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Season Seven

Fallen (Part 1 of 2)

Michael Shanks returns regularly to the role of Daniel as his character is ejected from the ascendants due to his interference in the destruction of Abydos. Initially without any memory of who he is, Daniel is discovered by SG-1 while they are searching for a stronghold of the Ancients. With his help, they mount an attack on Anubis and his new superweapon.

Jonas Quinn Corin Nemec
Lord Yu Vince Crestejo
Oshu Kevan Ohtsji
Shamda George Touliatos
Herak Michael Adamthwaite
Reynolds Eric Breker
Khordib Raahul Singh

Homecoming (Part 2 of 2)

Anubis prepares to attack Jonas Quinn's home planet of Kelowna, with the aim of stealing its stock of naquadria. The planet is in deadly peril, until Teal'c's temporary arrangement with the Goa'uld sees a fleet of motherships attack Anubis and destroy his last remaining vessel. It took the threat of world enslavement to bring the disparate nations of Kelowna together, and now they welcome Jonas back to help forge a new planetary peace. Daniel, quickly recovering from his ordeal, rejoins SG-1.

Jonas Quinn Corin Nemec
Anubis David Palffy
Ba'al Cliff Simon
Commander Hale Douglas Abrahams
Ambassador Dreylock Gillian Barber
Ambassador Noor Glynis Davies
Ambassador Sevarin Jan Bos

Fragile Balance

A teenage boy breaks into Stargate Command, claiming to be O'Neill. After extensive tests, it seems he's telling the truth, but then he has to get used to the fact that his body is dying. It seems there is a rogue Asgard who has been experimenting on cloning techniques, and help is needed to stop him.

Jacob Carter/Selmak Carmen Argenziano
Young Colonel O'Neill Michael Welch
Lt Colonel Beck Gregory Bennett
Werner Tom Heaton
Pamela Poppi Reiner
Zyang Wu Ed Hong-Louie
Interpreter Theresa Lee


Daniel has a flashback which prompts a rescue mission to save Teal'c's son, Rya'c, and Master Bra'tac from Goa'uld enslavement. Teal'c is struggling with his own confidence, which was severely dented when he lost his symbiont, while Bra'tac, also without a symbiont, is living on borrowed time in the prison camp.

Bra'tac Tony Amendola
Ry'ac Neil Denis
Rak'nor Obi Ndefo
Jaffa Commander David Richmond-Peck
Physiotherapist Sheri Noel


The team puzzle over the strange disappearance of the residents of world P3X289, who live beneath a hermetically sealed dome in an otherwise toxic atmosphere. They discover that no one even remembers the missing people, and that those who remain are somehow linked to a computer... which controls their minds.

Pallan Christopher Heyerdahl
Nevin Liam Ranger
Evalla Tiffany Knight
Kendrick Peter LaCroix
Councilwoman Wendy Noel
Councilmen Michael Robinson, Patrick Keating, and Finn Michael


After Daniel's body is taken over by the lifeforces of shipwreck victims, the team struggle to free the victims to save Daniel's life. They find he carries some of the last existing consciousnesses of a race of people fleeing their destroyed homeworld, leaving them with a dilemma.

Pharrin James Parks
Keenin Ryan Drescher
Infimary Nurse Kimberly Unger
Med Team Leader Colin Corrigan
Orderly Rob Hayter

Enemy Mine

Daniel reunites with former comrade Chaka the Unas (last seen in the Season 5 episode, Beast of Burden) when an SGC naquata mining operation runs into trouble when it intrudes onto an Unas sacred burial ground. A Zulu-style attack is threatened on the SGC camp unless a compromise can be reached.

Colonel Edwards Michael Rooker
General Vidrine Steven Williams
Chaka Patrick Currie
Iron Shirt Alex Zahara
Major Lorne Kavan Smith
Lieutenant Menard Michael Shore
Lieutenant Woeste Dean Redman
Lieutenant Ritter Kirk Caouette
Unas Sean Tyson and Wycliff Hartwig

Space Race

A saboteur targets Carter's naquata-powered space cruiser when she enters an interplanetary race  to aid someone in exchange for new technology. (This episode was an indirect sequel to Season 6 episode Forsaken.)

