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Morse was a phenomenon of the late eighties - a thinking, feeling detective with a penchant for beer and crosswords, who lived on his own, listened to classical music with a ear for the best and a dismissive dislike for the rest, and who didn't suffer fools gladly. He captured public imagination, and in his weekly two-hour investigations, he escorted the viewer the length and breadth of historic Oxford, and occasionally further afield, to Australia and Italy.

The programme length itself an innovation, as it was previously felt that people would not watch the same programme format for more than an hour at a time.

Unlike other detective dramas, the clues were mostly visible in each story for the audience to work things out for themselves, a change from the Agatha Christie-style of detection where the entire plot is explained in the last ten minutes. This approach was welcomed by everybody who watched it, and there was public dismay when John Thaw decided he'd had enough after seven seasons and hung up his warrant card. A short documentary, The Mystery of Morse, was presented shortly before the closing episode.

Several one-off specials were made after that, at a rate of one a year to satisfy the public’s continued love of Chief Inspector Endeavor Morse. Sadly, the detective's creator decided enough was enough and killed him off in 2000. Shortly afterwards, the lead actor, John Thaw, passed away himself, so Inspector Morse is forever rested...



Chief Inspector Endeavour Morse John Thaw
Sergeant Robert Lewis Kevin Whately
Chief Superintendent Strange James Grout
Max (the Pathologist) Peter Woodthorpe (Seasons One to Two only)
Doctor Grayling Russell Amanda Hillwood (Season Three only)
Clare Holeman (Specials only)


Creator: Colin Dexter
Executive Producers: Ted Childs, and
  (Specials Only) John Thaw for
  Amberlodge Ltd
Script Editors: Patrick Harbinson, Tim

Producers: Kenny McBain (Seasons 1-2),
  Chris Burt (Seasons 3, 7 & Specials),
  David Lascelles (Seasons 4-5), Deirdre
(Season 6)
Music: Barrington Pheloung

A Zenith Production for ITV (Series)
A Carlton Production in association with
WGBH/Boston (Specials)
33 colour 105-minute episodes


Season One

The Dead Of Jericho

w Anthony Minghella based on Colin Dexter’s novel
A close friend of Morse's is found hanged in her own kitchen. But did she commit suicide or was it murder? A nosey neighbour may hold the answer. As Lewis joins him for the first time, Morse finds he can't see the wood for the trees.

Anne Staveley Gemma Jones
George Jackson Patrick Troughton
Tony Richards James Laurenson
Chief Inspector Bell Norman Jones
Ned Murdoch Spencer Leigh
Adele Richards Annie Lambert
Alan Richards Richard Durden
Mrs Staveley Charlotte Mitchell
Pete David Michaels
Grimes Christopher Guinee
Constable Dixon Wayne Morris
Colin Gary Webster
David Rupert Holliday Evans
Jack Hornsby Charles Hodgson
Mrs Hornsby Irene Sutcliffe
Charlotte Charlotte Stone

Director: Alastair Reid

The Silent World Of Nicholas Quinn

w Julian Mitchell based on Colin Dexter’s novel
When deaf teacher Nicholas Quinn misreads someone's lips, he throws Morse off track and confuses a murder investigation. Someone is running a scheme to sell examination papers, and Quinn may have spoken to the wrong man about his discovery.

Monica Height Barbara Flynn
Philip Ogleby Michael Gough
Doctor Bartlett Clive Swift
Dean of Lonsdale College Frederick Treves
Donald Martin Roger Lloyd Pack
Roope Anthony Smee
Mrs Martin Julie Neubert
Nicholas Quinn Phil Nice
Mrs Bartlett Elspet Gray
Noakes Arthur Cox
Coroner Philip Voss
Mrs Evans Gabrielle Blunt
Nurse Angela Barlow
Cinema Manageress Denyse Alexander
Richard Bartlett Stefan Schwartz
Sheik of Al-Jamara Saul Reichlin
Lip-Reading Teacher Diana Blackburn
Mr Parker Malcolm Mudie
Landlord Hugh Evans
Barmaid Kate O'Connell

Director: Brian Parker

(Repeated on C4 1990)

Service Of All The Dead

w Julian Mitchell based on Colin Dexter’s novel
A church warden is found with a knife in his chest in a quiet country church, and while Morse takes a fancy to one of the parishioners, a spate of bodies appear. There is a dramatic showdown on the church roof, but Morse can't stand heights. (Watch out for a brief appearance by Gina McKee, before she became better known for roles in Our Friends in the North and Notting Hill.)

