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Season Six

Redemption (Part 1)

Jonas Quinn (the young scientist from Season Five's Meridian) is suddenly a member of the SGC, although he hasn't yet been assigned to a specific team. Elsewhere, Teal'c's wife is dead and their son blames his absent father for the loss. Conditions for the rebel Jaffar are poor, and some questions about the validity of the rebellion are being asked. A wormhole opens up at SGC, but with nothing incoming it should close down. It doesn't, and it appears Anubis has begun his first direct attack on Earth.

Jonas Quinn (intro) Corin Nemec
Bra'tac Tony Amendola
Rya'c Neil Denis
Doctor Larry Murphy Christopher Kennedy
Doctor Rodney McKay David Hewlett
Colonel Chekov Garry Chalk
Anubis David Palffy
Sergeant Siler Dan Shea
Lieutenant Graham Simmons Tobias Mehler
Shaq'rel Aleks Paunovic
Hagman Ivan Cermak

Redemption (Part 2)

Teal'c is attending his wife's funeral, unaware that he is Earth's last hope. He, Bra'tac, and Rya'c, Teal'c's son, mount an attack on one of Anubis' bases. When two of them are captured the situation begins to look desperate. Jonas manages to provide half a solution, and is drawn into the SG-1 team, if only to prevent the spare slot being handed over to a Russian.

(Cast as before)


A salvage operation goes wrong, trapping the team in a Goa'uld mothership. Jonas, having experience his first taste of space flight, finally stops grinning for long enough to come up with another solution. It transpires that Thor's consciousness is trapped inside the ship's data core, and rescuing it is a priority. That, and not drowning, of course. (The series now starts with a new, go-faster opening sequence. This replaces the classy expanding view of the Stargate with one that is detrimental to any appearance of quality.) 

Jacob Carter / Selmak Carmen Argenziano
Major Davis Colin Cunningham
Doctor Friesen John Shaw
Lieutenant Dagwood Peter DeLuise


SG-1 visits their Antarctica research base, where a team of scientists have discovered an apparently human woman trapped in ice. Defrosted, she brings herself to life and Jonas tries to communicate with her. Then the scientists and team start to sicken, and it seems the woman is the carrier of a virus. She can cure some of those who are sick, but at a very high price. (The actor who played Doctor Osbourne was better known for his role as one of the Lone Gunmen in The X-Files.)

Ayiana Ona Grauer
Doctor Francine Michaels Venus Terzo
Doctor Osbourne Bruce Harwood
Thoran Dorian Harewood
Doctor Woods Paul Perri


O'Neill is still with the Tok'ra while they try to find a new host for his symbiote. The remainder of SG-1 investigate a research scientist who disappeared after he phoned Sam during the night. When they find the townspeople where he lived are acting very strangely, they also discover a cloning experiment linked to Adrian Conrad's symbiote.

Sheriff Knox Blu Mankuma
Agent Cross Vincent Gale
Dark Haired Man Michael Eklund
Doctor Richard Flemming Peter Anderson
Special Ops Sergeant Adrian Holmes
Townspeople Scott McNeil and Carin Moffat
Antagonistic Bar Patron Dave "Squatch" Ward
Barkeep/Agent Singer Sean Tyson
Delivery Woman Christie Wilkes


O'Neill and his symbiote have taken themselves off on a rescue mission and have been captured. Now, no one knows where they are, and a Goa'uld is torturing O'Neill to death, over and over.

Doctor Daniel Jackson Michael Shanks
Ba'al Cliff Simon
Thoran Dorian Harewood
Shallan Ulla Fris
Jaffa Commander Patrick Gallagher

Shadow Play

Jonas Quinn begs the Pentagon for help. His own people want to put Daniel's death behind them and establish trade contacts with Earth. But, in exchange for vital naquadria, they need weapons to start a "defensive" war. Jonas' old friend and mentor seems determined to stop the Government, but is there really a coup ready to start, or is Doctor Kieran simply seeing what he wants to see?

