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Season Four

Small Victories (Part 2 of 2)

Samantha Carter, stuck off-planet for days while the destroyed Stargate was replaced with the Number 2 backup, has gained a sexy new hairstyle. Teal’c has something blond and fuzzy stuck to his chin, but on the whole the SG-1 team have survived their near death experience rather well. Sam then goes on to save an Asgaard world by destroying their glittering new starship, the O'Neill

Major Davis Colin Cunninghan
Sergeant Siler Dan Shea

The Other Side

The SGC is contacted by Alar, a representative of Euronda, whose people are under attack and in need of help. General Hammond sends SG-1 on a  mission to deliver food and medical supplies. However, once O'Neill meets Alar and sees the militaristic set-up, he finds he has to start questioning his host's motives.

Alar Rene Auberjonois
Farrell Anne Marie Loder
Sergeant Siler Dan Shea


SG-1 are volunteered as guinea pigs when the Tok'ra discover some ancient armbands. They are reputed to give the wearer incredible speed and power. The Tok'ra anthropologist, the abrasive Anise, oversees the project, without seeming to be too concerned about the potential human cost. The SG team discover their newfound abilities start to influence their decisions when they embark on a mission to destroy Apophis' new mothership. 

Anise Vanessa Angel
Waitress Kristina Copeland
Technicians Bill Nokolai and Laara Sadiq
Jaffa Commander Fraser Attcheson
Jaffa Shawn Reis


An old acquaintance of Teal'c's arrives through the Stargate with information that could prove vital in the fight against the Goa'uld. It seems Shan'Auc can communicate with her symbiote and has persuaded it to be nice. The Tok'ra catch onto the symbiote's trick, but will they tell anyone in time to save Teal'c's rediscovered love?

Anise/Freya Vanessa Angel
Shan'auc Musetta Vander
Hebron/Tanith Peter Winfield
Cronus Ron Hadler
Ronac Sean Millington

Divide & Conquer

At a meeting with the Tok'ra to discuss the signing of a treaty with Earth, one of the human representatives suddenly opens fire with a weapon he should not have, targeting the Tok'ra leader before killing himself. It seems some SG team members have been captured and brainwashed by the Goa'uld. Anise leads the process to try and root out any further brainwashees, and admits that she fancies a suspected O'Neill. To clear himself, O'Neill has to admit his own strong feelings for Carter, discovered during Upgrades, while Martouf has to make a sacrifice to preserve the Earth-Tok'ra Alliance.

Anise/Freya Vanessa Angel
Martouf J R Bourne
High Councilor Per'sus Andrew Jackson
Lieutenant Astor Kirsten Robek
Major Graham Phillip Mitchell
"The US President" Roger Allford
Technician Bill Nikolai

Window Of Opportunity

An inquisitive archaeologist who is working with SG-1 activates a time loop in which O'Neill and Teal'c relive the same ten hours over and over again. Each time they are fully aware of what has happened but have to explain it in detail to their colleagues. Eventually, they work out a way of progressing through their explanations so that O'Neill can find a solution, but before this happens he resigns, plays a few tricks, takes a physics course, and snogs Sam Carter. An episode with a great deal of humour. 

Malakai Robin Mossley
Sergeant Siler Dan Shea


The Russians have managed to salvage the original Stargate which was lost in Small Victories. They have also managed to dial out to a water world only to find that they could not close the connection. Now their SG base has cut communications with the outside world. Doctor Markov is charged with the task of bringing in SG-1 to investigate. Together they find a dead base crew and living water which just wants to get back home.

Colonel Maybourne Tom McBeath
Doctor Markov Marina Sirtis

The First Ones

Studying the planet from which the Goa'uld symbiotes first originated, a young aboriginal Unas (as seen in Demons) kidnaps Daniel as part of his hunting initiation. These Unas have learnt to defend themselves against symbiote attacks, but that doesn't mean the chasing SG personnel are safe. A reoccurring character pays for this with his life.

