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A twelve-part science-fiction comedy thriller, as described by the Radio Times, shown twice a week in BBC1's children's' programmes slot. It was made in the style of much of children's' programming in the late 1980s, that is on cheap videotape with only a basic pretence of being a drama in any real sense of the word. Certainly it was no match for the gems of the 1970s.

Watt is an alien prince on the run from an evil villain who is out to get him. He lands on Earth and is befriended by Sean. Watt is able to change form to disguise himself, anything from a clock to a sheet of notepaper complete with writing.

The Radio Times started the ball rolling with this listing: "When Sean's apple detransanimateobjectifies, he doesn't know what it means". In the course of various adventures, Watt's hunger leads him into taking risks; Jemadah gives Watt an alarming day; the Ruddocks organise a gala charity fÍte and Watt decides to join in; Jonah is clowning around but Watt needs to know exactly where he has come from; ZoŽ wants to be the gala princess; when bankruptcy threatens the Haxton Weekly, Watt knows just what to do; Watt joins a football match and ends up covered in bruises; then he tries his hand at being a detective, but this time it's ZoŽ who needs help. Another stranger then threatens the Ruddocks' peace, and finally somebody is up to no good and Sean suspects the Brigadier and Giselle.

Actor Michael Kilgarriff was far better known by science-fiction fans as the Cyber-Controller from two Doctor Who stories.



Watt Garth Napier Jones   Sean Ruddock Tom Brodie
ZoŽ Ruddock Jessica Simpson   Tom Ruddock (Dad) Simon Cook
Val Ruddock (Mum) Heather Wright   Jonah Andrew Henry
Kate Laura McMahon   Lucy Alex Staden
With: Greenwood Morris, John Grillo, Isabelle Lucas,
and the voice of Michael Kilgarriff


Writers: Pip and Jane Baker
Producer: Angela Beeching
Director: Roger Singleton-Turner
Music: Richard Atree

All details are trademarked and copyrighted by their respective producers. All character and location names are also copyright. No infringement of any copyright is intended.