Ruth Rawlinson Angela Morant
Harry Josephs Maurice O'Connell
Mrs Rawlinson Judy Campbell
Doctor Starkie Michael Hordern
Lionel John Normington
Chief Superintendent Bell Norman Jones
Paul Morris James Griffiths
Brenda Josephs Chrissy Iddon
Taffy Karl Francis
Jimmy Michael Goldie
Detective Constable Mitchell Michael Fenner
Denman Bev Willis
Police Sergeant Bill Moody
Waterman Saul Jephcott
Church Warden Stuart Saunders
Defence Counsel James Greene
Prosecuting Counsel Robert Gary
Landlord Ric Morgan
Husband Paul Ridley
Wife Maureen Bennett
Peter Andrew Read
Hotel Proprietor Norma Shebbeare
Policeman Christopher Gray
Nurse Joanna Wake
Girl in Betting Shop Gina McKee
Gambler Malcolm Kaye
Choirboy Salome Bulle

Director: Peter Hammond

(Repeated on C4 1990)



Season Two

The Wolvercote Tongue

w Julian Mitchell based on Colin Dexter’s novel The Jewel That was Ours
An American tourist is found dead in her room, and a piece of the valuable, historic Wolvercote Tongue goes missing. Then the curator of the Ashmolean museum is found dead in an Oxford canal. Is there a connection?

Theodore Kemp Simon Callow
Cedric Downes Kenneth Cranham
Sheila Williams Roberta Taylor
Eddie Poindexter Robert Arden
Laura Poindexter Christine Norden
Howard Brown Bill Reimbold
Shirley Brown Helena Stevens
Phil Aldrich John Bloomfield
Janet Roscoe Mildred Shay
Marion Kemp Jane Bertish
Lucy Downes Christine Kavanagh
Fiona Hall Cherith Mellor
Doctor Swain Nicholas Bell
Hotel Manager Tim Faulkner
Duty Sergeant Iain Ormsby-Knox
Nurse Maureen Morris
Lynn (Hotel Receptionist) Sara Coward
Waiter Ron Copsey
Waitress Teddy Thompson

Director: Alastair Reid

(Repeated on C4 1990)

Last Seen Wearing

w Thomas Ellice based on Colin Dexter’s novel
Morse investigates the disappearance of a wealthy business man’s daughter, believing her from the start to be dead. But as he visits the girl’s posh boarding school and finds a home videotape shot just before she disappeared, he begins to wonder.

Donald Phillipson Peter McEnery
Cheryl Baines Suzanne Bertish
Grace Craven Frances Tomelty
Sheila Phillipson Fiona Mollison
George Craven Glyn Houston
Julia Elizabeth Hurley
David Acum Philip Bretherton
John Maguire Nicholas Pritchard
Valerie Craven Melissa Simmonds
Fiona Michele Winstanley
Rachel Julia Sawalha
Lesley Auriol Goldingham
Mrs Webb Venetia Barrett
PC Franks Geoffrey Church
Martha Maggie Holland
Policewoman Elizabeth Kettle
Bartender Roger Booth
Porter David Trevena
Receptionist Susanna Nicholas
Check-Out Girl Amanda Dickinson
Charlie Charles Gilmore
Becky Phillipson Clare Bennett
George Phillipson George Gilmore

Director: Edward Bennett

(Repeated on C4 1990)

The Settling Of The Sun

w Charles Wood
At a welcoming dinner attended by Morse as a guest, one of the young students present feels unwell and excuses himself, only to be found dead with crucifixion wounds on him. Morse discovers he has been set up as an alibi for the murderer.

Doctor Jane Robson Anna Calder-Marshall
Sir Wilfred Mulryne Robert Stephens
Mrs Warbut Avis Bunnage
Kurt Friedman / Michael Robson Derek Fowlds
Chief Superintendent Dewar Robert Lang
Mirella Lunghi Amanda Burton
Graham Daniel Philip Middlemiss
Yukio Li Eiji Kusuhara
Ralph Thomas Tim Barker 
Reverend Robson Llewellyn Rees
Alex Robson Blue MacAskill
Heidi Vettinger Ellis Van Maarseveen
Swedish Student Ian McCurrach
Sergeant Jack Ellis
Peters Kenneth Hadley
Dewar's Detective Gordon Kennedy
Tramp Michael Goldie
Policewoman Elizabeth Kettle
Gardener Basienka Blake

Director: Peter Hammond

(Repeated on C4 1990)

Last Bus To Woodstock

w Michael Wilcox based on Colin Dexter’s novel
After hitching a nighttime lift during heavy rain, a young secretary is found dead in a pub car-park and Morse's investigations lead him to a local insurance office where he uncovers a web of corruption and sexual intrigue.

