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A rather dull, unenergetic Euro-drama that was partially dubbed into English for transmission here. It was made in 1989 and thrown into Channel 4's graveyard slot, where it probably went unnoticed by many, not surprisingly, considering its soap opera-like execution. It presented the problems, both at work and off, of a cartel of Europe's top space scientists as they struggled to get a mission underway, despite many obstacles.



Altenburg Peter Bongartz   Goncourt Raymond Pellegrin
Giovanna Della Boccardo   Waldegg Michael Degen
Swann James Aubrey   Meike Agnes Dunneisen
Chantal Patricia Barzyk   Marianne Altenburg Elisabeth Rath
Gibbs Gerd Bockmann


Producers: Helmet Krapp and
  Michael Rohrig
English Producer: Louis Elman
Director: Franz Peter Wirth
Music: Paul Vincent Gunia

Reaching For The Stars

A European super-satellite is lost in space and a shuttle is launched to rescue it. (British actor, James Aubrey, makes his introductory appearance as Swann, an English scientist.)

The Decision

The spaceship Magellan and its hapless crew are still adrift in space and the men in charge at the Eureka control centre, Altenburg and Waldegg, argue over priorities: which is more important - rescuing the crew or repairing the satellite.

A Dangerous Game

Without making any safety checks, Waldegg rushes a launch. The result is instant peril.

The Turning Point

Waldegg is still anxious for Pegasus to take off as soon as possible.

The Fifth Generation

Continuing to add to the pressure as things start to go wrong, Waldegg runs into trouble.


By chance, Swann and his assistant develop the 'Killer Computer'.

Mainframe Murder

Swann miraculously regains the use of his limbs when he leaps from his wheelchair to throw Meike out of the path of a lethal laser beam.


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