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Details about this pretty likeable tv sequel to the popular 1994 Roland Emmerich & Dead Devlin film were a little thin on the ground when it was first screened in the UK, but a gripping pilot episode, which continued almost directly from the film, grabbed the series an instant audience which a fascinating first season did much to build on.

The series was made on location in British Columbia, and Richard Dean Anderson, who played a part in bringing it to tv, took the Kurt Russell role, while Michael Shanks filled the archaeologist boots of James Spader. Over the course of its first season Stargate SG-1 began to find its feet and develop one of the more intriguing mythologies seen in science fiction on US television.

The first season was very well received in the US, and this ensured its return. This was despite a total refusal by the makers of the movie to aid in constructing the series. The date following each episode is the first US screening date.

Early episode credits and details kindly supplied by Sean Fitzgibbons, SG-1.Net



Colonel Jack O’Neil Richard Dean Anderson
Daniel Jackson Michael G Shanks (Not Season 6)
Captain Samantha Carter Amanda Tapping
Teal’c Christopher Judge
Jonas Quinn Corin Nemec (Season 6)
General Hammond Don S Davis
Doctor Janet Fraser Teryl Rothery (To Season 7)
Stargate Technician Gary Jones


Developed by: Brad Wright and Jonathon Glassner
Executive Producers: Michael Greenburg
and Richard Dean Anderson
Producer: N John Smith (Seasons 1-3),
  Robert C Cooper (Season 3)
Co-Producer: Robert C Cooper (Seasons 1-2)

All details are trademarked and copyrighted by their respective producers. All character and location names are also copyright. No infringement of any copyright is intended.