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Season Five

Enemies (Part 2 of 2)

Apophis' advance leaves SG1 in peril. Trapped by Apophis' mothership on the other side of the galaxy, SG1 and Selmak fight both Goa'uld and spreading Replicators. Teal'c is alive but is convinced that he is Apophis' first prime again. (Canadian actress Jennifer Calvert, playing Ren Au, is well-known to UK audiences through her long role in soap Brookside and a guest appearance in Red Dwarf.)

Jacob Carter/Selmak Carmen Argenziano
Apophis Peter Williams
Councilwoman Ren Au Jennifer Calvert
Jaffa Thomas Milburn and Dean Moen


Teal'c must take part in a dangerous Jaffa ritual to free his brainwashed mind from the late Apophis' grip. Master Bra'tac forces Teal'c to relive the events that lead up to his joining SG1; his doubts about Apophis being a god, and his growing realisation that his whole belief system is false.

Bra'tac Tony Amendola
Apophis Peter Williams
Drey'auc Brook Parker


Whilst on an alien world investigating what may be a superweapon, Carter blacks out. She is brought back to Earth but has been accompanied by a non-corporeal being who takes human form to interact with her at her home. When a spying Colonel Simmons finds out, he intends to capture the alien and then test the weapon, even though it may have led to the destruction of the race which built it. (An indirect sequel to the Season Three episode, Maternal Instinct.)

Orlin Sean Patrick Flannery
Colonel Frank Simmons John DeLancie

The Fifth Man

O'Neil refuses to abandon a new member of SG1 despite the nagging doubts concerning his true identity. No one back at SGC have heard of this new lieutenant, so they detain the SG1 returnees and leave O'Neill trapped under heavy Jaffa fire, with a potential impostor at his back.

Lieutenant Tyler Dion Johnston
Colonel Frank Simmons John DeLancie
Nurse Karen van Blankenstein
Jaffa Brad Kelly, Shawn Stewart and Dario De Iaco

Red Sky

The SG team's badly aligned wormhole causes an ecological disaster which threatens to destroy a friendly planet. The planet is supposedly under the protection of Freya, one of the Asgaard grey aliens), but the Asgaard maintain that to maintain peace with the Goa'uld, they cannot be seen to interfere. The planet's human population refuse to relinquish their belief in Freya and will not leave, preferring death itself.

Elrad Fred Applegate
Malchus John Prosky
Freyr Brain Jensen
Doctor MacLaren Norman Armour

Rite of Passage

Cassandra (from Season 2's In the Line of Duty) develops powers which threaten her future. She is now an awkward teenager living with Janet, her adopted mother, and is changing due to the Goa'uld genetic engineering inflicted on her people. Janet fights to stop the changes but only Goa'uld help can really save Cassandra now.

Cassandra Colleen Rennison
Nirrti Jacqueline Samuda
Dominic Richard de Klerk
Nurse Karen van Blankenstein

Beast of Burden

Daniel takes drastic action when his friend is abducted by slave traders - the Unas who kidnapped and befriended Daniel is now in danger. The traders came armed with a zat gun, so the SG1 team arrange a meeting with them and try to find out more, before staging a slave breakout.

Burrock Larry Drake
Chaka Dion Johnston
Shy Unas Alex Zahara
Big Unas Vince Hammond
Large Unas Wycliffe Hartwig
Boy Noel Callaghan

The Tomb

Before the Russian Stargate was closed down, a special missions team disappeared. Now, SG1 must team up with a four-man-and-woman Russian squad to search and rescue the lost mission. They discover the deliberately entombed body of a Goa'uld who may not be entirely dead after all, as a series of fatalities reveals.

Colonel Kukhov Earl Pastko
Major Vallarin Alexander Kalugin
Lieutenant Marchenko Vitaliy Kravchenko
Lieutenant Tolinev Jennifer Halley
Russian Colonel Garry Chalk

Between Two Fires

The team share their technological secrets with High Chancellor Travell (see the Season Three episode, Pretense), but Jack and Teal'c discover there's a deeper reason for the exchange. Tanith survived Apophis' death and is now working behind the scenes on Tolana. His new, unnamed, master, wants to destroy Earth, but it seems Tolana will fall first.

