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Season Three

Into The Fire (Part 2 of 2)

Hathor's plot to build a secret army with which to challenge the system lords is coming apart at the seams. When a force comprising several SG teams mounts a rescue attempt for SG-1, her guards seem badly outmatched. A Tok'ra insider manages to disrupt plans even further by saving O'Neil from being implanted, and the captain puts the final seal on Hathor's ambitions.

Major General Trofsky Tom Butler
Hathor Suanne Braun
Doctor Rawley Samantha Ferris
Major Tony Amendola
Colonel Colin Cunningham


One of the most dangerous of the oldest system lords might never have left Egypt when the Stargate was closed by the Ancient Egyptians. Known variously as Seth, Seti, or Sutekh, he had a price on his head for trying to overthrow Ra.

Jacob Carter Carmen Argenziano
Jason Levinson Robert Duncan
Seth Mitchell Kosterman
Tommy Stuart O'Connell

Fair Game

In a ceremony of presidential thanks to the SG teams, Carter is promoted to major. O'Neil is about to make a short speech when he vanishes to reappear on a ship in Earth orbit. For killing Hathor, the System Lords have again turned their attention on Earth, but the Asgaard, represented by Thor in his true form decide to act on Earth's behalf and organises a meeting between the powers, one in which some of the System Lords have ulterior motives.

Secretary of Defence Arthur Simms Michael David Simms
Nirrti Jacqueline Samuda
Technician Laara Sadiq
Cronos Ron Halder
Yu Vince Crestejo
Sergeant Ziplinski T M Sandulak


While exploring a new planet, SG-1 find the nine Linvris, who apparently died from their Goa'ulds' destruction. Daniel discovers a tablet similar to the one found on Argos, and tries to read it. Upon returning to Earth, Jackson begins displaying symptoms of schizophrenia (from an invading parasite), which, it is eventually discovered, is a creation of Ma'Chello's to destroy the Goa'uld.

Doctor Warner Kevin McNulty
Doctor MacKenzie Eric Schneider

Learning Curve

The SG-1 team visits a planet where the society's highly intelligent minds of the children are 'drained' by the elders, so that they can learn how to defend themselves against the Goa'uld. Jack is repelled by this idea, and "kidnaps" Merrin, a twelve year old genius, to show her the fun behind a normal life.

Kalan Andrew Arlie
Merrin Brittney Irvin
Tomin Lachlan Murdoch
Solen Stephanie Shea
Mrs Struble Diane Stapley

Point Of View

Doctor Samantha Carter and Major Kawalsky emerge from an alternate Earth using the mirror device that Daniel found a year before. In their universe, the Goa'uld have just successfully invaded Earth while the last survivors fled through their Stargate. This version of Sam is also grieving for the death of her husband - Jack O'Neill.

Major Charles Kawalsky Jay Acovone
Apophis Peter Williams
Jaffa Ty Olsson
SF Guard Tracy Westerholm

Deadman Switch

The SG-1 team are trapped and captured by a bounty hunter who, at the moment, is in the employ of a Goa'uld System Lord. But with the smaller prize tucked safely away, the hunter tries to capture a rival System Lord and is wounded. So he decides he needs some help on the hunt…some help with no choice but to agree.

Bok Sam J Jones


Exploring an unusual European Christian settlement still stuck in the Middle Ages, the team find it threatened by another of the Unas (last seen in Thor's Hammer), playing the willing demon to a Satan-like Goa'uld. O'Neill must attempt to negotiate with a hostile settlement leader or face being chained up as a potential Goa'uld host.

Simon David McNally
Mary Laura Mennell
Canon Alan C Peterson

Rules Of Engagement

Prior to his death, Apophis set up an American-style boot camp on one of his occupied worlds to mimic the SG team's methods of operation. The troops there, completely subject to Apophis' will are being trained to behave totally like Earth's humans. How can O'Neill convince them that their god is dead?

Apophis Peter Williams
"Captain Kyle Rodgers" Aaron Craven
"Captain Nelson" Dion Johnstone
Private Jesse Moss

Forever In A Day

A taskforce of SG teams fights a pitched battle to free Abadonians who are still being held as slaves. During the battle Daniel finds his wife, Sha're (last seen in Secrets), in command of the Goa'uld forces, and she immediately tries to kill him. When Daniel wakes up in the SG Command hospital, he finds his wife is dead, and is shown the body. But when he wakes up next time, there seems to be a second, different version of events.

Sha're Vaitiare Bandera
Kasuf Erick Avari
Rothman Jason Shombing

Past And Present

The team encounter the entire population of a world which is suffering from amnesia. Daniel meets a woman named Ke'ra with whom he sees the chance of a new life of happiness, but her forgotten past conceals a murderous secret.

Ke'ra Orner Jason Gray-Stanford
Mayris Marya Delver

Jolinar's Memories (Part 1 of 2)

Sokar has captured Sam's father, and the Tok'ra contact SG-1 in order to raise a rescue party. In what appears to be a bit of a one-way mission, the team get themselves stranded on a hellish planet where they haven't yet managed to find the one way off. An uprising seems to be their key to escaping at last - until the leader reveals his scarred face... 