Bernard Crowther Anthony Bate
Clive Palmer Terrence Hardiman
Mrs Jarman Fabia Drake
Jennifer Coleby Jill Baker
Angie Hartman Holly Aird
Peter Newlove Paul Geoffrey
Mary Widdowson Ingrid Lacy
Margaret Crowther Shirley Dixon
John Sanders Ian Sears
Jimmy Perry Fenwick
Sylvia Kane Jenny Jay
Mrs Kane Shirley Stelfox
Vikki Phillips Diana Payan
Sally Anne Havard
Mr Bentley Vass Anderson
Receptionist Jo Unwin
Time & Motion Expert Ian Bleasdale
Senior Sister Steph Bramwell
Typist Amanda Wenban
Gamekeeper P J Davidson
Police Officer Dave Roberts
Shop Assistant Steven Law
Doctor Paul Lawrence Davis

Director: Peter Duffell

(Repeated on C4 23rd September 1991)



Season Three

Ghost In The Machine

w Julian Mitchell
Some valuable erotic paintings are stolen from a magnificent stately home and then the owner mysteriously disappears. A murder has been committed, but where is the body? And where is Max, the Pathologist?

Lady Hanbury Patricia Hodge
Doctor Charles Hudson Clifford Rose
Professor Edward Ullman Bernard Lloyd
Sir Julius Hanbury Michael Godley
John McKendrick Michael Thomas
Mrs Maltby Patsy Byrne
Michelle Reage Irina Brook
Betty Parker Lill Roughley
Ted Parker Robert Oates
Roger Meadows John Elmes
Georgina Hanbury Rainbow Dench
The Dean John Cater
Detective Michael Bertenshaw
Constable Jonathan Donne
Plain Clothes Officer Alan Barker
Policewoman Eunice Roberts
Porter Trevor Martin
Laboratory Assistant Seeta Indrani
Girl Pupil Claire Skinner

Director: Herbert Wise

(Repeated on C4 30th September 1991)

The Last Enemy

w Peter Buckman based on Colin Dexter’s novel The Riddle of the Third Mile
A body is found in an Oxford canal and the only clue to its identity points to a connection with one of the colleges. Once again, Morse uncovers a nest of vipers in the college hierarchy, as the death toll mounts. (As well as Barry Foster, ITV's Van Der Valk, this episode guests Beatie Edney, daughter of Sylvia Simms).

Sir Alexander Reece Barry Foster
Arthur Drysdale Michael Aldridge
Doctor David Kerridge Tenniel Evans
Deborah Burns Beatie Edney
Carol Sharp Sian Thomas
Miss Tree Lana Morris
Ben Bert Parnaby
Mrs Burns Jill Johnson
Geoff Kevin McMonagle
Collins Mark Tandy
Chris Stonely Albert Welling
Dentist Pauline Muntre
Landlord Michael Percival
Sam Philip Bloomfield
German Man Gertan Klauber
German Woman Jackie Buchanan
Girl on Boat Susannah Hitching
Young Girl Nikki Brooks
Young Man Nathan Lewis
Sabena Laura Sadler

Director: James Scott

(Repeated on C4 7th October 1991)

Deceived By Flight

w Anthony Minghella based on an idea by Colin Dexter
Lewis is looking forward to his moment of glory when he demonstrates his skills on a cricket pitch playing for Morse's old college, Lonsdale. But Morse (whose nickname, we discover, was Pagan, because he always refused to use his Christian name) has his eye on the delectable widow, Kate Donn, almost missing the fact that someone else is under observation, suspected of drug running. (Kate Donn, played by Sharon Maughan, was famous for the Nescafe Gold Blend adverts. She gets to deliver the  throwaway line: "I hate coffee. Gives me a headache.")

Roland Marshall Norman Rodway
Kate Donn Sharon Maughan
Anthony Donn Daniel Massey
Philippa Foster Jane Booker
Vince Cranston Nicky Henson
Barker Bryan Pringle
Peter Foster Geoffrey Beevers
Jamie Jasper Nathan Parker
Radio Producer Stephen Moore
Detective Constable Hilaire Peter Amory
Suspect Interviewee Andrew Paul
Captain Martin Chamberlain
Batsman Adam Tomlinson
Player Kit Jackson
Cassidy (Fast Bowler) Charles Collingwood
Radio Producer's PA Ann Bryson
Forensic Sergeant David Shaw-Parker
WPC Elin Jenkins
Patrol Officer John Patrick
Brian Johnston (Radio Cricket Commentator) Himself

Director: Anthony Simmons

(Repeated on C4 14th October 1991)

The Secret Of Bay 5b

w Alma Cullen based on an idea by Colin Dexter
At long last there is romance in the air with the lovely Doctor Grayling Russell for Inspector Morse. But duty calls him to a baffling murder in a multi-story car park, and a forest keeper with some domestic problems - terminal ones.