Narim Garwin Sanford
High Chancellor Travell Marie Stillin
Tanith Peter Wingfield


The team enter a dangerous situation when they meet the Ashen Confederacy. Although they don't know the exact circumstances surrounding the mysterious message from the future (delivered in a possible 2010), they have been indirectly warned to steer clear of the Ashen. Sam is assigned to work with Joe, to whom she is immediately attracted. The Ashen promise help and protection for Earth but Daniel stumbles across a series of past events on one of their other protected worlds that points to more sinister motives.

Joe/The Ambassador Christopher Cousins
President Kinsey Ronny Cox
Mollem Dion Luther

Desperate Measures

O'Neill must track down Carter when she goes missing. Unfortunately it means teaming up with the traitorous ex-Colonel Maybourne, hardly a man to be trusted under any circumstances. Carter faces a barrage of tests to try and discover how to remove the symbiote her kidnappers plan to implant into their multi-millionaire boss. Implantation  will save Adrian Conrad's life but he doesn't wish to remain that way.

Colonel Frank Simmons John DeLancie
Maybourne Tom McBeath
Adrian Conrad Bill Merchant
Doctors Andrew Johnston and Ted Cole
Diana Mendez Carrie Genzel
Guards Robert Manitopyes and Jay Kramer
Assistant Tammy Pentecost
Russian Driver Sasha Piltsin
Russian Roadblock Soldiers Raoul Ganeev and Igor Morozov

Proving Ground

While training a group of unpromising StarGate cadets, O'Neill is forced to take them into a real battle situation when the SGC is infiltrated by the Goa'uld. After failing a mock test in which Daniel pretends to be a Goa'uld infiltrator, the team escape an attempt to arrest them all and discover that everyone on the base has been taken over by Goa'uld Nanites, including Prodigy's Lieutenant Hailey. Or is it another test?

Lieutenant Elliot Courtenay J Stevens
Lieutenant Jennifer Hailey Elisabeth Rosen
Satterfield Grace Park
Grogan David Kopp
General Kerrigan Michael Kopsa

Wormhole X-treme!

Martin, the weedy, bespectacled alien last seen in Point Of No Return has found himself a job. As creative consultant, albeit one who is almost totally ignored on set, he is guiding a new science fiction television series which bears remarkable similarities to real SG life. O'Neil gets involved as Tanner, still controlling Martin, starts to get nasty.

Martin Lloyd Willie Garson
Nick Marlowe / Colonel Danning Michael DeLuise
Director Peter DeLuise
Yolanda Reese / Stacy Monroe Jill Teed
Tanner Robert Lewis
Studio Executive Benjamin Ratner
Raymond Gunne / Doctor Levant Christian Bocher
Agent Malcolm Barrett Peter Flemming
Douglas Anders / Grell Herbert Duncanson
Alien Princess Kiara Hunter

48 Hours

After a firefight which ends Tanith's little reign of terror, Teal'c's return through the Stargate is disrupted. Simmons turns up in the SGC with his own advisor and a forty-eight hour deadline for extracting Teal'c from the Stargate's memory buffer, which is where he is trapped. Otherwise operations will continue, thus wiping the buffer clean. For once, it's ex-Colonel Maybourne to the rescue as O'Neill picks up the most unlikely of allies.

