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"The mixture is the same as before but the ideas are getting more bizarre. It's a cult because it's partly the nature of science fiction which tends to create addicts. There's so little of it on TV that what there is endures."


This entry was originally meant as a supplement to the original entry in a well-known tv science-fiction encyclopedia, listing Red Dwarf episodes from season three onwards. The first two seasons were later added because of BBC2's repeat screening of the entire saga from beginning to end during 1994, which gained regular and respectable audiences of around the five million mark. From the third season, the series had shrugged off its sitcom beginnings and became a fully fledged cult comedy series, getting wackier all the time. Red Dwarf now carried the season number appended to the title.

Red Dwarf IV was repeated on BBC2 in 1992 in the wrong running order. Series V followed it in 1993, with two episodes also out of sequence. Danny John-Jules also starred as one of Maid Marion's Merry Men, Tony Robinson's comedy version of the Robin Hood story on Children's BBC, whilst Chris Barrie was amusing audiences in The Brittas Empire.



Rimmer Chris Barrie (Not Season 7 Eps 4, 6-8)
Craig Charles Cat Danny John-Jules
Kryten Robert Llewellyn (Season 3 Onwards)
Norman Lovett (Seasons 1-2, Season 7 Ep 8 Onwards)
Hattie Hayridge (Seasons 3-5)
Kristine Kochanski
ChloŽ Annett (Season 7 Onwards)


Created and Written by: Rob Grant
  and Doug Naylor (Writers: Seasons 1-6)
Executive Producer (Season 8): Doug Naylor
Producers: Ed Bye (Seasons 1-4, 8),
  Hilary Bevan Jones (Season 5), Justin
(Season 6)
Associate Producer: Julian Scott (Season 5)
Co-Director: Juliet May (Season 5)
Theme: Howard Goodall
Music: Clement Ishmael (Season 8,
  Episode 3 only)

A Paul Jackson Production for BBC North West (Seasons 1-6)
Grant Naylor Productions for BBC (Seasons 7-8)
52 colour 30-minute episodes


Season One

The End

The mining ship Red Dwarf is five miles long and three miles wide, with a crew of 169. Within 24 hours, 168 of them will be dead, but at least the cat survives, and one crew member – the scummiest one.

Todhunter Robert Bathurst
Christine Kochanski C P Grogan
Chen Paul Bradley
Selby David Gillespie
Captain Hollister Mac McDonald
McIntyre Robert McCulley
Peterson Mark Williams

Future Echoes

Having accelerated constantly for three million years, Red Dwarf breaks the light barrier. Rimmer and Lister overtake themselves in time and witness images of their future, the latter ending up by taking a snapshot of himself with his two newly born sons, as better described in the final episode of Season 2, Parallel Universe.

Talkie Toaster John Lenahan
Dispensing Machine Tony Hawks

Balance Of Power

A bored Lister wants to go on a date with dead console officer Christine Kochanski - but first he must persuade Rimmer to turn himself off so she can take his place for a few hours.

Kochanski C P Grogan
Chef Rupert Bates
Chen Paul Bradley
Selby David Gillespie
Trout a la crŤme Tony Hawks
Peterson Mark Williams

Waiting For God

Lister stumbles across some startling facts about the history of catkind, when he learns to read cat writing.

Cat Priest Noel Coleman
Talkie Toaster John Lenahan

Confidence & Paranoia

Lister contracts a mutated form of pneumonia, and has some bizarre hallucinations. Worse, he is tricked by Rimmer into installing a second hologram version of Old Arnie.

Paranoia Lee Cornes
Confidence Craig Ferguson


Now that Rimmer's discovered how to duplicate himself, he decides to leave the quarters he shares with Lister, and move in with himself. Unfortunately, he doesn't get along with himself as well as he'd expected.

Captain Hollister Mac McDonald



Season Two


Things are going fine aboard the crashed spaceship Nova 5 - until Red Dwarf answers its distress call. The Dwarfers are looking forward to meeting the ship's crew of three women as they prepare for their first date in three million years. But all they find are skeletons, tended by a servile android, the very admirable Kryten.

Kryten David Ross
Esperanto woman Johanna Hargreaves
Android actor Tony Slattery

Better Than Life

A post pod brings Rimmer and Lister a batch of computer games including the latest 'total immersion video' Better Than Life which allows the players to experience their fantasies, but Rimmer's deranged mind drags them all into a nightmare.