Rosemary Henderson Mel Martin
Fran Pierce Marion Bailey
Edward Manley Andrew Wilde
Brian Pierce Philip McGough
George Henderson George Irving
Camilla Susan Kydd
Mrs Cameron Kate Lansbury
Janice Cathryn Bradshaw
Ray Miles Tom Radcliffe
Amy Morris Pamela Miles
Inspector Dewar Brian Poyser
Mr Waugh Ivor Roberts
Undertaker Michael Haughey
Bandleader Robert Gladwell
Nurse Cheryl Moskowitz
Constables John Dixon and John Bleasdale
Orderly Richard Hawley
Aerobics Instructor Catherine Livesey
Decorator Michael Mellor
Mick Fraser Dowie

Director: Jim Goddard

(Repeated on C4 21st October 1991)



Season Four

The Infernal Serpent

w Alma Cullen
A university lecturer of some note was supposed to be murdered at the steps of his office, but the killer got the wrong man. Now he is being sent disturbing parcels, and Morse is not amused by his behaviour.

Matthew Copley-Barnes Geoffrey Palmer
Doctor Julien Dear David Neal
Blanche Copley-Barnes Barbara Leigh-Hunt
Mick McGovern Pearce Quigley
Parsons Michael Atwell
Sylvie Maxton Cheryl Campbell
Mr Gray John Joyce
Phil Hopkirk Ian Brimble
Jake Normington Tom Wilkinson
Imogen Garrett Irene Richard
Ron Garrett George Costigan
Chief Supt Rennie Denys Hawthorne
Mrs McGovern Sydnee Blake
Ward Sister Phillipa Howell
Mandy Hopkirk Michelle Wesson
Hopkirk's Housekeeper Catherine Terris

Director: John Madden

(Repeated on C4 16th September 1992)

The Sins Of The Fathers

w Jeremy Burnham
A killing at Radford Brewery should be the ideal location for Inspector Morse, but he is somewhat pre-occupied with the boardroom squabbles of the family in charge of the firm.

Charles Radford Lionel Jeffries
Trevor Radford Andy Bradford
Helen Radford Kim Thomson
Isobel Radford Isabel Dean
Stephen Radford Paul Shelley
Victor Preece Alex Jennings
Cynthia Preece Betty Marsden
Alan Snowden Trevor Martin
Norman Weeks Simon Slater
Linacre John Bird
Thelma Radford Lisa Harrow
Pathologist Paul Mooney
Gail Kamilla Blanche
Cleaning Woman Jean Ainslie
Butler Noel Johnson
Nelson John Golightly
Wheatley Bernard Brown
Maid San Lee
Shirley Maggie Wilkinson
WPC Elizabeth Kettle
With: Andrew Ray

Director: Peter Hammond

(Repeated on C4 23rd September 1992)

Driven To Distraction

w Anthony Minghella
Driving lessons aren't what they once were, as Morse discovers. When he starts to investigate the wrong potential murderer he finds he's driving round in circles. He eventually gets the point - almost!

Jackie Thorn Julia Lane
George Tariq Yunus
Angie Howe Tessa Wojtczak
Jeremy Boynton Patrick Malahide
Derek Whittaker David Ryall
Detective Constable Dearden Richard Huw
Tim Ablett Christopher Fulford
Philippa Lau Carolyn Choa
Whyting Lau Ken Nazarin
Detective Sergeant Maitland Mary Jo Randle
Paula Steadman Cheryl Miker
Martin Cass Malcolm Raeburn
Jimmy Jake Wood
Driving Instructor Kate Doherty
Sandra Lynne Morgan
Deaf Salesman Steve Shill
Gerry Firth Richard Vanstone
Prison Warden James Duggan

Director: Sandy Johnson

(Repeated on C4 30th September 1992)

Masonic Mysteries

w Julian Mitchell
When his latest lady companion is stabbed to death at amateur dramatics' rehearsals, Morse becomes the victim of a re-enacted Greek tragedy. As more and more incriminating evidence is uncovered, someone seems to be targeting him very successfully. Although he is stunned and rather shocked by the intensity of the campaign against him, even a night in a prison cell can't defeat his intuition.