Apophis Peter Williams
Martouf J R Bourne
Jacob Carter Carmen Argenziano
Aldwin William de Vry
Bynarr Bob Dawson

The Devil You Know (Part 2 of 2)

Apophis tortures the SG team one by one as Solkar prepares his attack on the System Lords. Teal'c is forced by the Tok'ra to assist in delivering a bomb to the centre of the hell planet which ultimately allows his colleagues to escape. It also destroys one evil Goa'uld overlord only for another to take his place.

(Cast as before)


The team returns home to find that the base has apparently been taken over by hostile aliens masquerading as base staff. Carter manages to escape, unsure if she is hallucinating or not, and the only help she can find is the unlikable Colonel Maybourne.

Colonel Maybourne Tom McBeath
Major Davis Colin Cunningham
Colonel Brogen Richard Leacock
Sergeant Siler Dan Shea
Sergeant Warren Colin Lawrence
Alien Leader Alex Zahara
Second Alien Dion Johnstone


Naveem (from the Season 1 episode, Enigma) turns up to invite the team to a trial. Skaara, under the control of the Goa'uld Klorel, has crash-landed on their planet and is to be tried to see which of the two lifeforms inhabiting the body should be allowed to have sole occupancy. The Nox female, Lya, has agreed to be the neutral arbiter. If he wins his case, it could be good news for Skaara.

Skaara/Klorel Alexis Cruz
Narim Garwin Sanford
Lya Frida Betrani
High Chancellor Travell Marie Stillin
Zipacna Kevin Durand


The team go missing for fifteen hours and when they walk though the gate, thinking everything is fine, they are found to each have an implant in their brain. Urgo, the "physical" representation of the implant, is a construct designed to record new experiences through its hosts. Urgo might have a mind of its own, however.

Urgo/Togar Dom DeLuise

A Hundred Days

On the fertile planet of Edora, SG1 have established friendly relations with a colony of ex-Earth humans. O'Neill shares a mutual, and muted, attraction with Laira, a widow with a young son. While watching the annual meteor show, the team realise that there is a danger of ground strike, and that the colony may well be destroyed in the process. They manage to evacuate most of the villagers but O'Neill, Laira and a few others are trapped when the Stargate is hit and apparently totally destroyed. Can O'Neill learn to deal with his enforced new life?

Laira Michelle Greene
Garan Shane Meier
Naytha Julie Patzwald
Paynan Marcel Maillard

Shades of Grey

During a failed technology exchange meeting with the Tolin, O'Neill steals some of their technology. The resulting scandal at SG Command forces him to retire, and he is recruited by the odious Colonel Maybourne into the organisation seem briefly in the episode Touchstone. They are using the second Earth Stargate (located by SG1 in Solitudes) to steal whatever alien technology that they think will serve Earth's needs, and O'Neill must put a stop to their activities.

Colonel Maybourne Tom McBeath
Colonel Makepeace Steve Makaj
Travell Marie Stillin
Major Newman Christian Bocher

New Ground

The SG-1 team arrive on the planet Bedrosia where two cultures have been at war over their opposed beliefs regarding the Stargate. An archaeologist, Nyan, explains to them that their arrival through the Stargate proves that the belief of his rival culture is true and that humans were brought through a gateway. The team's arrival is detected by the Bedrosian military and the team must attempt to survive torture and potential execution as spies.

Nyan Richard Ian Cox
Reigar Daryl Shuttleworth
Parcy Desiree Zuroski
Mallin Jennifer Copping
Technician Bill Nikolai
Soldier Finn Michael

Maternal Instinct

Bra'tac arrives pleading for medical assistance, his dying Jaffa apprentice accompanying him. He announces that his and Teal'c's home of Chulak was brutally attacked by Apophis. Daniel deduces that Apophis is searching for the Harsesis, the child Apophis fathered with Sha're/Amaunet. Travelling to the legendary planet Kheb,  Bra'tac and SG-1 race to find the child before Apophis gets there in force.

Bra'tac Tony Amendola
Monk Terry Chen
Moac Aaron Douglas
Major Coburn Steve Bacic
Jaffa Commander D Harlan Cutshall
Oma Desala Carla Boudreau

Crystal Skull

Daniel Jackson is fascinated to discover a huge Mayan-style pyramid with a glowing crystal skull at its centre. The skull appears to be identical to one his grandfather, Nicholas Ballard, found in Belize in 1971. The team travels to the planet to investigate. Daniel approaches the crystal skull as it activates, and somehow becomes invisible. The team return home, not knowing Daniel is still with them, and recruit Daniel's grandfather to discover what happened.

Nick Jan Rubes
Robert Rothman Jason Schombing
Sergeant Siler Dan Shea
Psychiatrist Russell Roberts
Technician Daniel Bacon
Nurse Tracy Jacquie
Survelliance SF Janeen Westerholm

Nemesis (Part 1 of 2)

While preparing for some leave, O'Neill is transported to an Asgard vessel in orbit. O'Neill discovers a weakened Thor, who tells him that mechanical insectoids which are infesting the ship are an artificial organism called replicators. The effects of the replicators reaching Earth would be devastating. O'Neill orders the SGC to gather a large amount of explosives that he will transport up. The SG-1 team, of course, travel with the explosives against O'Neill's orders. They have little time to formulate a plan to outwit the replicators and destroy the ship before it reaches Earth, hopefully finding a way to save themselves in the process.

Major Davis Colin Cunninghan
Technician Guyle-Lee Frazier


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