she solve a mystery where every new Time Change becomes part of her very life?

Teresa Gibbons Amanda Plummer
Agent Jamie Pratt Michelle Forbes
Corrie Andrew Airlie

First Anniversary

When Norman meets and falls for Ady he thinks he's found the perfect woman. One year later he's not so sure, and he suspects that Ady is not quite who, or what, she seems.

Norman Glass Matt Frewer
Barbara Jane Heitmayer
Ady Michelle Johnson
Dr Phillips Paul McLean
Angie Gillian Carfra
Stacy Morgan Lee Fae
First Ady Kathrin Nicholson
With: Clint Howard and Steve Bacic


The Human species is extinct, wiped out by its own biological experimentation. The machines that were constructed by humans to serve them now rule the planet, and are led by a central system determined that it will stay that way. So the discovery that Martin GX21 has "given birth" to a new human called Cain from stored genetic material leads to a manhunt.

Alicia Heather Graham
Martin GX21 Nick Mancuso
GX17 Patrick Keating
Cain Dana Ashbrook
Moloch Ken Kersinger
Patrol Android Brad Loree
New Human Pawnia Louise Mondey

Mind Over Matter

The CAVE system; a computer linkage to the human brain to treat psychosis victims. But it also learns from its experiences, and when Dr Rachel Carter is made comatose by a car accident, CAVE finds it has a rival in love.

Dr Samuel Stein Mark Hamill
Dr Rachel Carter Debrah Farentino
Kendall Scott Hylands
Kendall Snr Noah Heney
Stephanie Natsuko Ohamo
Doctor Peter Beck

Unnatural Selection

Genetically engineering their unborn child to produce the perfect specimen seems a dream come true to two prospective parents, but what are the neighbours trying to hide in their basement?

Joanne Sharp Catherine Mary Stewart
Howard Sharp Harrison Robert Coe
Arkellian Alan Ruck
Fran Mary Elizabeth Rubens
Tony Andrew Wheeler
Timmy Ryan Slater

I Hear You Calling

Enthusiastic journalist Carter Jones overhears a telephone conversation and finds herself involved in a series of suspicious disappearances, where the apparent "killer" might be acting with the best of intentions.

Carter Jones Ally Sheedy
Joseph Krieger Michael Sarrazin
Editor Ken Pogue
Detective John Tench
Toby Collins Jon Cuthbert
Jones John Camroux
Phoebe Susan Hogan

Straight And Narrow

An experiment in mind control is taking place in a correctional school, and the latest "inmate" is not planning to stick around and become a controlled zombie.

Marianne Dobson Jane McDougall
Russell Dobson Ryan Philippe
Dr Werner Tom Butler
Harrison Taylor Jonathan Scarfe
Charlie Walters Kavan Smith
Principal Kern Peter Donat

Beyond The Veil

Are aliens running an institute for psychiatric cases, or is the threat of invasion all in Eddie Wexler's mind?

Eddie Wexler Michael O'Keefe
Courtney Finn Carter
Don Hathaway Nathaniel Deveraux
Quasga Alex Diakun
Dr Sherrick Stephen McHattie
Paramedics Brian McGugan and Ingrid Tesch

Trial By Fire

Alien visitors spark fears of world annihilation, and a new president must decide whether to accept the visitors as friends - or be the first to strike.

President Halsey Robert Foxworth
Elizabeth Halsey Diana Scarwid
Torqueman Lawrence Dane
The General Ian Tracey
Airman Dale Wilson
Janet Brevsen Teryl Rothery
Expert David Bloom

Worlds Apart

A former love, lost in a deep space exploration mission twenty years ago, suddenly finds himself in communication with Earth when a temporary rift in space opens up. Dare Nancy authorise a rescue mission when she can't be certain how stable the rift is?

Nancy Bonnie Bedelia
Colonel Raymond Robert Ito
Lt Christopher Lindey Michael McRae
Senator O'Reilly Chad Willett
Karen Dunn Alison Matthews
Commander Guy LeClerc Robert Lewis
Professor Ernst Colin Cunningham
Susan Jan Bailey Mattia

The Refuge

Earth has been plunged into a New Ice Age where the few survivors are grouped together in isolated enclaves. Ray Dalton, finding himself stuck with one such group in a blizzard-swept Florida, discovers memories of past events are not what they should be.