Chaka Dion Johnstone
Rothman Jason Schombing
Major Hawkins Barry Levy
Captain Griff Russell Ferrier
Major Coburn Steve Bacic
Pierce Rob Lee

Scorched Earth

O'Neill is helping the Encarrons to settle on a new, verdant planet. A month into their settlement a huge space vessel is spotted on the horizon. From it a sheet of flame is sterilizing the ground and seeding it with new genetic information. The ship is slowly moving towards the settlement with the clear intention of terraforming the entire planet. Daniel must negotiate a solution which suits both sides, and finds one of them a new home.

Lotan Brian Markinson
Hedrazar Marilyn Norry
Eliam Alessandro Juliani
Caleb Rob Court
Nikka Nikki Smook

Beneath The Surface

The team find themselves working in an alien underground power station with no memory of their former lives. Over the course of their work and various minor events, memories start to reappear and they start questioning their surroundings. Teal'c is ill because of his own conditioning, while Jack and Sam remember their feelings for one another (an increasingly familiar event for them). Eventually they foment rebellion amongst their power station colleagues.

Captain Griff Russell Ferrier
Workers Jason Griffith and Bruce Campbell
With: Alison Matthews, Kim Hawthorne, Laurie Murdoch

Point Of No Return

O'Neill meets bespectacled, balding UFO nut Martin Lloyd, who is in possession of a Stargate address. He is being watched by a group who are wary of aliens, and to prove it they take Carter and Daniel prisoner and interrogate them. It appears that the group is on the run from an interstellar war, and just want to hide out on Earth.

Martin Lloyd Willie Garson
Doctor Peter Tanner Robert Lewis
Group Leader Matthew Bennett
Bob Mar Andersons
Sergeant Peters Francis Boyle


A test flight of a hybrid Earth-Goa'uld glider goes wrong, sending Teal'c and O'Neill hurtling into space. General Carter gets involved in a good old fashioned space rescue saga.

General Vidrine Steven Williams
Jacob Carter Carmen Argenziano
Major Davis Colin Cunnigham
Voice of Apophis Peter Williams

The Serpent's Venom

Teal'c is back home on Chulak, on a mission to recruit more Jaffar to fight the System Lords, but he is betrayed and taken captive. His Goa'uld captor, Heru-Ur, has him tortured as a lesson to the rest of his subjects. The rest of SG-1 have teamed up with General Carter in order to tamper with a space mine. The idea is to explode the mine when Apophis shows up to a secret meeting and have him fight what could otherwise be a powerful ally - Heru-Ur. However, Apophis surprises everyone with his own plans to betray his would-be ally.

Jacob Carter Carmen Argenziano
Rak'Nor Obi Ndefo
Terok Paul Koslo
Apophis Peter Williams
Heru-Ur Douglas H Arthurs
Ma'Kar Art Kitching
Technician Daniel Bacon

The Curse

Daniel's old archaeology professor is killed in an apparently accidental laboratory explosion. Daniel attends the funeral and meets up with an old flame. He becomes drawn to some of the Egyptian artefacts the professor was studying, and discovers a Goa'uld connection. The rest of SG-1 get leave time but are quickly involved in the problem of a 10,000 year-old Goa'uld which has found a new host.

Sarah/Osiris Anna-Louise Plowman
Steven Ben Bass
Curator Lorena Gale
Sergeant Siler Dan Shea
Doctor Jordan David Abbott

Chain Reaction

The entire SG Command is shocked by the sudden retirement of General Hammond. His replacement is clearly not well suited to the complexities of Stargate command, and O'Neill realises he may have to get his hands dirty to sort out the problem. His first port of call is Maybourne, who is now in prison. Released into O'Neill's custody, the pair track down a high level NID connection in Senator Kinsey, and gain some leverage along the way. O'Neill has to decide if blackmail is the way to solve things.