Rimmer's Dad John Abineri
Marilyn Monroe Debbie Ash
Rathbone Jeremy Austin
The Captain Nigel Carrivick
The Guide Tony Hawks
McGruder Judy Hawkins
Newsreader Tina Jenkins
Taxman Ron Pember
Gordon Gordon Salkilld

Thanks For The Memory

The crew awake one morning to discover that they cannot remember anything from the past few days.

Lise Yates Sabra Williams

Stasis Leak

A defect in the suspended animation chamber creates a doorway to the past. Rimmer tries to warn himself about the future, while Lister tries his luck with Kochanski, only to find that she's just got married.

Lift hostess Morwenna Banks
Kochanski C P Grogan
Kochanski's room mate Sophie Doherty
Orderly Richard Hainsworth
Suitcase Tony Hawks
Captain Hollister Mac McDonald
Petersen Mark Williams


Holly's increasingly erratic behaviour endangers the ship, and he is replaced by the Red Dwarf backup computer, Queeg 500. But Queeg has peculiarities all of his own. The crew are driven to despair until Holly reveals it was him all along - his 'wheeze of the week'.

Queeg 500 Charles Augins

Parallel Universe

Holly devises a faster-than-light drive which immediately goes wrong and propels Red Dwarf into a parallel universe, where Holly, Lister and Rimmer meet their female counterparts, and the Cat is paired off with a dog. It is also explained how Lister came to have two sons in the first season episode Future Echoes.

Arlene Rimmer Suzanne Bertish
Deb Lister Angela Bruce
Pooch Matthew Devitt
Hilly Hattie Hayridge



Red Dwarf III


Rimmer is in the Starbug, taking a driving lesson from Kryten, when a timehole in space sends them back to Earth. Unfortunately, it's a reverse Earth, where every action is performed backwards.

Waitress Maria Friedman
Compere Tony Hawks
Cafe Customer Anna Palmer
Pub Manager Arthur Smith


Lister is stuck with Rimmer when the Starbug crash-lands on an ice world, and they are marooned with only crisps, a tin of dog food, and a pot noodle to eat.

(No guest cast)


A dangerous shape-shifting, emotion-vampire finds its way onto the ship. There's a four-course meal to follow.

Mrs Rimmer Kalli Greenwood
Genny Frances Barber
Young Rimmer Simon Gaffney

Body Swap

In an emergency, Lister has to undergo a body swap - his mind is replaced by the imprinted mind of a top crewmember who saves the ship. Rimmer decides to try it and almost persuades Lister to swap bodies on a regular basis, not that he always waits for permission.

(No guest cast)


Kryten accidentally discovers a chemical process that brings the images in photographs to life so that the crew can step into the image and meddle with its occupants. Lister steals Hitler's briefcase, but Rimmer decides to meddle with time when he finds an old photograph of himself.

Gilbert Robert Addie
Bodyguards Rupert Bates and Richard Hainsworth
Young Lister Emile Charles
Young Rimmer Simon Gaffney
Thicky Holden Stephen McKintosh
Ski Woman Louisa Ruthven
Lady Sabrina Mulholland-Jjones Koo Stark
Ski Man Mark Steel
American Presenter Ruby Wax
Adolf Hitler Himself

The Last Day

Kryten's replacement, dispatched three million years ago, has finally caught up with Red Dwarf. But the endless isolation has sent him insane. Are the Dwarf's crew men enough to stop him?

Jim Reaper Robert Llewellyn
Girl Android Julie Higginson
Hudzen Gordon Kennedy



Red Dwarf IV


Kryten rescues what seems to be a female droid and finds himself falling in advanced mutual compatibility. Lister also teaches him to refer to Rimmer as a "Smeeg-heed"

Mechanoid Camille Judy Pascoe
Hologram Camille Francesca Folan
Kochanski Camille Suzanne Rhatigan
Hector Blob Rupert Bates

(Repeated 26th May 1992)


The crew lock onto an unidentified craft, which contains the ultimate in genetic engineering technology - a machine that can transform any living thing into any other living things by rewriting its DNA structure. Be careful with that curry, Lister!

DNA Computer Voice Richard Ridings

(Repeated 9th June 1992)


Innate natural justice doesn't exist anywhere in the known universe, except, that is, for Justice World, an artificial and now abandoned penal satellite. The innocent have nothing to fear, so Rimmer is in big trouble.

