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A comedy science-fiction series by ITV with the emphasis on comedy, not much in the way of fiction, and very little science at all. It was an average late 80s-early 90s children's drama, with the only really notable performance being Andrew O'Conner's as the Computer who keeps picking up invasive radio and tv influences which disturb his normal performance.

The sequel, Kappatoo II was made the following year and shown in the same weekday children's slot. Some of the younger stars, particularly the girls, were quite natural in their acting, but the performances of others, especially the character of Sigmasix, contained more wood than a tree. And of course there was Nicholas Parsons and the talking cows...

Episode timings include commercial breaks. 


w Andrew O'Conner and Ray Marshall (A 12-part serial)
based on the books by
Ben Steed

Simon Cashmere/Kappatoo Simon Nash Computer Andrew O'Conner
(Rest of cast unavailable)


(Story details unavailable)

Producer: Ray Marshall
Director: Alistair Clarke
Script Editor: Nicole Cruverien
Music: Debbie Wiseman


w Unknown (A 6-part serial)
based on the books by
Ben Steed

Simon Cashmere/Kappatoo Simon Nash   Computer Andrew O'Conner
Zeta Rula Lenska   Hazel Janet Dale
Brian Nicholas Day   Steve Graeme Hawley
Sigmasix Felipe Izquierdo   Lucy Nina Muschallik
Sharon Joanna Hall   Melanie Sarah Alexander
Psycho Peter Kelly   Donut Lou Hirsch
Mr Cashmere John Abbot   Mrs Cashmere Gillian Eaton
The Presenter Nicholas Parsons   Tao 4 Kieran O'Brien
TV Producer Judith Porter


Simon Cashmere was just minding his own business when his time twin Kappatoo came back from the 23rd Century to ask a favour. Zeta is up to mischief, although the Computer is some help for a change when he manages to discover her secret. Kappatoo takes Simon's place in the 20th Century, and almost gets found out when he is accused of being an alien. Sigmasix follows on a mission to take Kappatoo back but ends up kidnapping Lucy.

(Production Details Not Available)

Time After Time
It's About Time
Bad Timing
Bang On Time
Wrong Time, Wrong Place
Dangerous Times

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