Beryl Newsome Madelaine Newton
Hugo de Vreis Ian McDiarmid
Sandra Machin Celestine Randall
Chief Inspector Bottomly Richard Kane
Desmond McNutt Iain Cuthbertson
PC Mike Butterworth Mark Strong
Norman Ken Drury
Detective Constable Dearden Richard Huw
Conductor Roland Oliver
Hall Porter John Arthur
Officious Constable Steven Elliott
Marion Brooke Diane Fletcher
R G Prettyman James Smith
Angry Neighbour Jenny Howe
Ambulance Man Piers Ibbotson
Yvonne (Marion's Maid) Yvonne Gidden
Wine Merchant Michael Mears
PC Dene Tip Tipping

Director: Danny Boyle

(Repeated on C4 7th October 1992)



Season Five

Second Time Around

w Daniel Boyle
The mysterious death of an ex-Deputy Police Commissioner brings Morse into reluctant contact with an old professional rival, Chief Inspector Dawson. Morse and Lewis, in uneasy tandem with Dawson, spot a link with the unsolved murder of a young girl 18 years ago. To find the killer they have to unravel the first case for a send time. The clues lead Morse to the most unexpected of conclusions.

Mrs Keelan Jenny Laird
Frederick Redpath Oliver Ford Davies
Chief Insp Dawson Kenneth Colley
Charlie Hillian Maurice Bush
Catherine Dawson Ann Bell
Mrs Mitchell Patricia Heywood
Terence Mitchell Christopher Eccleston
Pathologist Peter Waddington
WPC Liz Kettle
Desk Sergeant David Bauckham
Barbara Redpath Adie Allen
Walter Majors Sam Kelly
Reardon Robert Goodale
Rose Lapsley Helena McCarthy
Cowan Neale McGrath
Parks Peter Gordon
John Mitchell Russell Kilminster

Director: Adrian Shergold

(Repeated on ITV 4th January 1992)

Fat Chance

w Alma Cullen
Morse finds romance in an unlikely setting as he investigates the suspicious death of a woman deacon. St Saviour's College is about to appoint Oxford's first female chaplain, and emotions are running high among the university town's more conservative male clerics. But is it possible that such feelings could lead to murder?

Lance Mandeville Maurice Denham
Geoffrey Boyd David Gant
Desmond Kelly Julian Gartside
Dinah Newberry Caroline Ryder
Emma Pickford Zoë Wanamaker
Hilary Dobson Maggie O'Neill
Victoria Hazlett Sarah Carpenter
Nadine Stacey Una Brandon-Jones
Jane Barnes Arbel Jones
Doctor Corder Nicholas Selby
Mrs Gardam Eileen Dunwoodie
Freddy Galt Kenneth Haigh
Irene Saunders Tilly Vosburgh
Rowlands Alan Starkey
Hank Briardale William Roberts
Mrs Hulme Dorothea Alexander
Judy Josephine Welcome
Val Lewis (Robby's wife) Maureen Bennett

Director: Roy Battersby

(Repeated on ITV 11th January 1992)

Who Killed Harry Field?

w Geoffrey Case
When Morse first starts to investigate the mysterious death of Harry Field, he takes quite a liking to the man. An artist, a fun-loving drinker, and a raconteur - clearly a man after Morse's own heart. But when Morse and Lewis study his paintings more closely they discover that his cupboard bore many skeletons, and he was not such a lovable old rogue after all.

Harry Field Trevor Byfield
Tony Doyle John Castle
Helen Field Geraldine James
Jane Marriot Nicola Cowper
Sergeant Taylor Steven Payne
Gordon Collins Andy Mulligan
Barmaid Helena Lymbery
Val Lewis Maureen Bennett
Freddie Mortimer Philip Locke
Julia Veronica Lang
Ian Matthew Ronald Pickup
Harry Field Snr Freddie Jones
Paul Eirl Vania Vilers
Roger McMill Jeremy Clyde
George Drummond Dicken Ashworth
Eirl's Secretary Anna Patrick
Carl Stephen Grothgar
McCabe Brian Lipson

Director: Colin Gregg

(Repeated on ITV 18th January 1992)

Greeks Bearing Gifts

w Peter Nichols
Morse and Lewis face a language barrier when they investigate a murder in Oxford's Greek community. Morse is more at home with the scholars of ancient Greece at the university - but when a project to replicate Greek sailing vessels enters the equation, could there be a connection between the two worlds? (In this episode, Mrs Lewis gets to speak her first lines - trying out her Greek when ordering in a restaurant central to the investigation.)

Digby Tuckerman James Hazeldine
Nicos Capparis Mike Kremastoules
Mr Papas Andreas Markos
Mrs Papas Eileen Way
Friday Rees Jan Harvey
Young Husband Stephen Holland
Young Wife Edda Sharpe
Val Lewis Maureen Bennett
Dino Papas Andrew Kazamia
Basilios Vasilakis James Faulkner
Jocasta Georgiadis Eve Adam
Randall Rees Martin Jarvis
Jerome Hogg Richard Pearson
Maria Capparis Elvira Poulianou
Laura Carole Ashby
Student Jonny Lee Miller
Daisy Lucy Maycock
Student Union Official Emma Cunningham
First Angler Ian Sharp
Susie Tuckerman Rosalind March
Mother's Help Rebecca Lamb
Mrs Vasilakis Sarah Bullen

Director: Adrian Shergold

(Repeated on ITV 25th January 1992)

Promised Land

w Julian Mitchell
Chief Inspector Morse and Sergeant Lewis are in for a severe case of culture shock when the search for an ex-supergrass takes them away from the dreaming spires of Oxford and into the outback of Australia, there to face the harsher realities of a more dangerous environment.

