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Season One


When his top secret project investigating the development of life in Martian soil samples is closed down, scientist Simon Kress recklessly continues his research at home. As mysterious scorpion-like creatures start to flourish, he is thrilled to note signs of intelligence. Soon, however, the experiment is out of control.

Simon Kress Beau Bridges
Cathy Helen Shaver
Colonel Kress Lloyd Bridges
Josh Dylan Bridges

Valerie 23

Frank Hellner reluctantly takes home test model Valerie 23, a new 'companion' robot that can simulate human behaviour. When he enters into a relationship with his physiotherapist, Rachel Rose, Valerie becomes a threat.

Frank Hellner William Sadler
Rachel Rose Nancy Allen
Valerie Sofia Shinas
Charlie Tom Butler
Executive Paula Shaw
Technician Bruce Harwood

White Light Fever

Harlan Hawkes is wealthy, old and scared of dying. He is funding research into extending life, but when Harlan is fitted with an artificial heart, death is determined to claim him.

Harlan Hawkes William Hickey
Dr McEnerey Bruce Davison
Anne Sonja Smits
Jessie Wells Michelle Beaudoin
Stephen Dean Barrett

The Second Soul

The first meeting between Man and aliens takes place, but the aliens want the bodies of dead humans to host their dying spirits. Can Dr Alders retain his impartiality when his friend's wife dies and her body becomes available?

Dr Michael Alders Mykelti Williamson
Karen Heatherton/Llanar Rae Dawn Chong
David Aftergood Illian Christopher
Nancy Madison Graie
Randall Kelly Garry Davey
Councillor Cagnes D W Moffett
Jim Heatherton Richard Grove
Jeffrey Littman Kent Gallie
Tala MacGregor Debbie Podowski
Detective Richard Jacobs Fulvio Cecere
Vila Barry Levy
Jaru Yvonne Campbell
Minister Alex Diaklin
Protesters Victoria S Maxwell and Michael-Dax Belanger

Blood Brothers

Michael and Spencer Deighton have differing plans for their late father's giant pharmaceutical company. Spencer, a scientist, has stumbled across a retrovirus that prompts cell regeneration. Michael, a businessman, sees the commercial threat in a discovery that could make medicine obsolete.

Michael Deighton Martin Kemp
Spencer Deighton Charles Martin Smith
Patricia Lang Kate Vernon
Carl Thomas Cavanagh
With: George Touliatos

The Choice

Eight-year-old Aggie Travers has special powers because of an extra 'Z' chromosome. Her troubled parents employ a specialist to take care of her, but there is a Government interest, too.

Aggie Travers Thora Birch
Karen Ross Megan Porter Follows
Mrs Travers Page Fletcher
Joe Travers Matthew Walker
Jean Anderson Frances Sternhagen
With: Sandra Nelson

Virtual Future

Jack Pierce finds that he is able to glimpse future events using a virtual reality machine. Businessman Bill Trenton hires him, but Jack witnesses his own murder.

Jack Pierce Josh Brolin
Bill Trenton David Warner
Izzy Pierce Kelly Rowan
Professor Wade Bruce French

Living Hell

The implantation of a computer chip saves the life of Ben Kohler when he is shot in the head. Ben's recovery is amazing, but the side effects are appalling, providing a mind link to a serial killer.

Ben Kohler Sam Rohbards
Dr Lambert Walter Marsh
Dr Jennifer Martines Elizabeth Peña
Lt Wilson Don S Davis
Nurse Sally Schofield Lesley Ewen
Wayne Haus Stephen Sellen

Corner Of The Eye

Father Anton Jonascu sees demon apparitions and assumes it is the result of a recently-diagnosed brain tumour. But his physician Dr Pallas claims to be one of three messengers from God.

Father Anton Jonascu Len Cariou
Dr Pallas Chris Sarandon
Father John Royce Justin Louis
Officer Fletcher Bill Croft
Carlito Callum Keith Rennie
Victorine Tamsin Kelsey

Under The Bed

A psychologist, Dr Jon Holland, investigates the disappearance of a young girl, whose sister says she was taken by a monster under the bed. As the children's parents come under suspicion, the doctor realises the case may be linked to other abductions.

