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A century before Captain Kirk boldly went where no man (or woman) had been before, Captain Archer was even more boldly doing the same thing. Enterprise was the fledgling Starfleet's very first deep space vessel, capable of amazing warp speeds of 4.5, with shuttle pods that could be readied in only half an hour, with a working (although not trusted) transporter and a primitive translation program.

In the century or so since the Star Trek film, First Contact, the human race has been busy building a new, harmonious civilisation, with the help of the Vulcans. The Federation has yet to be formed, and there are just a few local human colonies in space, but the Vulcans feel that humankind is not ready to be let loose on the galaxy just yet, and have been attempting to hold them back. Nevertheless, when the opportunity to press their case arises, the humans are allowed to use Vulcan star charts and send their interstellar crew of 82 on their way.

Despite a deeply misplaced and inappropriate middle-of-the-road rock music title track (ironically with rather poignant and touching lyrics that would have been better suited to a ballad), the series started out with a great deal of implicit humour and some entertaining stories, as the Enterprise made first (human) contact with many species that were already familiar to viewers through the previous Star Trek series. Stardates hadn't been invented yet, so the captain's log used Earth dates. In the UK, the programme had already been screen to a limited audience on satellite channel Sky One, but the transmission dates given here are for national broadcast on Channel 4, initially at 6.00pm on Wednesdays until it was switched to a similar time on Sundays.



Captain Jonathan Archer Scott Backula
Science Officer Sub-Commander T'Pol
Jolene Blalock
Commander Charlie "Trip" Tucker
Conner Trinneer
Chief Medical Officer Doctor Phlox
John Billingsley
Armoury Officer Lieutenant Malcolm Reed
Dominic Keating
Communications Officer Ensign Hoshi Sato
Linda Park
Helmsman Ensign Travis Mayweather
Anthony Montgomery

Creators and Executive Producers: Michael Pillar,
and Rick Berman
Producers: Dawn Velazquez, 
  Antoinette Stella
and J P Farrell
Co-Producers: Brad Yacobian and Tim Finch
Supervising Producers: Peter Lauritson
and Merri D Howard
Theme: Dianne Warren, performed 
  by Russell Watson
Music: Jay Chattaway and Denis MacCarthy

A Paramount Production
52 colour episodes, pilot 90-minutes, rest x 44-minutes
(Channel 4)


All details are trademarked and copyrighted by their respective producers. All character and location names are also copyright. No infringement of any copyright is intended.