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Season Three

Second Thoughts

Karl, a man who has the mind of a child, is left a strange gift by a dying scientist.

(No cast details available)

Bits Of Love

A man, who may be the only survivor of a nuclear holocaust, surrounds himself with holograms of his friends and family.

(No cast details available)


After their son dies in a household accident, an aspiring politician and his wife get a second chance at happiness with a clone that bears more than a physical resemblance to its originator.

Graham Highfield Daniel Benzali
Rebecca Highfield Kim Cattrall
Dr Lucy Cole Teryl Rothrey

Last Supper

Jade was made immortal by a genetic accident during the Black Death and was captured and experimented upon by the amoral Dr Sinclair, twenty years ago. Now her rescuer, Frank Martin, is astonished to learn that she is dating his son.

Frank Martin Peter Onorati
Jade Sandrine Holt
Carole Martin Dey Young
Dr Terence Sinclair Michael Hogan
Danny Martin Fred Savage

Stream Of Consciousness

A man with a brain injury finds himself at a loss to survive in a world where neural implants allow everyone instant access to information. Then the repository of all that information begins to break down, but only he can see it happening.

Ryan George Newbern
Cheryl Suki Kaiser
Stanley Blu Mankuma
Mark Shane Meier
Dr Annaud Kate Twa
Dr Kevington Andrew Airlie

Dark Rain

A normal, healthy baby becomes the focus of intense government attention in a world damaged by biological mutagens released during the Gulf War.

Tim McAlister Don Franklin
Cherie McAlister Rachel Crawford
Dr Marissa Golding Susan Hogan
Dr Royce Alan Scarfe

The Camp

One woman paves the way for freedom in a world where Mankind lives in oppressive conditions, suffering slavery in work camps that has lasted for generations, and ruled by aliens who haven't been seen in decades.

Prisoner 98843 Harley Jane Kozak
Commandant David Hemblen
Prisoner 91777 Bill Cobbs
Little Girl Jessica Harmon

Heart's Desire

A mysterious alien descends upon the town of Heart's Desire, situated deep in the old Wild West, and grants some dangerous men very dangerous powers.

Jake Miller Caspar van Dien
Tom Miller Gavin Basaraba
Preacher Jed Rees
Josiah Miller Tom Heaton
Miriam Ocean Hellman


Saving a colony from alien infestation costs an officer more than he can imagine - in real life or illusion. There's only one dilemma; which life is the real one?

(No cast details available)

Second Thoughts

A backward man has the mind of a scientist implanted in his brain, and learns to live with two minds. But then he accidentally kills a loan shark and absorbs his mind. Suddenly Carl's head is a very crowded place.

Carl Howie Mandel
Rose Jennifer Rubin
Detective Landers John Gilbert
Thomas Terry David Mulligan
Louise Loren Gale

The Awakening

A woman suffering from a birth defect which results in her feeling no emotion at all is given an implant which introduces her to the feelings of the human race, not all of them pleasant ones.

Beth Lela Rochan
Doctor Gordon Pinsett
Joan Michele Green

New Lease

Rebirth for a dying doctor in one of his own experiments brings with it a realisation that he will not be able to escape his crime.

Dr Houghton Stephen Lang
Dr MacKamber Terence Kelly
Angie Houghton Nancy Sorel
Oscar Reynolds Michael Ontkean

Double Helix

Dr Nydell, a scientist who cannot get funding is desperate enough for his big break to risk his son's life in a group experiment that dates back 63 million years.

Dr Nydell Ron Rifkin
(Other cast details not available)

Dead Man's Switch

A man spends a year buried in a bunker 11,000ft below the Arctic tundra, manning the controls of a doomsday device, while aliens may or may not be invading the planet.

Lt Ben Konklen James LeGros
Katya Yubenov Kristin Lehman
Dr Gwen Wellington Merrilyn Gann
Hong Yee Jee Tso

Hearts And Minds

Battling aliens on a hostile planet teaches a group of trapped Marines a vital lesson - just how alien are the aliens?

Captain Dylan Walsh
Sergeant Migual Fernandes
Corporal Hawthorne Vincent Gale
Lieutenant Archer Christine Elise
Rosen Heather Hanson

Bodies Of Evidence

The captain of a space station believes his crew were wiped out by a shape-changing alien. But he cannot prove the claim.

Captain Bill Clark Mario Van Peebles
Robin Dysart Giuliane St Once

Feasibility Study

A remake of an original Outer Limits episode of the same title finds an entire community lifted away from Earth, complete with their town.

Joshua Hayward David McCallum
Nicky Malcolm Stewart
Sarah Hayward Laura Harris
Pat Don McKay

In Another Life

Mason is dragged into an alternate life stream by a version of himself who is in trouble.

Kristin Stark Kelly Rowan
Mason Stark Mitchell Laurence
Mason Stark Matthew Laurence

A Special Edition

An investigative tv programme flashes back to previous episodes to convince its audience of a giant conspiracy.

Dr Bruce Strong Bruce Harwood
Producer Louise Valance

In The Zone

A fading sports star latches onto a miracle "speed" drug which heightens all his senses by speeding up his metabolism.

Tanner Brooks Adrian Pasdar
Jessica Brooks Claudette Mink
Michael Chen Pat Morita

Music Of The Spheres

The teenagers of the world are being transformed by a sinister signal from space in preparation for a transformation of the sun.

(Cast unknown)

Rite Of Passage

The barrier protecting a small, isolated group of humans shields them from a vast terror, which they are only to eager to discover.

(Cast unknown)

The Revelations Of Becka Paulson

A bullet to the head won't kill Rebecca Paulson. At least, not until she can murder her husband.

(Cast unknown)


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