Warrick Alex Zahara
Eamon Patrick Currie
Jarlath Scott MacDonald
Del Tynan Allan Lysell
Muirios Ben Ayres
La'el Montrose Lindsay Maxwell
Hagan Terence Kelly
Taupen Nick Misura
Ardal Hadraig Colin Murdock
Coyle Boron Peter Kelamis
Receptionist Hillary Cooper

Avenger 2.0

Carter helps develop a program to control all of the Stargates. The nerd scientist, Felger (Season 6's The Other Guys), is supposed to be helping her, but instead he manages to disable every single Stargate, and with various SG missions now trapped off-world - some in highly perilous situations - Felger and Carter must mount their own rescue mission.

Doctor Jay Felger Patrick McKenna
Chloe Jocelyne Loewen
Jaffa Jim Dunn, Paul Lazenby, Terrance Leigh, Chris Lozanski,
  James Michaelopolis, Tony Morelli, Terrance Morris, Ron Robinson
  Christopher Sayour
and Sylvester Stuart


Attacked during a rendezvous with a rebel Jaffa, SG1 is rescued by a band of rogue female Jaffa; the Hak'tyl. The group has formed in response to the Goa'uld Moloch's policy of sacrificing female Jaffa so that he can concentrate his efforts on building a powerful army. In the process of trying to introduce tritonin to replace the Jaffa dependency on symbionts, Teal'c finds new romance with the group's leader, Ishta.

Ishta Jolene Blalock
Mala Christine Adams
Neith Kathleen Duborg
Nesa Kirsten Prout
Ka'lel Simone Bailly
Ryk'l Nigel Vonas
Emta Elizabeth Weinstein
Ginra Julie Hill
Nictal Nikki Smook

Evolution (Part 1)

Teal'c and Bra'tac discover a Jaffa massacre and come face to face with its cause - a black-clad super-soldier. Daniel leads a fact-finding expedition to Central America while O'Neill goes on a mission to capture another super-soldier alive. But things don't go to plan...

Bra'tac Tony Amendola
Jacob Carter/Selmak Carmen Argenziano
Doctor Lee Bill Dow
Anubis David Palffy
Rafael Frank Roman
Burke Enrico Colantoni
Ramius' First Prime Todd Thompson
Thoth Ian Marsh
Sergeant Siler Dan Shea

Evolution (Part 2)

Daniel is rescued from the bandits who have captured his party and are trying to discover the secret of the artefact he rescued...

(Cast as before)


Carter is left isolated on the SGC hyperdrive vessel after it is attacked by an unidentified vessel. To keep herself company, she starts her very own captain's log, but she soon starts talking to her imaginary colleagues and having a crisis about her military career.

Jacob Carter/Selmak Carmen Argenziano
Grace Sasha Pieterse
Colonel William Ronson John Novak
Major Erin Gant Ingrid Kavelaars
Weapons Officer Craig Veroni


Jonas Quinn's homeworld is under threat after it is discovered that naquata is being converted underground into naquadria at a rate that will destroy all life on the planet. Jonas needs the help of his Goa'uld-controlled girlfriend to save his world.

Jonas Quinn Corin Nemec
Kianna Cyr Emily Holmes
First Minister Dreylock Gillian Barber
Major Tarthus Patricia Drake
Eremal Julian Christopher


Carter has a romance with a police officer named Pete Shanahan, while Daniel is is haunted by dreams about Sarah (still possessed by Osiris, as seen in Season 5's Revelations). SG1 realise that Isis is using Daniel while he is asleep to try and solve a puzzle of her own, so they lay a trap for her. Sam and Pete get caught in the crossfire as Isis is captured, and the symbiont is removed from Sarah. Pete is inducted into the ranks of those who know about the Stargate project.

Osiris/Sarah Gardner Anna-Louise Plowman
Pete Shanahan David DeLuise
Special Agent Farrity Paul Jarrett


Anubis' super-soldiers discover the SGC's alpha base and launch a devastating attack. Sam is missing and with with a weapon capable of stopping the super-soldiers. But in the meantime, the alliance between Tok'Ra, Jaffa and Earth is falling apart, with each of the former two wanting to go their own way.