Paul Matthews Con O'Neilll
Newspaper Editor Philip Anthony
Barman Kevin Leslie
Farmer in Ute Bill Young
Karen Harding Vanessa Patterson
Anne Harding Rhonnda Findleton
Sash Marie Armstrong
Sergeant Scott Humphries John Jarratt
Sal Maureen Green
Dave Harding Noah Taylor
Shearing Foreman Paul Hunt
Det Insp McAllister Max Phipps
Det Warrender Peter Browne
Barmaid Shayne Foote

Director: John Madden

(Repeated on ITV 8th February 1992)



Season Six

Dead On Time

w Daniel Boyle
Morse is haunted by the past when he investigates the apparent suicide of a terminally ill Oxford don and finds that he has an unexpected personal connection with the family. As the case develops, Lewis becomes concerned that Morse's professionalism is being undermined by his intense feelings for a lost love.

Susan Fallon Joanna David
Helen Marriat Samantha Bond
Peter Rhodes David Haig
John Marriat Adrian Dunbar
William Bryce-Morgan Richard Pasco
Nurse Rogers Susan-Jane Tanner
Henry Fallon James Walker
Duty Constable Martyn Waites
Murray Stone Dominic Keating
Henrietta Fallon Greer Gaffney

Director: John Madden

Happy Families

w Daniel Boyle
When a well-known business tycoon is murdered in his rambling country mansion, his two feuding sons and mentally unstable wife are immediately under suspicion as the feuds, and the murders, continue.

Lady Emily Balcombe Anna Massey
Margaret Cliff Gwen Taylor
Chief Supt Holdsby Alun Armstrong
Billy Rupert Graves
Jessica Charlotte Coleman
Alfred Rydale Andrew Ray
Lorraine Sukie Smith
James Balcombe Martin Clunes
Sir John Balcombe George Raistrick
Harry Balcombe Jonathan Coy

Director: Adrian Shergold

The Death Of The Self

w Alma Cullen
The bizarre death of an Englishwoman abroad takes the two detectives to the unfamiliar vineyards of Northern Italy, where Morse, attempting to make sense of strange midnight rituals, is captivated by glamorous opera singer Nicole Burgess.

Nicole Burgess Frances Barber
Russell Clark Michael Kitchen
Claudio Battisti Georges Corraface
Andreas Heller Chris Hunter
May Lawrence Julia Goodman
Patti Wilcox Kate Harper
Alistair Haines Alan Rowe
Maureen Dyson Jane Snowden
Judith Haines Jane Wenham
Kenneth Lawrence Peter Blythe

Director: Colin Gregg

Absolute Conviction

w John Brown
The sudden death of a convict gives Morse and Lewis a taste of prison life as they investigate the complex affairs of three businessmen jailed for fraud. (Notable appearances in this episode by Richard Wilson of comedy series One Foot In The Grave, and Philip Davis, formerly King John in Robin Of Sherwood.)

Mrs Stevens Diana Quick
Alex Bailey Sean Bean
Charlie Bennett Jim Broadbent
Mrs Cryer Suzanna Hamilton
Brian Thornton Richard Wilson
Lawrence Cryer Tony Steedman
George Newcombe Luke Williams
Harris Robert Pugh
Laura Cheryl Hall
Doctor Stephen Archer David Howey
Pathologist James Aubrey
D S Cheetham Steven Mackintosh
Peter Thornton Jonathan Firth
Sherman Philip Davis
Mrs Bailey Sue Johnston
Andy Metcalfe Kevin Walsh
Mrs Harris June Watson

Director: Antonia Bird

Cherubim And Seraphim

w Julian Mitchell
When tragedy strikes in his half-sister's family, Morse is forced to confront the generation gap. His investigation into the death of his bright niece leads him into an alien world of raves and drugs. But Lewis finds he quite likes the music. (Anna Chancellor's only previous tv appearance of note was as Mercedes Page in BSB's Jupiter Moon, but she later appeared in films such as Four Weddings... and Staggered.)