Major General Bauer Lawrence Dane
Senator Kinsey Ronny Cox
Colonel Maybourne Tom McBeath
Sergeant Siler Dan Shea
Kinsey's Wife Patti Allan
Maid Gina Stockdale
Reporters Mark Pawson and Norma Jean Wick
Aide Jacquie Janzen


Set a decade into the future, the former SG-1 team re-evaluate the benevolent domination of Earth by the Ashen, advanced aliens who made an agreement to protect Earth a decade earlier. Apparently unable to conceive, Sam Carter discovers that she has been made sterile by the Ashen. As much as ninety per cent of the world's population is also sterile. It seems the Ashen are controlling human population levels downwards towards extinction.

President Kinsey Ronny Cox
Joe Christopher Cousins
Mowlam Dion Luther
Sergeant Walter Davies Gary Jones
Guide Linnea Johnson

Absolute Power

The team notice a change in Daniel after he is re-united with Shifu, the Harsesis. Daniel is being taught a lesson in how dangerous is the Goa'uld knowledge Shifu holds as he lives a dream of world domination.

Shifu Lane Gates
Apophis Peter Williams
Kasuf Erick Avari
General Vidrine Steven Williams
Major Davis Colin Cunningham
Aldwyn William de Vry

The Light

A young officer commits suicide by jumping into the path of an opening Stargate wormhole. Daniel is studying a Goa'uld palace which has within it a room containing an emitted stream of light. Anyone who sees this is captivated... and addicted. It transpires that the addiction causes withdrawal symptoms that are ultimately fatal if the subject is removed from the palace. The entire SG-1 team have been affected.

Loran Kristian Ayre
Sergeant Barber Link Baker


Carter tries to motivate rebellious young cadet Jennifer Hailey by taking her through the Stargate. O'Neil is playing nanny to a survey team which is led by an arrogant scientist. He manages to meet and infuriate a local energy-based life form which then kills one of his team and attacks the survey base. Carter's cadet gains a broader perspective on the universe and manages to stay alive in the process.

Jennifer Hailey Elizabeth Rosen
Major Griff Russell Ferrier
Doctor Hamilton Hrothgar Mathews
Doctor Lee Bill Dow
General Ryan Himself
Professor Monroe Keith Martin Gordey
General Kerrigan Michael Kopsa
Doctor Thompson Roger Haskett
Cadet Ivon R Bartok


An SGC probe sent through the Stargate connects with a powerful electronic entity which invades the base in the form a computer virus. Sam is infected as the virus tries to protect its existence, and her life is threatened.

Sergeant Siler Dan Shea

Double Jeopardy

Problems arise for the team when an old acquaintance comes looking for help. Harlan duplicated the SG-1 team (in the Season 1 episode, Tin Man), and now his robot team have abandoned him to enjoy their own SG missions. Unfortunately, they have been captured by the Goa'uld Cronus. The real SG1 mount a rescue mission, but one SG team isn't going to make it...

Harlan Jay Brazeau
Cronus Ron Halder
Darian Matthew Harrison
Female Goa'uld Belinda Waymouth
Sindar Bill Croft
Technician Daniel Bacon
Hira Tracey Hway
Juna Warrior Michael Jonsson
Jaffa John DeSantis and Paul Stafford

Exodus (Part 1 of 2)

One benefit from killing Cronus is that the SG team have their own Goa'uld mothership. They loan it to the Tok'ra in exchange for flight training and technical help. The Tok'ra are also moving their Stargate to an un-mapped planet. Apophis is alerted by his spy within the Tok'ra, even though the presence of this spy is already known, and he sends a fleet to intercept the exodus. The Tok'ra plan to destroy the local sun when Apophis arrives, but Teal'c's vendetta against the traitor, Tanith, ends up getting both him and O'Neil into deadly trouble...

Apophis Peter Williams
Jacob Carter/Selmak Carmen Argenziano
Tanith Peter Wingfield
Tok'ra Kirsten Williamson and Anastasia Bandey

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