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A three-part thriller about a man caught up in conspiracy and murder when a former lover dies after investigating the food industry. Advertising executive Andrew Fell (Bob Peck) discovers, on Christmas Eve, that his ex-lover has committed suicide. His growing obsession with the circumstances of her death leads him to the first link in a cover-up of food double-dealings, and into danger for himself and his wife (played by Sharon Duce). During his investigations, the disturbing and mysterious Jo Scott tempts Andrew with information about the people behind Beth's death, but then subjects him to public harassment. When Andrew later finds her body in his living room, events take a more sinister shift. Finally, after a last-ditch attempt to dispose of some incriminating evidence, he faces two killers who move in on him and his family. At a business conference in Brighton, Andrew, now a wanted man, prepares to jettison his career, his friends, and even his family in a desperate bid for information.
    Writer David Pirie and director Ben Bolt previously worked together on the wartime thriller Never Come Back. Edge of Darkness star Bob Peck also starred in An Ungentlemanly Act, a drama shown on BBC2 in June of the same year, while Sharon Duce was also currently to be seen on Saturday nights with old Big Deal co-star, Ray Brooks, in Growing Pains, and one of the executive producers, Michael Wearing, was the producer of Edge of Darkness. Quite a pedigree for one production, and it showed.



Andrew Fell Bob Peck   Maggie Fell Sharon Duce
Sally Fell (daughter) Victoria Shalet   Michael Fell (son) Charlie Bruce
Towne Denis Lawson   Grace Deborah Findlay
Matt Brian Protheroe   Jane Laura Davenport
Malcolm Rob Spendlove   Jo Scott Arkie Whiteley
Lucy Lynsey Baxter   Tim Holt Ian Bolt
Dr Price John Arthur   Beth Judi Maynard


Writer: David Pirie
Executive Producers: Michael
and Tom Donald
Director: Ben Bolt
Script Editor: Catherine Wearing
Music: Richard Harvey

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