Jacob Carter/Selmak Carmen Argenziano
Delek Sebastian Spence
M'zel Mark Gibbon
Colonel Reynolds Eric Breker
Major Green Nels Lennarson
Lieutenant Glenn Sam Macmillian
Kull Warrior Dan Payne

Heroes (Part 1)

The SGC is subjected to the annoyance of a fly-on-the-wall documentary team, authorised by the President himself in the hope of creating a better understanding of what the SGC's mission is. O'Neill and his colleagues do their best to work around the nuisance, but an off-world SG team runs into serious trouble...

Emmett Bregman Saul Rubinek
Richard Woolsey Robert Picardo
Colonel Dave Dixon Adam Baldwin
Colonel Tom Rundell Mitchell Kosterman
Marci Wells Katey Wright
Tech Sereant Dale James Tobias Slezak
Airman Shep Wickenhouse Christopher Redman
Senior Airman Simon Wells Julius Chapple
Senior Airman Jake Bosworth Christopher Pearce
Documentary Narrator Jim Byrnes

Heroes (Part 2)

Doctor Frazier is killed in action during the rescue mission and O'Neill is brought back to base on a stretcher. Despite the threat of an investigation, Hammond decides to help the documentary maker to tell at least something of the truth behind Frazier's untimely death.

(Cast as before)


An experiment ends in mass murder and the suspect is a young woman called Anna. She is the very experiment the murdered scientists were working on, and the Goa'uld imprint within her is intent on keeping the secrets it holds.

Anna Kristen Dalton
Agent Malcolm Barrett Peter Flemming
Doctor Keffler Brad Greenquist
Doctor Lee Bill Dow
NID Interrogation Room Guard Martin Novotny


Robert Kinsey has secured the post of Vice President in the recent US elections. He tries to take control of the programme. His stooges present their reports to the new president in the hopes that he will turn the SGC over to the NID - which is in Kinsey's pocket. Will the president be swayed?

President Hayes William Devane
Vice President Kinsey Ronny Cox
Richard Woosley Robert Picardo
General Francis Maynard James McDaniel
Chief of Staff Jerry Wasserman
Sara Mikka Dargel
President's Aide Holly Dignard

Lost City (Part 1)

The team continue their search for the Lost City of the Ancients in the desperate hope that they will be able to secure some vitally needed defence against Anubis. But Kinsey hasn't given up on taking over the SGC. The President has decided to set up a new, civilian-led administration for the SGC, and he appoints Doctor Weir, peace negotiator with the grasp of five languages and an impressive career behind her. O'Neill and his team, together with two other SG teams in support, discover a new repository of the Ancients' knowledge and, under attack by Anubis, O'Neill sacrifices himself to absorb the information contained therein to deprive Anubis of it, despite knowing that the information will overwrite his own mind. (Doctor Weir was played by Jessica Steen, ten years after her appearance as another doctor in Earth 2.)

President Hayes William Devane
Senator Kinsey Ronny Cox
Bra'Tac Tony Amendola
Doctor Elizabeth Weir Jessica Steen
Anubis David Palffy
Major Harper Jason Howell
Ronan Marc Worden
Herak Michael Adamthwaite
Major Erin Gant Ingrid Kavelaars
Himself General John P Jumper
National Secruity Advisor Colleen Winton
Jaffa Commander Jerr Weddell
Russian Man Igor Morozov
SG-3 Airman Ron Blecker
Colonel Pearson John Prowse
President's Aide Holly Dignard
Kull Warrior Dan Payne
Bonnie Bonnie Arbuthnot
Secret Service Man Mark Pawson

Lost City (Part 2)

O'Neill starts preparing for his mission, and leads the team to a long-forgotten Ancients base which reveals the location of what they think is the Lost City. Anubis marshals his fleet and begins his attack on Earth, thinking that the SGC already has the information he himself is seeking. The US president holds back for as long as he can, but is finally forced to reveal Earth's secret weapon. O'Neill and SG1 reach the Ancients' base under Antarctica and activate its defences, which destroy Anubis and his fleet, but the effort is too much for O'Neill...

(Cast as before)


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