Simulant Nicholas Ball

(Repeated 19th May 1992)

White Hole

Holly regains her genius-level IQ and, for reasons best known to herself, powers down the whole ship, leaving the crew drifting towards a white hole. The hole has reckoned without Lister's legendary pool hall skills, however.

Talkie Toaster David Ross

(Repeated 2nd June 1992)

Dimension Jump

In a universe almost identical to our own, another Arnold Rimmer exists. A test pilot in the Space Corps, he is charming, brave and modest. After his test craft breaks the speed of reality, he finds himself face to face with his counterpart aboard Red Dwarf.

Mrs Rimmer Kalli Greenwood
Young Rimmer Simon Gaffney
Cockpit Computer Voice Hetty Baynes

(Repeated 12th May 1992)


A matter transporter whisks the crew to Waxworld - a giant theme park planet, where the waxdroids have broken there conditioning and are locked in a war to the finish.

Elvis Clayton Mark
Hitler Kenneth Hadley
Einstein Martin Friend
Pythagoras Stephen Tiller
Abraham Lincoln Jack Klaff
Caligula Tony Hawks
Stan Laurel Forbes Masson
NoŽl Coward Roger Blake
Marilyn Monroe Pauline Bailey

(Repeated 16th June 1992)



Red Dwarf V


Rimmer is transmitted to the holoship Enlightenment, which contains the cream of the space corps. But where does that leave Rimmer?

Nirvanah Crane Jane Horrocks
Captain Platini Matthew Marsh
Commander Binks Don Warrington

(Repeated 26th March 1993)

The Inquisitor

The Inquisitor roams through time weeding out life's wastrels and deleting the worthless - the Red Dwarf crew is in big, big trouble.

Inquisitor John Docherty
Second Lister Jake Abraham
Thomas Allman James Cormack

(Repeated 5th March 1993)


Rimmer is taken prisoner inside his own mind on a planet that can make it seem like reality. What Lister finds there isn't very nice (most of it, anyway).

Handmaidens Sara Stockbridge and Francine Walker-Lee

(Repeated 19th March 1993)


When he suspects they could have caught a holo-bug, Rimmer forces the crew into quarantine. Unfortunately, they are not the ones who should be there.

Dr Hildegarde Lanstrom Maggie Steed

(Repeated 9th April 1993)

Demons & Angels

The crew encounter duplicates of themselves. But some duplicates aren't as polite as others. And the Dwarf is destroyed, too, for a while.

(No guest cast)

(Repeated 2nd April 1993)

Back To Reality

The crew finally leave the mind game they've been playing for the past five years and return to the real world. But how can they tell what's real and what's not. And is the Cat's real name really Dwayne Dibbley?

Andy Timothy Spall
Cop Lenny von Dohlen
New Kochanski Anastasia Hille
Nurse Marie McCarthy
New Lister John Sharian

(Repeated 26th February 1993)



Red Dwarf VI


Lister has been in suspended animation for 200 years. Red Dwarf has been stolen and the erstwhile Dwarfers are in hot pursuit. But first they must tangle with the deadly Psirens.

Dr Mamet Jenny Agutter
Pete Tranter's Sister Samantha Robson
Captain Tau Anita Dobson
Crazed Astro Richard Ridings
Kochanski C P Grogan
First temptress ZoŽ Hilson
Second temptress Elizabeth Anson


Supplies are low. Then a malfunctioning guidance beam drags the Dwarfers to a deserted space station, where Rimmer gains a more solid body, although he may not be free to use it for long.

Legion Nigel Williams

Gunmen Of The Apocalypse

Kryten contracts a deadly computer virus. Rimmer and Co are forced to enter his electronic mindscape, and find themselves in a wild west town, facing metaphorical gunslingers.

Loretta Jennifer Calvert
Chief Simulant Denis Lill
Second Simulant Liz Hickling

Emohawk - Polymorph II

The crew need replacement engine parts from the fearsome Kinatowi GELF clan. But the tribe are interested in only one trade: Lister must marry the chief's daughter. When he makes a hasty exit, the chief releases his pet polymorph to hunt the Dwarfers down.

