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Children Of The Gods

Colonel Jack O'Neill is called out of retirement and asked to travel through the Stargate. His mission: rescue Professor Daniel Jackson from the planet Abydos before the military destroys the portal. On Abydos, O'Neill and his crew learn that Jackson has discovered an amazing map that reveals the location of many more Stargates.

Major Charles Kawalsky Jay Acovone
Sha're Vaitiare Bandera
Major Samuels Robert Wisden
Apophis Peter Williams
Major Ferretti Brent Stait
Skaara Alexis Cruz

(27th July 1997)



Season One

The Enemy Within

His body controlled by a parasitic Goa'uld, Major Kawalsky causes chaos when the creature demands to be returned home through the Stargate, a situation which has tragic consequences.

Major Charles Kawalsky Jay Acovone
Doctor Warner Kevin McNulty
Colonel Kennedy Alan Rachins
Young Doctor Warren Takeuchi

(1st August 1997)


The lives of the inhabitants of planet Simarka are changed forever when they trade their pain medication in for SG-1 weapons, and are forced to rethink their view on a woman's role in society when they meet Carter, a "woman like no other."

Turghan Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
Abu Jorge Vargas
Moughal Soon-Tek Oh
Nya Crystal Lo

(8th August 1997)

The Broca Divide

Two Stargate teams encounter a world plagued by a virus that turns intelligent beings into primitive cave people.

Doctor Fraser (intro) Teryl Rothery
High Counsellor Tuplo Gerard Plunkett
Johnson Danny Wattley
Melosha Roxana Phillip

(15th August 1997)

The First Commandment

SG-1 battles a Stargate commander who's set himself up as the god of a planet crippled by dangerous solar radiation.

Captain Jonas Hansen William Russ
Lieutenant Connor Roger R Cross
Jamala Zahf Hajee
Lieutenant Baker Adrian Hughes
Frakes D Neil Mark

(22nd August 1997)

Cold Lazarus

After encountering a strange blue energy crystal which creates a living replica of his son, O’Neill is forced to come to terms with the boy’s death, something for which he blames himself.

Sara O'Neill Harley Jane Kozak
Sara's Father Wally Dalton
Charlie O'Neill Kyle Graham

(29th August 1997)

The Nox

Pressure is applied to the SG team by high ranking government officials, who seek more than just research - they want the concrete gains of acquiring superior technologies. Teal'c leads the SG-1 team to a world where dwells a creature which can make itself invisible. There they meet the Nox, a non-violent race with a mysterious connection to the elusive being.

Anteaus Armin Shimerman
Apophis Peter Williams
Ohper Ray Xifo
Lya Frida Betrani
Secretary of Defence David Swift Terry David Mulligan
Nafrayu Addison Ridge
Shak'l Michasa Armstrong

(12th September 1997)

Brief Candle

The SG-1 team travels to the planet Argos where they meet a human species appropriately known as 'The Chosen,' as they are all attractive, healthy and live in a paradise on the beach. Brought to Argos generations ago by the Goa'uld, but never returned, the crew realises there is something amiss when the population ages dramatically by the day. When O'Neill begins to suffer from ageing at an even more accelerated rate, the SG-1 crew learns that the malady has malevolent origins and they must work fast to save him.

Kynthia Bobbie Phillips
Alekos Harrison Coe
Thetys Gabrielle Miller

(19th September 1997)

Thor's Hammer

The SG-1 team visits the Cimmerians in hopes of learning more about their possible past visits to Earth. Sensing danger upon their arrival, and unable to depart quickly enough, both Teal'c and O'Neill, caught in a protective laser beam, are transported to an underground labyrinth where a holographic image of Thor will determine their fate.

Kendra Galyn Görg
Unas Vincent Hammond
Gairwyn Tamsin Kelsey
Thor Mark Gibbon
Voice of Unas James Earl Jones

(26th September 1997)

The Torment Of Tantalus

In 1945, The US President had authorised experiments on the strange, ring shaped object found in the Egyptian desert seventeen years earlier. The experiments were a failure...or were they? The SG-1 team uncovers the past only to find themselves trapped on an alien world lost millennia ago. Its sole occupant, Earth's first Stargate traveller.

Catherine Langford Elizabeth Hoffman
Ernest Littlefield Keene Curtis
Professor Langford Duncan Fraser
Young Catherine Nancy McClure
Young Ernest Paul McGillion

(3rd October 1997)


Teal'c's past contains a dark secret, which he fears to reveal. But time is running out for his son, and he must return to his home world to find the family he left abandoned when he joined SG-1.

Bra'tac Tony Amendola
Drey-Auc Salli Richardson
Rya'c Neil Denis

(10th October 1997)

Fire And Water

SG-1 returns from their latest assignment minus one member. A tragedy occurs when the team narrowly escapes a sudden volcanic eruption, but witness the death of Daniel Jackson. . . or so they think.

Nem Gerard Plunkett
Doctor McKenzie Eric Schneider

(17th October 1997)


An Egyptian sarcophagus is found deep in a Mayan ruin. It contains an ancient goddess banished to earth by Ra two thousand years ago. She is brought back to life, and is out for revenge on the Goa'uld, with O'Neill as the first new Jaffa in her army.

Hathor Suanne Braun
Doctor Kleinhouse Dave Hurtubise
Doctor Cole Amanda O'Leary

(24th October 1997)


A scientific research missions turns sour as the entire population of a planet is wiped out by a mysterious disease. A lone survivor holds the answer to its cause, as she's become a ticking time bomb set to destroy Earth's Stargate.

Cassandra Katie Stuart
Doctor Warner Kevin McNulty

(31st October 1997)


Teal'c stands trial for killing the father of a Byrsa villager when he was a Jaffa with Apophis.

Hanno David McNally
Apophis Peter Williams
Byrsa Woman Paulina Gillis
Female Elder Christina Jastrzembska
Shak'l Michasa Armstrong

(23rd January 1998)


SG-1 rescues survivors from a doomed planet and seeks to find them asylum before they're imprisoned by the Pentagon.

Omoc Tobin Bell
Narim Garwin Sanford
Colonel Maybourne Tom McBeath
Tuplo Gerard Plunkett
Lya Frida Betrani

(30th January 1998)


O'Neill and Carter face danger when a Stargate malfunction causes them to exit through an unknown Stargate and they are trapped in a glacial crevasse on what appears to be a frigid ice world.

Sergeant Siler Dan Shea

(6th February 1998)

Tin Man

After regaining consciousness, the SG-1 team is devastated to learn that their body organs appear to have been replaced by android technology by the subterranean caretaker of a poisoned planet.

Harlan Jay Brazeau

(13th February 1998)

There But For The Grace Of God

Exploring on his own, Daniel Jackson is pulled into an alternate reality where he sees a helpless Earth being invaded and destroyed by the Goa'uld.

Catherine Langford Elizabeth Hoffman
Marine Stuart O'Connell
News Reader Michael Kopsa

(20th February 1998)


A sceptical Senator conducts hearings into the Stargate Project to determine whether it should be disbanded and the gate buried.

Senator Kinsey Ronny Cox
Lieutenant Colonel Samuels Robert Wisden

(27th February 1998)

Within the Serpent's Grasp (Part 1 of 2)

SG-1 secretly travels to a Goa'uld attack ship where they learn that the Earth is about to be attacked in an all-out assault. Daniel realises that the alternate Universe events he saw in There But For The Grace Of God are about to be repeated.

Apophis Peter Williams
Skaara/Klorel Alexis Cruz
Major Ferretti Brent Stait

(6th March 1998)


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