Janey Wilson Isla Blair
Joyce Sorcha Cusack
Doctor Desmond Collier Jason Isaacs
C I Holroyd John Junkin
Bristowe Paul Brightwell
Vicky Wilson Liza Walker
Marilyn Garrett Charlotte Chatton
Charlie Paget Charlie Caine
Sally Smith Anna Chancellor
Jacko Lever Freddie Brooks
Gwen Morse Edwina Day
Wayne Glen Mead

Director: Danny Boyle



Season Seven

Deadly Slumber

w Daniel Boyle
The founder of a private hospital is found murdered in his car. Suspicion falls on the wealthy ex-bookmaker whose daughter suffered severe brain damage during a routine operation at the hospital. Morse is touched by the man's devotion to his sick daughter, but he may be in danger of letting sentiment cloud his judgement.

Jane Folley Carol Starks
John Brewster Jason Durr
Claire Brewster Janet Suzman
Mathew Brewster Richard Owens
Mark Felsham Robert Swann
Michael Steppings Brian Cox
Doctor Greer Patrick Godfrey
Wendy Hazlitt Penny Downie
Constable Willis Connor Byrne
Mr Hart Tim Morand
Mrs Hart Su Elliot
Sergeant Benson Peter Aubrey
Thomas Neely John Bett
Card player Jestyn Philips

Director: Stuart Orme

The Day Of The Devil

w Daniel Boyle
A dramatic manhunt is triggered by the violent escape from prison of a convicted rapist. As the hunt intensifies, Morse and Lewis are led into the dangerous and disturbing world of devil worship.

John Peter Barrie Keith Allen
Doctor Esther Martin Harriet Walter
Jack Vaizey Patrick O'Connell
Clough Lloyd McGuire
PC Pringle Aran Bell
PC Cobbs Richard Graham
Frank McTeer Patrick Drury
Mack Shaw Peter Attard
Larry Broomfield Wayne Norman
Humphrey Appleton Richard Griffiths
Miss Spillers Jacqueline Leonard
Timothy Perry David Griffith
WPC Nora Curtis Katrina Levon
Holly Trevors Gilly Coman
Maugham Willowbank Michael Culver
Steven Trevors Gavin Richards
Sergeant Brenner Martyn Read
Jane Post Sarah Booth
Mr Fox Mike Murray
Heironymous St John Kevin Stoney
George Granger Antony Carrick

Director: Stephen Whittaker

Twilight Of The Gods

w Julian Mitchell
A business tycoon and a famous opera singer are invited to Oxford to receive honorary degrees, but the ceremony is halted by a shocking act of violence.

Gwladys Probert Sheila Gish
Tammy Elaine English
Sir Watkin Davies Alan David
Adele Baydon Celia Montague
Arabella Baydon Rachel Weisz
Mark Scott Paul Rattigan
Victor Ignotas John Bluthal
Alan Cartwright Julian Curry
Lyman Stansky Don Fellows
Andrew Baydon Robert Hardy
Helen Buscott Joan Blackham
Janet Michaela Noakes
Gentile Bellocchio Allan Corduner
Simon Vavasseur Harry Ditson
Mari Probert Caroline Berry
Stephen Bartlett Paul Stacey
Mrs Thompson Jennifer Piercey
Lord Hinksey John Gielgud
Lady Hinksey Jean Anderson
Pierre Brian Bovell
Brigitte de Plessy Julie Legrand

Director: Herbert Wise




The Way Through The Woods

w Russell Lewis based on the novel by Colin Dexter
An alleged serial killer dies in a prison fight before his trial, but Morse isn't convinced he was responsible for all the murders. When a new body is found, Morse and Lewis are assigned to investigate. (At this point, Doctor Laura Hobson makes her first appearance as the sharp-witted pathologist with a hidden appreciation of Morse’s skills.)

Doctor Alan Hardinge Nicholas Le Provost
DCI Johnson Malcolm Storry
David Michaels Neil Dudgeon
Cathy Michaels Michelle Fairley
Claire Osborne Vivienne Ritchie
Margaret Daley Maggie Shevlin
Doctor Laura Hobson (intro) Clare Holman
Alisdair McBryde Robin Soans
George Daley Chris Fairbank
Philip Daley James D White
Lynne Hardinge Kay Stoneham
Croxley Simon Scott
DC Renton George Beach
Williams John Malcolm
Prison Chaplain Steven Crossley
Steven Parnell Gary Powell

Director: John Madden

(29th November 1995)

The Daughters Of Cain

w Julian Mitchell based on the novel by Colin Dexter
Two men are murdered and Morse and Lewis suspect three women, each with a flawless alibi. But as Lewis struggles to find promotion, an unusually supportive Morse is convinced the answer is all a matter of timing.

