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Season Four

Criminal Nature

Sequel to the Season Two episode Unnatural Selection finds a cop with a hidden past related to one of the GRS mutated children now returns to haunt him.

With: Gary Cole

The Hunt

Hunting live animals is forbidden, so the traditional makes way for the new, with hunting humanoid machines now all the rage.

(Guest cast unknown)

Relativity Theory

After discovering a new alien race on a planet where no life was supposed to exist, a biologist loses command of her ship in a mutiny.

With: Melissa Gilbert


A young man with mysterious, god-like powers is pursued by the military, and an eager, cocky young reporter.

(Guest cast unknown)

Identity Crises

Tests involving the transfer of a soldier's mind to an android body capable of carrying out superhuman work carries a high price when the man's body is irretrievably damaged while his mind is in the machine.

With: Lou Diamond Philips


A health worker begins to unravel a mystery as a hidden extraterrestrial object tries to communicate with a young girl. The attempt could mean large-scale death.

(Guest cast unknown)


A group of telekinetics are trained by the Government to assassinate a Serbian dictator. Then something horribly destructive is released by their combined power.

With: Harry Hamlin and Robert Guillaume

Fear Itself

A man is haunted by the death of his sister, and regularly has visions of his own suffering as punishment. Then an experiment causes those visions to be transferred to others who cause him problems.

With: Arye Gross

The Joining

The lone survivor of a mission to Venus begins to mutate when he returns to Earth, growing increasingly complex versions of his own body within himself. (As a kind of in-joke to illustrate actor Jim Byrne's connection with the series of the same name, the Venus probe ship is named Highlander.)

With: C Thomas Howell, Amanda Tapping, and Jim Byrne

To Tell The Truth

A scientist's efforts to save a space colony are stifled by political interference and lies, with a secret motive that will be revealed too late.

With: Gregory Harrison and Alan Scarfe

Mary 25

In a sequel to the episode Valerie 23, an inventor uses his own family to test out a new nanny android. The results are predictable. (It is at this point that the series begins to get more risqué with its depiction of nudity, unusual for an American programme of such standing.)

With: Cynthia Geary, Tom Butler, Sofia Shinas, and Michael Shanks

Final Exam

A nuclear fusion student threatens to prove his unbelieved discovery by detonating a fusion bomb that will destroy most of the city.

With: Kevin Tighe


In a post-Apocalyptic society populated solely by women, the arrival of a man who has survived until 2055 in cryogenic suspension causes tension and conflict (and produces an interesting shower scene!).

With: David Keith and Claire Rankin

The Vaccine

A nurse in charge of a small group of people who have survived a worldwide epidemic has to decide who will receive the limited amount of a new vaccine.

With: Maria Conchito Alonso


The discovery of a Neolithic tomb in Alaska, with mutilated bodies inside raises questions that might only be answered by the alien body at the back of the tomb.

With: Lisa Zane and Robert Picardo


An Earth warship crew delivering an unknown cargo are captured by their alien enemy and subjected to intense torture to try and break them. Little do they realise the devastating consequences of that action.

With: Robin Shou

Promised Land

In a low quality sequel to the Season Three episode The Camp, the few survivors are whittled down by their oppressive surroundings until the last few are fighting for food against the alien inhabitants of a nearby farm.

With: Caroline Goodall and Rene Auberjonois

The Origin Of Species

In a continuation of the Season Three episode Double Helix, the volunteers continue their journey on a ship that appears to want them dead. Can they survive to reach a destination that may seem horribly familiar?

Doctor Nydell Ron Rifkin
With: Ryan Reynolds, Kathleen Dubong and Tara Spencer-Nairn

The Balance Of Nature

A scientist who is searching for a cure for cancer discovers how to reverse the ageing process. Although his ageing woman neighbour is helped by this, her bullying husband isn't so accommodating.

With: Maurice Godin, Lisa Maris and Barbara Rush

Phobos Rising

Two Mars colonies, living under an uneasy truce, fear that war is imminent when suspicion and mistrust take hold. Can the human race survive when Earth appears to have been destroyed? (Essentially, whether consciously or not, a remake of the Moonbase 3 episode, View of a Dead Planet.)

With: Adam Baldwin and Joan Chen

Black Box

A dying soldier's last hours are spent in a techno-dream, where he can finally meet his estranged daughter.

With: Ron Perlman, Maria del Mar, Michael David Sims and Peter deLuise

In Our Own Image

A robotics expert tricks a rebellious android into revealing its development of emotions. The truth dawns throughout a series of flashbacks and flash-forwards to previous episodes.

With: Nana Visitor and Nicholas Lea


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