Doctor Kieran Dean Stockwell
First Minister Valis Joel Swetow
Commander Hale Doug Abrahams
Ambassador Dreylock Gillian Barber
Resistance Leader Roby Daly
Kelownan Soldier Paul Schele
Kelownan Aide Susie Wickstead

The Other Guys

A Goa'uld lord captures SG-1 while they are baby-sitting a group of bumbling scientists. Unfortunately, the scientists decide to mount a rescue mission by "invading" a Goa'uld mothership. They are not to know that SG-1 don't actually need rescuing, and that being captured was part of the plan. At least, until the plan goes awry, and then when they really do need rescuing the job is down to two middle-aged and unfit would-be heroes who can't agree with each other on any subject. (John Billingsley was much better known at the time of transmission as Doctor Flox, of the crew of Star Trek: Enterprise.)

Doctor Jay Felger Patrick McKenna
Doctor Simon Coombs John Billingsley
Khonsu Adam Harrington
Her'ak Michael Adamthwaite
Dol'ok Martin Sims
Meyers Randy Schooley
Big Jaffa Michael Daingerfield


An invisible assassin goes on a killing spree at the Alpha Site, the SGC's off-Earth base, a world unknown to the Goa'uld. Another Tok'ra base has fallen, so the Site is awash with refugee Tok'ra, mingling uncomfortably with rebel Jaffa. When things start going wrong, tensions quickly rise. O'Neill has to prevent the alliance falling apart and prove that an outsider is to blame for the deaths.

Jacob Carter/Selmak Carmen Argenziano
Bra'tac Tony Amendola
Rak'nor Obi Ndefo
Malek Peter Stebbings
Artok Link Baker
Major Pierce Rob Lee
Ocker Kimani Ray Smith
SG Guard Herbert Duncanson
Ashrak Dan Payne


The team make first contact with a civilisation which can offer one very vital discovery in return for Earth's support - a cure for all human ailments. As usual, all is not as it seems. These people have a Goa'uld queen which they are "milking" for offspring. It is from these offspring that the cure is produced. But the queen is dying and a Tok'ra visit uncovers an even more amazing secret. (Gwynyth Walsh had been a semi-regular on the later seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation.)

Malek Peter Stebbings
Dollen Malcolm Stewart
Kebnaa/Egeria Gwynyth Walsh
Doctor Zenna Valk Allison Hossack
Commander Tegar Daryl Shuttleworth
Pangar Sentries Trevor Havixbeck and Andrew Moxham

Prometheus (Part 1 of 2)

A rogue reporter threatens to expose a top-secret military project. Once strings have been pulled and the highest level and the story is contained, Carter and Jonas have to give the reporter, her boss and their camera team a guided tour of the Prometheus, an Earth-made hyperdrive ship which is nearing completion. But the camera team are agents of Colonel Simmons, and they will destroy the ship if he isn't freed.

Voice of Thor Michael Shanks
Colonel Frank Simmons John DeLancie
Adrian Conrad Bill Marchanct
Al Martell George Wyner
Smith Ian Tracey
Julia Donovan Kendall Cross
Jones Enid-Raye Adams
Sanderson Jason Gaffney
Technical Sergeant Catherine Lough Haggquist
Reynolds Kyle Cassie
SF Sergeant Gibson Todd Hann
SF Sergeant Finney Colby Johannson

Unnatural Selection (Part 2 of 2)

After having defeated Simmons' agents, the team find themselves on a completely deserted planet with only a set of humanoids who turn out to be highly evolved replicators. They have to resort to trickery to escape, fooling one replicator into believing they will help him when O'Neill's plan is to freeze them all in eternity.