Brenda Brooks Gabrielle Lloyd
Julia Stevens Phyllis Logan
Kay Brooks Amanda Ryan
Ted Brooks Anthony Haygarth
Brownlee Benjamin Whitrow
Jane Cotterall Lynn Farleigh
Ashley Davies Jason Riddington
Doctor Felix McClure Bernard Brown
Kevin Costyn Shane Hickmott
Doctor Hassan Nadim Sawalha
Trainer Jeremy Peters
Michael Mansell Jasper Jacob
Receptionist Judi Armstrong
Waterman Steve Edwin
Hospital Sister Virginia Grainger
Nurse Susie Fairfax

Director: Herbert Wise

(27th November 1996)

Death Is Now My Neighbour

w Julian Mitchell based on the novel by Colin Dexter
When a young woman is shot through her kitchen window at point blank range, Morse is summoned. Although his head is turned by the attractive Adele Cecil, he finds the murder hunt leads him to Lonsdale College, where the contest for the Mastership has taken an ugly turn.

Sir Clixby Bream Richard Briers
Julian Storrs John Shrapnel
Angela Storrs Maggie Steed
Adele Cecil Judy Loe
Denis Cornford Roger Allam
Geoffrey Owens Mark McGann
Shelly Cornford Holly Chant
Dora Hammersby Susan Engel
Hargreaves Colin MacCormack
Mrs Adams Susan Field
Sarah Hickman Candida Gubbins
Amber Jacquelyn Yorke
Chief Constable Walter McMonagle
Lord Lieutenant David Fennell
Ken Lewis (son) Oliver Grig
Diane Cullingham Nicola Jeffries
DC Jackson Lloyd Hutchinson
Rachel James Julia Dalkin

Director: Charles Beeson

(19th November 1997)

The Wench Is Dead

adapted by Malcolm Bradbury from the novel by Colin Dexter
While Lewis is off on his Inspector’s course, Morse is confined to a hospital bed as his lifestyle begins to take a toll. When Adele brings him a book about an 18th century canal boat murder, he begins to suspect that the wrong people were convicted of the crime, and sets about investigating the case, from his bed. As a small comfort, Morse may well have found an idea replacement in graduate policeman Adrian Kershaw, who's method of thinking bears resemblance to a younger Morse.

Doctor Millie van Buren Lisa Eichhorn
Nurse Hall Louisa Lawrenson
Adele Cecil Judy Loe
Walter Towns David Keys
Rory Jack Oldfield Paul Mari
Mr Greenaway Alan Mason
Sister Nessie Aline Mowat
Nurse Fiona Sara Carver
Mr Benfield Philip Quast
Mona Karen Staples
PC Adrian Kershaw Matthew Finney
Philip Tomes Jonathan Copestake
Ward Andy Grubb
Alfred Musson Kim Durham
Charles Franks Kieran Ahern
Thomas Wootton Liam Barr
Hannah McNeil Candida Rundle
Doctor Willis Patrick Hannaway
Constable Ian Coulson
Constable Harrison Christopher Hargreaves
Constable Dean Jamie Christian
Mr Justice Benham Jeff Nuttall
Mr Sergeant Williams Michael Culkin
Mr Sergeant Lyons Simeon Andrews
Jury Foreman Peter Glancy
Foreman Robert Ashe
Joanna Franks Juliet Cowan
Stevens Nick Raggett
Librarian Robert Glasser
Miss Susan Ho Sarah Lam
Chaplain Neville Phillips
Governor Roger Llewellyn
Verger Osmund Bullock
Mulvaney Eamon Geoghegan
M.C. Robert Atiko

Director: Robert Knights

(11th November 1998)

The Remorseful Day

adapted by Stephen Churchett from the novel by Colin Dexter
A case that recapitulates all the themes in Morse's life: exquisite excess, unrequited love, and an unerring instinct for solving crimes and crossword puzzles. More morose and lonelier than ever now that Adele Cecil has departed Britain for Australia, Morse is so emotionally involved with a murder victim that Sergeant Lewis is assigned to the case in his stead. But Morse follows his every move, leading his friend and protégé past three more corpses to the answer to this final riddle. All the while, Morse's ailing health is nagging away at him - as is his increasing loneliness and desperation not to be retired from the police force.

Yvonne Harrison Meg Davies
Harry Repp Eddie Webber
Sandra Harrison Anna Wilson-Jones
Frank Harrison Paul Freeman
Paddy Flynn James Benson
Sir Lionel Phelps T P McKenna
Debbie Repp Helen Pearson
John Barron Jesse Birdsall
Roy Holmes Aidan J David
Simon Harrison Simon Hepworth
Mrs Bayley Barbara Lott
Mrs Holmes Annette Ekblom
Linda Barron Sharon Maiden
Josie Flynn Alisa Bosschaert
Choir Master Barrington Pheloung

Director: Jack Gold

(15th November 2000)


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