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The year 1969 opened in many ITV regions with Department S, a branch of Interpol based in Paris who investigated bizarre and inexplicable crimes, particularly those concerning international security. In charge was Sir Curtis Suretse (Dennis Alaba Peters) with American Stewart Sullivan (Joel Fabiani) as his top man assisted by Annabelle Hurst (Rosemary Nicolls). Most notable though was a freelance operative, famous and flamboyant novelist Jason King, as played by the inimitable Peter Wyngarde.

The 1970s turned out to be generally less imaginative and outlandish than the 1960s. Spun off in his own series in 1971, Peter Wyngarde's Jason King found that his time after leaving Department S was frequently intruded by the like of Sir Brian (Dennis Price) and the unpleasant Ryald (Ronald Lacey) who would use a variety of means to force the foppish scribe to take on espionage missions for Queen and country. The series lasted for a single season, a not uncommon occurrence with one-formula-wonders ITC.



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