The Voice of Thor Michael Shanks
First Ian Buchanan
Fifth Patrick Currie
Second Kristina Copeland
Fourth Rebecca Robbins
Third Tahmoh Penkett
Jones Shannon Powell
Sixth Jason Gaffney
Sergeant Siler Dan Shea

Sight Unseen

SG-1 have problems with an ancient artefact. Jonas starts seeing giant alien insects on the base and everyone puts it down to stress. Then others start seeing the insects and it proves that touching the artefact has unleashed a kind of visual virus. Now the team have to find a cure, quarantine half the local US state, inoculate everyone, and locate a missing ex-army man who, as well as being a carrier of the virus, is also paranoid about officials.

Vernon Sharpe Jody Racicot
Mrs Sharpe Betty Linde
Guardsman Michael Karl Richards
Hitchhike Driver Raimund Stamm
Flight Attendant Jennifer Steede
Annoyed Passenger Jacob Chaos
Spooked Driver Brad Dryborough
Commissary Airman Jacquie Janzen
Screaming Woman Katina Robillard

Smoke and Mirrors

Senator Kinsey is assassinated by Colonel O'Neill. At least, that's how it looks from the surveillance pictures. The real O'Neill returns from a holiday to be arrested. Carter and SG-1, desperate to prove O'Neill's innocence, uncover an NID splinter group which is profiting from alien technology. Carter, together with an NID internal investigator, track down the conspirators and put an end to their plans. Unfortunately, Kinsey is very much alive, and insists on a public display of thanks to O'Neill and his team that he insists will get him into the White House.

Senator Kinsey Ronny Cox
Major Davis Colin Cunningham
Agent Barrett Peter Flemming
Agent Devlin Jon Cuthbert
Doctor Langham Peter Kelamis
Luther John Mann
Area 51 Technician Yvonne Myers
Reporter Mi-Jung Lee
Leo James Michalopoulos
Committee Members L Harvey Gold, Don MackKay and Dale Wilson

Paradise Lost

O'Neill and Maybourne  get themselves stuck on a deserted, but very green and pleasant moon, thanks to Maybourne's sneaky ulterior motives. O'Neill's day started so well, enjoying a fishing trip, before Maybourne talked his way onto an SG-1 mission to examine some kind of alien transporter. Maybourne tricks Carter and makes his escape to the deserted moon, but reckons without O'Neill tagging along. They find they are trapped there for at least a month, and something on the moon is making them more and more paranoid.

Colonel Harry Maybourne Tom McBeath
Doctor Lee Bill Dow
Sergeant Siler Dan Shea


The Russian SG team bring back an unauthorised guest. The man is a member of a race which is being experimented upon by Nirrti (last mentioned in Season 5's Rite of Passage). SG-1 are persuaded to go to their rescue, but they reckon without the full knowledge of Nirrti's work. They find themselves imprisoned by the people they came to rescue, and subjected to some highly dangerous gene experiments by Nirrti herself.

Nirrti Jacqueline Samuda
Lieutenant Colonel Evanov Raoul Gaveev
Wodan Dion Johnstone
Eggar Alex Zahara
Alebran Alex Rae
Jaffa Commander Dan Payne
Lieutenant Rush Jacquie Janzen


With events both on and off Earth reaching the point where the planet is gaining considerable extraterrestrial attention, the decision is finally taken to reveal a few secrets to the USA's major world partners and rivals. The Stargate programme is revealed to ambassadors from Britain, France and China, with some help from Thor, but some explaining must be done to defend the fact that it is the US military which is in almost sole control of the programme.

Voice of Thor Michael Shanks
Senator Kinsey Ronny Cox
Major Paul Davis Colin Cunningham
Colonel Chekov Garry Chalk
British Ambassador Martin Evans
Chinese Ambassador Francois Chau
French Ambassador Paul Batten
Russian Aide Olga Tot


The team try to help a small spaceship crew which has been stranded on a fertile but uninhabited planet. The crew, now numbering three, have apparently been hunted by an alien species which has killed eight of their number. During a fresh attack, which SG-1 help to fend off, the woman crewmember is injured and is taken to the SGC for treatment in Jonas' company. O'Neill goes hunting for the remaining alien and discovers he is the real captain of the crashed vessel, and the Hebridean-descended humans are criminals being transported for trial.

