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Written by, scripted by, and co-starring Ben Elton of Blackadder and The Young Ones fame, Stark was a well-made, beautifully filmed three part tv mini-series about ecological disasters, and just how close the planet was in this mid-1990s setting to becoming one. The novel, Ben Elton's first, had sold more than a million copies worldwide when the BBC decided to film the story in cooperation with an Australian company (not a bad idea, as almost all of it is set in Australia, and all of it was filmed there).

Broadly, it's about what happens when a consortium of businessmen, knowing the world is facing 'Total Toxic Overload', try to take over Aboriginal land and are thwarted by Green 'freaks', a pommie poseur, and brain-fried Vietnam-vets-turned-hippies. Ecologically sound, politically correct, and funny. Elton worked on the script for ten months, as long as it took to write the original novel, with producer Michael Wearing. He felt that the mini-series has a better ending than the book.

That may be debatable, because the ending of the tv version had a far more 'terminal' feel about it. Events start in a business room, where Australian tycoon Sly Morgan is hired to buy a piece of land in the desert, and is given a false pretext for that purchase. "There's more mineral deposits in a bottle of fizzy water," is the opinion of the Aboriginal leader, but this doesn't stop the tycoon and his backers, a corrupt consortium of ageing businessmen, from their aim of mining for uranium in a remote part of the outback. At least, that was the pretext.

English writer CD (Colin Dobson), the poseur, more in search of sex than noble causes, falls in with a lovely urchin-like rebel, Rachel, and becomes involved in the struggle to delay the coming of Armageddon. Along the way the two pick up Zimmerman, Walter and Karen, three roaming hippies, who bring with them the knack of expert hand-to-hand combat, the peace and tranquillity factor, and an annoying tendency to giggle respectively. Add to that an American reporter who is onto the story but who has just been fired from her newspaper because it's owned by the sinister consortium, and then fired at by gun-toting thugs because she tries to escape their clutches, and the team is complete. But they don't have very long to save the world.

By Episode 3 the Stark conspiracy master-plan is in its final stages, with our would-be heroes in the conspirators' clutches. When Sly Morgan, who has realised just how despicable his new bosses are and has teamed up with Rachel, helps his new ally to escape, they head not for freedom, but for the rockets that take all the Stark people and their cronies to the 'safety' of space. From there the button that triggers the pre-planned holocaust which will end current civilisation is to be pressed. But can Rachel and Morgan stop that happening? The ending is a surprise, and a shock, with a simple message following; a shot of the Earth from space, and a short voice-over warning us to mend our ways before it's too late.

Other co-stars in this dramatic and colourful piece of television were Derrick O'Conner, forever remembered for his role as one of the Fox brothers, and Bill Wallis, an actor Elton would have known for his roles in the various Blackadder serials. Co-producer Michael Wearing was also behind Natural Lies and the classic Edge Of Darkness. The programme's first repeat was on BBC1 in May 1994.



CD (Pommie Poseur) Ben Elton
Rachel (Object of CD's lust) Jacqueline McKenzie
Sly Morgan (Aussie Tycoon) Colin Friels
Zimmerman (Vietnam Vet/Hippie) Derrick O'Conner
Chrissie (American Reporter) Deborra-Lee Furness
Walter (Vietnam Vet/Hippie) Bill Wallis
Karen (Another Hippie) Fiona Press


Writer: Ben Elton
Producers: David Parker, Michael
and Timothy White
Director: Nadia Tass
Music: Unknown

All details are trademarked and copyrighted by their respective producers. All character and location names are also copyright. No infringement of any copyright is intended.