Tanith Peter Wingfield
Colonel Frank Simmons John DeLancie
Maybourne Tom McBeath
Doctor McKay David Hewlett
Major Davis Colin Cunningham
Goa'uld Bill Marchant
Russian Colonel Gary Chalk
Mr Black Jeff Seymour
Sergeant Siler Dan Shea

Summit (Part 1 of 2)

Anubis is Tanith's powerful master, and he is offering an alliance with Osiris (inhabiting the body of Daniel's former girlfriend, last seen in Season 4's The Curse). Tok'ra members Ren Au and Jacob Carter have a plan to catch all the surviving System Lords in one place and wipe them out. Daniel is the key to making the plan work, but his ex-girlfriend is an unexpected complication. Meanwhile, the Tok'ra base comes under heavy attack by Anubis' forces and SG1 are caught up in the action.

Councilwoman Ren Au Jennifer Calvert
Osiris/Sarah Anna-Louise Plowman
Jacob Carter Carmen Argenziano
Lieutenant Elliott Courtney J Stevens
Aldwin William de Vry
Yu Vince Crestejo
Zipacna Kevin Durand

Last Stand (Part 2 of 2)

Daniel Jackson tries to destroy the system lords, but Osiris is a fly in the ointment, and Daniel's emotions get caught up in his actions. Also, Daniel feels he can't simply wipe out the system lords now, because Anubis would be able to walk in and take total control without a fight. The rest of SG1 are faring even worse. The main Tok'ra base has been destroyed, and SG1 is being hunted by Anubis' powerful ground forces.

(Cast as before)

Fail Safe

An asteroid is on a collision course with Earth. The Asgard can't get involved because it is a natural disaster (or soon will be). SG1 rescue General Carter's crashed shuttle and ferry a naquita bomb to the asteroid, intending to blow it off course. It's not that easy, however, as the asteroid appears to have been engineered by the Goa'uld, and SG1 may have to sacrifice themselves to save Earth.

Major Davis Colin Cunningham

The Warrior

A charismatic Jaffa leader, Kytano, tries to rally his people against the Goa'uld, and he seeks to forge an alliance with Earth. Kytano's messianic tendencies and fighting methods raise grave doubts about him in O'Neill's mind. When Teal'c is sent on a possible suicide mission even he begins to doubt.

Kytano Rick Worthy
Bra'tac Tony Amendola
Yu Vince Crestejo
Rak'nor Obi Ndefo
T'arac Kirby Morrow


Exploring the overgrown remains of a destroyed city, SG1 locate a female android of astonishing complexity. When she's brought back to the SGC and reactivated, she seems to have the mind of a child, but her creation of the replicators proved to be the end of her civilisation - and now she threatens to do the same to Earth.

Reese Danielle Nicolet

The Sentinel

The former NID team - jailed for stealing technology from aliens (in the Season 3 episode Shades of Grey) - is needed again. On one of their trips they damaged the Sentinel, an ages-old device which protects the now simple, technologically regressive Tolen from Goa'uld attacks. Using two of the former NID team who are on death row, O'Neill knows time is running out.

Marul Henry Gibson
Grieves Frank Cassini
Kershaw Christina Cox
Grogan David Kopp


Daniel is accidentally exposed to a lethal dose of radiation. Visiting a civilisation with technology level resembling that of Earth's 1940s period, SG1 finds they have unearthed Goa'uld technology and are developing it in a prototype bomb which they hope will protect them against their own Cold War enemies. Their experiments go awry and Daniel saves their capital city from being destroyed, but at a high cost. As he slowly and painfully dies, Oma (from Season 3's Maternal Instinct) guides him to a new existence.

Jonas Quinn Corin Nemec
Jacob Carter Carmen Argenziano
Oma Desala Mel Harris


Osiris (seen previously in the episode Last Stand) now has a ship that is capable of taking on low-level Asgaard vessels. She captures Thor, and, with Daniel gone, a depleted SG1 mounts a rescue mission. Anubis, though, has access to new technology which may prevent the mission from succeeding. The situation becomes more critical when it is revealed that the Asgaard have a secret laboratory which houses the last genetically untampered Asgaard, and that the race will die without these specimens being preserved.

Osiris Anna-Louise Plowman
Anubis David Palffy
Jaffa P J Johal, Shaker Paleja and Martin Sims


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