Raymond Dalton James Wilder
Gina Beaumont Jessica Steen
Justine Valle Deb Podowski
Debi Lisa Melilli
Dr Franklin Dreeden Paul Jarrett
Sister Angelique Lorretta Bailey
Sanford Valle M Emmet Walsh
Thomas Valle David McNally

Inconstant Moon

The end of the world is nigh; the sun has gone nova and the shockwave is travelling around the globe at the speed of sound. Stan Hurst has about five hours to declare his love and decide how to end his days.

Leslie Joanna Gleason
Stan Hurst Michael Gross
Henry Walkman Jeremy Green

From Within

Opening up an old mine proves to be a big mistake when a plague of prehistoric mind-controlling bugs infest the town's population. Only the slow-witted Howie can rescue them from death.

Howie Morrison Neil Patrick Harris
Sheila Morrison Christianne Hirt
Jake Patrick Stevenson
Charlotte Gabrielle Miller

The Heist

No story details available.

Clare Katya Gardner
The Major Barry Pepper
Lee Taylor Costas Mandylor
The Sergeant Colm Feore
Cpt Terri Washington Jasmine Guy
Calvin Taylor Philip Granger


Styles, subjected to a fake execution for a bogus murder charge, is then forced to take part in an experiment involving alien DNA - but who is really conducting an experiment?

Sgt Lyndon Styles Clancy Brown
Dr Ellen Kursaw Barbara Garrick
General Post Duncan Fraser
Maculhaney Alan Rachins

Vanishing Act

The classic urban folk legend of a husband who pops out to the store and returns ten years later is retold, but Trevor McPhee keeps on vanishing only to reappear ten years afterwards, with his son and wife rapidly ageing before his eyes.

Trevor McPhee Jon Cryer
Theresa McPhee Jessica Lundy
Mark McPhee Richard Ian Cox
Ray Dean McDermott
Dr Gollen Eric Schneider
Young Mark Brennan Kotowich

(Title Unknown)

No story details available.

(Guest cast unknown)

(Title Unknown)

No story details available.

(Guest cast unknown)


In a small town, three apparently healthy young woman grow old and die within hours, leaving the doctor and town sheriff baffled as to what "going into the light" can mean to the women.

Dr Christina Grady Mel Harris
Sheriff Craig Grady Geraint Wyn Davies
Deputy Jimmy Middleton Timothy Webber
Sylvia Middleton Maxine Miller
Ellen Heather Hanson
Lucy April Telek
Uncle Gerry Harold Gould
With: Betty Linde, Corrie Clark and Sebastian Spence

Falling Star

Melissa McAmman, failing pop star, is saved from suicide by Rachel, a visitor from the future who is coexisting in her body. History has now been changed and two officials are dispatched with instructions to put things back the way they were.

Melissa McAmman Sheena Easton
Terry McAmman John Pyper-Ferguson
Candice Kristin Lehman
Rachel Sarah Strange
Janet Marshall Victoria Morsell
Brian Xander Berkeley

The Deprogrammers

Earth has been invaded and the population savagely repressed. But some have survived in the mountains as freedom fighters, and they capture Evan, a prisoner programmed to serve the new masters, in the hope that his conditioning can be reversed.

Davis Brent Spiner
Evan Robert Cooper Erich Anderson
Jill Cooper Nicole Oliver
Rebel Sam Khouth
Koltak/Magwan Vincent Hammond

Out Of Body

Religious fanatics endanger an experiment into separating the consciousness from the body, and Rebecca Warfield is left stranded and insubstantial as her real body begins to die.

Dr Rebecca Warfield Peri Gilpin
Ben McCormick Victor Garber
John Wymer William B Davis
Amy Joelly Fisher

The Light Brigade

A last-ditch suicide mission to save Earth from certain destruction against a warring enemy teaches a young cadet the differences between heroic ideals and the bitter realities of war (This story is an indirect sequel to Quality of Mercy).

Cadet Bennett Wil Wheaton
Skokes Robert Patrick
Chief Weapons Officer Graham Greene
Durant Adrian Hughes
Engineer Mick Koposa

The Sentence

Dr Hansen's sensory bypass programme, designed to make convicts serve a life sentence in their mind while only a few hours pass in the real world, learns the price to be paid by one who really is guilty, whether he knew it or not.

Dr Jack Hansen David Hyde Pierce
Dr Dana Allan Andrea Roth
Senator Sarah Rawlston Jan D'Arcy
Senator Mead Garwin Sansford


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