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Season Eight

New Order (Part 1)

The season opens with a different actress playing Dr Weir and Teal'c sporting a head of hair for the first time. Gate operations have been suspended following Anubis' failed attack on Earth. O'Neill is still trapped in stasis under the Antarctic but the US government is having trouble working out how to let the world's leaders in on the now less-than-secret secret of alien life on other planets. Sam and Teal'c  go on a mission to contact the Asgard but end up near a black hole, while the System Lords ask the SGC for a meeting to discuss the division of Anubis' territory, and to offer Earth an interesting proposition. Sam is captured by the replicators and discovers they intend to destroy the new Asgard home.

Doctor Elizabeth Weir Torri Higginson
Camulus Steve Bacic
Lord Yu Vincent Crestjo
Amaterasu Kira Clavell
Fifth Patrick Currie
Oshu Kevan Ohtsji
Pete Shanahan David DeLuise
Colonel Pendergast Barclay Hope
Prometheus Commanding Officer Chelah Horsdal
Sergeant Siler Dan Shea

New Order (Part 2)

Carter is being tortured by the human-form replicator she left trapped in stasis (first met in the Season 6 episode Unnatural Selection). Avrila, the new Asgard homeworld, is under attack by replicators. The replicator-form human, Fifth, is cornered by Thor and his new weapon which will clear the planet of replicators. Thor has been able to revive O'Neill and gain some small part of the Ancients' knowledge. Weir gets transferred to investigate the Antarctic base. Hammond gains promotion to a government post, and Brigadier General Jack O'Neill is given command of the SGC. His first duty is to promote Carter to Lieutenant-Colonel.

(Cast as before)


Russians are now serving in the SGC, and O'Neill is finding the amount of paperwork for a base CO is rather daunting. He's also being pressured to add a Russian to SG-1, but something was left behind when Anubis' ship was destroyed and it has managed to gain access to the SGC. The base is locked down and Anubis' non-corporeal form is eventually tricked into escaping the vase to find itself trapped on an isolated ice world.

Colonel Alexi Vaselov Gavin Hood
Doctor Brightman Alisen Down
Major Kearney Aaron Pearl
Lieutenant Evans Holly Ferguson
Anatole Konstantinov Arvydas Lebeliunas
Sergeant Siler Dan Shea

Zero Hour

O'Neill is coping, badly, with general admin work, and gains an ex-CIA staff assistant who is really in place for another reason. With preparations for zero hour underway there is a distinctive lack of bunting, SG-1 is presumed captured by Ba'al, and a rampant alien plant one of the scientific levels. One by one, the problems are sorted out, SG-1 are found, and the President arrives to confirm O'Neill's appointment.

Mark Gilmor David Kaufman
Doctor Lee Bill Dow
Major Davis Colin Cunningham
Camulus Steven Bacic
Colonel Reynolds Eric Breker
Ba'al Cliff Simon
Sergeant Siler Dan Shea
John Prior Michael Ryan


Three months of first contact with the humans of the Caldonian Federation leads to a group of religious zealots forming an organised rebel force who feel they have been proven right about the gods who used to use their Stargate to control their planet. The rebels spark a civil war which escalates to the point where neighbouring powers launch an intercontinental missile strike and begin a limited world war. Daniel, marooned, must convince the survivors to strike back and re-take their country from Soren, the rebel leader.

Commander Gareth Tim Webber
Kane Matthew Bennett
Leda Amy Sloan
Soren James Kidnie
Tour Guide Richard Side
Tian Chris Redmond
Rebel Aide Leanne Adachi
Radio Man Preston Cook
Rebel Soldier Charles Zuckermann


The SGC has a VR machine on which to test combat routines. It is a development of similar chairs which trapped SG-1 six years before in The Gamekeeper. It learns from the experiences of its users and Teal'c manages to finish the first exercise in 49 seconds. O'Neill gets him to help this self-learning machine make things tougher. Unfortunately, the VR machine and Teal'c refuse to quit and Teal'c's life is endangered.

Doctor Seymour Lee Bill Dow
Doctor Carmichael Andrew Airlie
Sergeant Siler Dan Shea


Now he no longer has a symbiont, Teal'c has been allowed to live off base. He has his own apartment and is getting used to life in the real human world... although perhaps he is getting a little too involved for his own good, especially where his attractive neighbour is concerned. Sam and Pete are still going strong and a proposal is in the air. Then Teal'c's relationship with his neighbour takes a sour turn when he is suspected of killing her ex-boyfriend and kidnapping her.

Krista James Erica Durance
Pete Shanahan David DeLuise
Jennings Lucas Wolf
Hoskins Peter Bryant
Colonel Richard Kendrick Michael Rogers
Doug McNair Derek Hamilton
Brooks Benita Ha
Sergeant Rob Hayter
Joe Brad Sihvon
Paul Adrian Hughes
Mrs Conners Judith Berlin
Eric Christopher Attadia


Billionaire Alec Coulson announces live on tv that he knows about the cover-up after Anubis' attack and threatens to reveal his own evidence to the world unless the governments involved in the SGC secret tell the truth. After a game of trying to discredit Coulson the SGC realise they must take him into their confidence by showing him the new Alpha site, but it takes more than that to convince him.

Alec Colson Charles G Shaughnessy
Brian Vogler Tom O'Brien
Julia Donovan Kendall Cross
Captain Mike Sheffield Chris Shields
Staffer Ingrid Torrance


Teal'c's son is in love and plans to marry while Teal'c feels betrayed because he wasn't consulted. The female Jaffa warriors of the Hak'tyl (Birthright) may have been compromised. For immediate safety they are evacuated to the SGC, and Teal'c's son  and his future bride are with them. Then Teal'c and Ishtar are trapped off world when a rebel Jaffa council is discovered and attacked...

Ishta Jolene Blalock
Bra'tac Tony Amendola
Ry'ac Neil Denis
Moloc Royston Innes
Aron Jeff Judge
Kar'yn Mercedes de la Zerda
Cha'ra Noah Danby
Cor'ak Steve Lawlor
Ka'lel Simon Bailey
Sergeant Siler Dan Shea


The organisation called The Trust, behind most of the SGC's recent earthbound troubles, also have their hands on Goa'uld technology. Then, one night, the Stargate vanishes from the SGC. As an off world Teal'c discovers, The Trust are now using the stolen Stargate to deliver biological attacks on Goa'uld-controlled worlds, but they are also killing millions of Jaffa in the process.

Doctor Bricksdale Jonathan Holmes
M'zel Mark Gibbon
Zarin Brandy Ledford
Major Pierce Rob Lee
Brooks Benita Ha
Jennings Lucas Wolf
Hoskins Peter Bryant
Sergeant Mackenzie Scott Owen
Colonel Pendergast Barclay Hope
Sergeant Siler Dan Shea


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