Dr Jon Holland Timothy Busfield
Detective Caitlin Doyle Barbara Williams
Gillian Rosmand Colleen Rennison
Andrew Rosmand Joel Palmer
Sharon Rosmand Barbara Williams
Gary Rosmand William MacDonald
Mr Holland Henry Beckman
Boogeyman David Mylrea
French Mother Jo Bates

Dark Matters

Three astronauts become trapped in a void, where they find other spaceships whose dead crews haunt them. But one of the dead men brings a warning about the aliens who apparently trapped them there.

Commander Lydia Manning Annette O'Toole
Paul Stein Michael Dolan
Aaron Allison Hossack
Kevin Stein David Cubitt
Captain John Owens Blu Mankuma
Rob John Heard

The Voyage Home

Claridge, Wells and Berkley are the first men to land on Mars. They find a mysterious capsule which explodes on contact. On the return voyage, a strange white substance turns their triumphant flight into a terrifying ordeal.

Dr Pete Claridge Michael Dorn
Commander Wells Matt Craven
Ed Berkley Jay Sanders
Megan Halliwell Akiko Morison

Caught In The Act

A chaste young student is enveloped by a strange alien power that gives her a voracious sexual appetite. But in her case, sex is a deadly weapon.

Hannah Velasic Alyssa Milano
Jay Jason London
Professor Hugaro Saul Rubinek
Detective Gary Chalk
Karl Stephen Fanning

I, Robot

Adam, a powerful, sophisticated robot built by Dr Link, runs amok, killing Link. Mina Link, who regards Adam as her brother, passionately believes that the robot deserves to be treated as a sentient being.

Thurman Cutler Leonard Nimoy
Adam Jake McKinnon
Mina Link Cyndy Preston
Detective Barclay Eric Schneider
Dr Link Dean McKay
Carey Emmerson Barbara Tyson

The Conversion

Henry Marshall's greed leads him into white collar crime and, eventually, jail. On his release he decides to take revenge, but he finds he has a guardian angel.

Henry Marshall Frank Whaley
Lucas John Savage
Mary Kerry Sandomirsky
Angel Rebecca DeMornay
Evans Beau Starr

Quality Of Mercy

During the intergalactic wars, Major John Skokes is taken prisoner by the enemy and meets a woman who is being used as a guinea pig in a crossbreeding project.

Skokes Robert Patrick
Bree Nikki de Boer

Corpus Earthling*

No story details available

(No cast available)


No story details available

(No cast available) 

The New Breed

A scientist develops nano-machines which are capable of repairing bodily damage from inside. When his brother-in-law is diagnosed terminally ill, he helps him out, but the nano-machines are not content with simple repair.

Dr Stephen Leadbetter Richard Thomas
Andy Peter Outerbridge
Judy Tammy Isbell

If These Walls Could Talk*

A house with more life than some of its late visitors causes rationalist Mitchell to team up with Linda Tillman in the search for her missing son.

Leviticus Mitchell Dwight Schultz
Linda Tillman Alberta Watson
Detective Roth Tom McBeath


After a car crash, Senator Adams discovers he has abnormal internal organs and methane for blood. With the authorities having sentenced him to death, he is forced to seek help from a sympathetic doctor.

Senator Richard Adams Perry King
Dave Pettigrew John Novak
Evan David Neale
Dr Louise McKenna Mimi Kuzyk
Agent Tennyson Ken Ryan

The Message*

A groundbreaking experiment allows a deaf woman to hear. Then the equipment starts to pick up alien transmissions which could just be a cry for help.

Jennifer Marlee Matlin
Robert Larry Drake
Sam Robert Wilsden

The Voice Of Reason*

Obligatory flashback episode in which a scientist named Strong desperately seeks to persuade a Senate Committee that the events in the episodes Sandkings, Dark Matters, Caught In The Act, If These Walls Could Talk, The New Breed, Corner Of The Eye, and Birthright are in fact completely true.

Strong Gordon Clapp
Walters Lochlyn Munroe
The General Don D Davis
Thornwell Daniel J Travanti
Perry Kate Robbins


All details are trademarked and copyrighted by their respective producers. All character and location names are also copyright. No infringement of any copyright is intended.