Computer Hugh Quarshie
Gelf Martin Sims
Gelf chief Ainsley Harriott
Gelf bride Steven Wickham


Trapped aboard the disintegrating remains of the simulant ship from Gunmen Of The Apocalypse, Rimmer abandons his crewmates only to end up trapped on a planet for 600 years. The nightmare that surrounds him is completely of his own making.

Simulant Liz Hickling

Out Of Time

The crew find a time machine and end up meeting their possible-future selves. In what can best be described as a cliff-hanger ending, all but Rimmer are killed in a dramatic space shoot-out, and a starbug is destroyed. "To Be Continued..."

(No guest cast)



Red Dwarf VII

Tikka To Ride

Lister goes back in time in search of an Indian takeaway, but ends up in Dallas, November 1963, where he changes history instead.

John F Kennedy Michael J Shannon
Lee Harvey Oswald Toby Aspin
FBI Agent Peter Gaitens
Cop Robert Ashe

Stoke Me A Clipper

Rimmer's dashing alter ego, Ace, arrives on Starbug with an extraordinary request. Arnie must make a vital choice about his future.

The King Brian Cox
Captain Voorhese Ken Morley
The Queen Sarah Alexander
Good Knight John Thompson
Princess Bonjella Alison Senior
Lieutenant Mark Carlisle
Gestapo Officer Mak Lingwood
Soldiers Kai Maurer, Stephen Grothgar and Andy Gell


When two realities converge, Lister meets up with his ex-girlfriend, Kristine Kochanski, and quite naturally harpoons her leg in an effort to save her life. Trying to placate a jealous Kryten, who is worried that now a woman is on board Lister is bound to settle down, Lister stumbles onto the truth behind his mysterious birth and abandonment in a cardboard box under a snooker table.

Kochanski (re-intro) ChloŽ Annett
Frank Gary Bleasdale
Barmaid Juliet Griffiths

Duct Soup

When the generator on Starbug goes down, the crew have to crawl through a mile of service ducts before they can restart the engines. On their journey they discover one or two surprising facts about one another.

(No guest cast)


Much to his surprise, Lister is starting to discover he misses Rimmer, so much so that he is daydreaming horrible dreams about him. So he seeks psychiatric help from Kryten. (This is the last Season 7 episode to feature Chris Barrie.)

(No guest cast)

Beyond A Joke

The crew enter a computer reality Pride and Prejudice World instead of sitting down to Kryten's well-prepared meal, so he decides to go on the rampage and re-programmes the simulation. Even more seriously, shortly after the crew have bumped into a typically psychotic simulant, Kryten is kidnapped and Lister has to rely on his intelligence to come up with a rescue plan. Uh-oh!

Simulant Don Henderson
Mrs Bennett Vicky Ogden
Jane Bennett Alina Proctor
Kitty Bennett Catherine Harvey
Lydia Bennett Sophia Thierens
Mary Bennett Rebecca Katz
Elizabeth Bennett Julia Lloyd


When Lister is impregnated with an intelligent virus, he sets up a line of communication with it in an attempt to sweet-talk the virus into sparing his life. Kryten and Kochanski decide amputation is a better method.

Caroline Carmen Nicky Leatherbarrow
Epideme Voice Gary Martin


The crew catch up with their old ship, Red Dwarf, and meet an old friend while trying to find a helping hand for Lister. Kryten's nanobots have been extremely busy in the time since they "stole" the ship.

Holly (re-intro) Norman Lovett



Red Dwarf

Back In The Red (Part 1)

w Doug Naylor
Things aren't going well. After rediscovering the reborn Red Dwarf, the crew are arrested for crashing their starbug in the ship's hold, and for flying without a license. The ship's original crew have been recreated along with the ship, and Lister finds the "old" Rimmer is as uptight and irritating as ever.

Captain Hollister Mac McDonald
Chen Paul Bradley
Selby David Gillespie
MP Thornton Karl Glenn Stimpson
Doc Newton Kika Mirylees
Doctor McClaren Andy Taylor

Back In The Red (Part 2)

w Doug Naylor
The trial of Lister, Kochanski, Cat and Kryten begins, as the captain decides to use psychotropic drugs on them. Under the influence, they think they are escaping, and resort to cunning Dwayne Dibbley-style disguises to foil their pursuers. Arnold "Judas" Rimmer, after selling Lister out, uses the sexual magnetism virus to finally get his end away, but finds its appeal is not limited just to the women he might fancy, but every woman he comes into contact with. He soon finds his "resolve" is flagging, unlike his saluting skills.

