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Cheap and cheerful short-story series that sometimes looked as though it was shot on a home video camera. The acting was low key, the effects were weak, but despite that the stories were often entertaining. It was run first of all in the TVS region, in the Night Time slot. The other regions were not quick to pick it up.


Executive Production: Excel Telemedia
  International Corporation
Producers: Nathan Klien and
  James Percelay
Music: Paul Mesches


(Title Unlisted)

A pathologist discovers that the latest item in her specimen collection is the hand of a mad murderer.

(20th March 1992)

Reflection Of A Murder

An embezzler murders his partner who then returns to haunt him.

(27th March 1992)

The Craving

A greedy man's visit to the dentist is more than he bargained for.

(3rd April 1992)

Closet Monster

Ethan is told to clean out his cupboard, but his parents won't believe him when he says there is a monster in there. (Ethan's father was played by one of the show's producers, Nathan Klien.)

(10th April 1992)

(Re-shown 8th May 1992)

A Cold Day In July

The part owner of a butcher's shop puts the company's money on a horse. But it doesn't win.

(24th April 1992)


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