Aden Corso Martin Cummins
Warrick Dion Johnstone
Liam Pender David Paetkau
Tanis Reynard Sarah Deakins
Second Alien Trevor "Grizz" Jones
Seberus Crewman Bruce Dawson

The Changeling

An experiment traps Teal'c in a dreamlike fantasy (in a fine story written by Christopher Judge himself). He is in reality "T", a fireman, married to the beautiful Shauna (Teal'c's now deceased wife, last seen in the episode Crossroads), and who is about to give a kidney to his father-in-law to save his life. But strange visions of another life are haunting him. During those visions that life seems very real to him, and he is becoming haunted by them, unable to tell after a time which version of his life is real. It transpires that Teal'c is seriously injured after he has saved Bra'tac's life, this following a battle in which their rebel Jaffar had been ambushed and defeated.

Doctor Daniel Jackson Michael Shanks
Shaun'auc/Shauna Musetta Vander
Bra'tac/Brae Tony Amendola
Apophis Peter Williams
Jacob Carter/Selmak Carmen Argenziano
Firefighter John Ulmer
Nurse Gianna Patton


Testing the Prometheus, SG-1 is on board with the ship's first real crew to lend their expertise in its function. There is a hyperdrive malfunction which leaves them stranded in space, many light years from Earth, and they manage to reach a nearby planet to look for help. After a tricky introduction they start to search the planet for its lost Stargate. They also find a society with a short history preceded by an unrecorded dark age during which the people were slaves of Hera-Ur. A dangerous period of uncertainty follows as elements within the controlling government vie for their people's future direction. Will the planet's reactionary forces put a stop to the search for the gate?

Colonel William Renson John Novak
Ashwan Robert Foxworth
Kalfas Miguel Ferandes
Major Erin Gant Ingrid Kavelaars
Tarek Solamon Alex Diakunas
Navigator Ray Galletti


Jonas is having visions of the future, snippets of scenes that then happen in reality a few minutes later. SG-1 is considering freeing the humans of a mining outpost. They are under the control of a Goa'uld who is involved in a power struggle. When the situation gets sticky for the embattled SG-1 and 15 teams, Jonas finds himself trying to help out with accurately interpreted visions while delaying an operation to remove the growth in his brain which could kill him.

Ellori Thomas Kopache
Chazen Tom Scholte
Lord Mot Victor Talmadge
Natania Sarah Edmondson
Major Pierce Rob Lee
Sina Johannah Newman
Sergeant Siler Dan Shea
Sendear Brendan McClarty

Full Circle

Daniel pops up with a vital mission for O'Neill. SG-1 have to visit Abydos to prevent Anubis gaining a powerful relic of Ra's. Daniel discovers that the people to whom he now belongs are the Ancients themselves - a long-vanished race of humanoids whose civilisation spanned the galaxy. They were threatened by a plague, so the surviving members ascended to a higher plane of existence, and now follow a policy of non-intervention. SG-1 is trapped by Anubis' forces, Skaara is mortally wounded, and he is helped to ascend. Anubis turns out to be a partially ascended Ancient, and Daniel is prevented by Oma from stopping Anubis in his destruction of Abydos. O'Neill is heartened to discover that Oma ascended the planet's entire population.

Doctor Daniel Jackson Michael Shanks
Skaara Alexis Cruz
Anubis David Palffy
Yu Vince Crestejo
Tobay Sean Amsing
Her'ak Michael Adamthwaite
Abydonian Elder Veena Sood
Abydonians Darryl Scheeler, Terrance Leigh, Ahmad Sharmrou and Rene Van Hullebush
Jaffa Brad Kelly, Mike Roselli, Ernest Jackson, Shawn Stewart and John Ulmer


All details are trademarked and copyrighted by their respective producers. All character and location names are also copyright. No infringement of any copyright is intended.