Captain Hollister Mac McDonald
Doc Newton Kika Mirylees
Panel Woman Officer Jemma Churchill
Doctor McClaren Andy Taylor
Second Woman Officer Sue Kelvin
MP Thornton Karl Glenn Stimpson
Last Woman Officer Genevieve Swallow
Doctor Geoffrey Beevers

Back In The Red (Part 3)

w Doug Naylor
The crew are still submerged in psychotropic interrogation, where they reveal themselves to be completely innocent as charged, but guilty of illegally accessing prohibited ship's records, and receive their sentence in the brig. But not before Cat displays his dancing skills, Kristine almost suffers a fate worse than death at the hands of Rimmer and the sexual magnetism virus, and Lister is gobbled up by a plasticine shark in a fake polar setting. Nothing unusual, then.

Captain Hollister Mac McDonald
Ackerman Graham McTavish
First Ground Controller Yasmin Bannerman
Second Ground Controller Jeillo Edwards
MP Thornton Karl Glenn Stimpson


w Doug Naylor
Lister signs up himself and his fellow ex-Starbug crewmates for the prison's resident choir, The Canaries. Only they're not the choir, they are a battle-hardened convict army with a first-in, first-dead, completely expendable suicide philosophy on life. And they have just been given a mission to salvage a crashed ship which has no sign of a crew ever having been alive.

Cassandra Geraldine McEwan
Captain Hollister Mac McDonald
Ackerman Graham McTavish
Kill Crazy Jake Wood
Warden Knot Shend
Guard Ian Soundy
Blood Drinker Joseph Crilly

Krytie TV

w Doug Naylor and Paul Alexander
After Kryten just happens to mention that, being temporarily classified as a woman for his prison sentence, he is forced to undergo the horrifying routine of sharing three showers a day with the female inmates, including Kristine Kochanski. Kill Crazy kidnaps Kryten, reprograms him, and sends him on his way with a camera for his own television entertainment series. Lister, trying his absolute hardest to pull away from the video screen, gets the blame. Will Kris ever speak to him again?

Kill Crazy Jake Wood
Ackerman Graham McTavish
Man in Film Mark Caven
Woman in Film Sarah Wateridge
Guard Clifford Barry

Pete (Part 1)

w Doug Naylor
For making a complaint about nasty behaviour from Ackerman, Lister and his team are challenged to a guard-versus-inmates basketball match. Facing slaughter during the match, Lister has paid off a scutter to spike the guards' mid-match drinks, "stiffening" them up for a more inmates-friendly second half. As the consequences of that effort die down, the Canaries are sent on a mission where Kochanski discovers a time wand, enabling Kryten to alter pockets of time around individuals. With this they may be able to shorten their prison sentences to zero, but when Kryten tries to bring a bird back to life, something goes dreadfully wrong…

Captain Hollister Mac McDonald
Ackerman Graham McTavish
Mex Andrew Alston
Young Kochanski Holly Earl
Young Cat Perri Michael
Baxter Ricky Grover
Birdman Ian Masters
Warden Knot Shend

Pete (Part 2)

w Doug Naylor and Paul Alexander
Using the time wand just seems to create more and more trouble, as the Tyrannosaurus Rex goes on a food hunt, starting with a specially prepared cow-curry, and cleaning out Red Dwarf's ice cream supply along the way. Although Lister manages to get that spot of grief sorted out, a stray dinosaur egg is the last straw for the captain, who just wants to get away from it all.

(Main cast as for Part 1)

Only The Good...

w Doug Naylor
Kryten decides to get revenge on Lister for giving him incorrect advice on female biology. This involves smuggling illicit hooch into his quarters just before a cell inspection and leads Lister and Co breaking out of prison into the Dwarf's lower decks where they find a ship-eating virus is loose, and there is nothing to do but let the captain know. While Red Dwarf is evacuated, Rimmer is forced to cross into a mirror universe to find the cure, and finds the Grim Reaper instead. Could the be the end of our heroes?

Captain Hollister Mac McDonald
Ackerman Graham McTavish
Talia Heidi Monsen
Dispensing Machine Tony Slattery
Baxter Ricky Grover
Big Meat David Verrey


All details are trademarked and copyrighted by their respective producers. All character and location names are also copyright. No infringement of any copyright is intended.