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A science-fiction series set originally in AD 2193, about a police officer pursuing fugitive criminals back through time, was at first glance a good idea. Unfortunately, the result was not nearly as interesting as it initially sounded, and this turned out to be a low quality American series with low quality scripts and a tired idea behind it. The majority of the series was set in the low-cost twentieth century, so the science-fiction element didn't cost very much at all. The only surprise is that the format ran to a second 26 episode season in the US before being cancelled. Episode titles were not shown on screen in early episodes.

It must also have suffered from some fairly bad viewing figures in Britain, because it was replaced after just six weeks by a new series of Baywatch. It reappeared in London Weekend Television's graveyard slot, with absolutely no advance publicity, and not much of an audience. It didn't last long there, either, quickly disappearing once more.



Captain Darien Lambert Dale Midkiff   Selma Elizabeth Alexander
Mordecai Sahmbi Peter Donat


Writer: Harve Bennett
Creators: Harve Bennett, Jeffrey Haynes
  and Grant Rosenberg
Executive Producers: Harve Bennett,
  Jeffrey Haynes, Grant Rosenberg
  Gary Nardino
Line Producer: Daryl Sheen
Music: Unknown


A Stranger In Time

Evil scientist Mordecai Sahmbi uses science to send criminals back to 1993 in an experimental project that he has already perfected and is using in secret for his own ends. Fugitive retrieval specialist Darien Lambert learns of the plot and, with the help of his highly-advanced computer, transports himself to 1993 to try to prevent an assassination attempt on the US President.

The Chief Henry Darrow
Elissa Knox/Annie Knox Mia Sara
Frank Motumba Michael Warren
Dietrich Henk Johannes
Duke Monroe Reimers
Wahlgren Peter Whittle
Fredric David Franklin



Season One

Fire And Ice

Darien and Selma are on the track of two jewel thieves who are using 22nd Century techniques to steal precious gems. They team up with cop Nicole Nolan to prevent the theft of a priceless diamond in 1993 Texas.

Kristen Conrad Gail O'Grady
Jorge Santiago Andrew McFarlane
Nicole Nolan Natalie Nolan
Dag Van Meer Mark Fairall
Captain Corvo Peter Hosking

Photo Finish

Selma and Darien go to Australia to investigate a fugitive from 2193, Rufio Jans, who is using a dangerous futuristic laser device designed to increase athletic performance to cheat in horse racing. Then Darien discovers that the creator of the laser has also gone back into the past to exploit his invention.

Rufio Jans Mark Hembrow
Randall Quinn Bryan Marshall
Kate Vickers Nikki Coghill
Des Miller Roy Billings
Gus Brown Andrew Buchanan

To Kill A Billionaire

Sahmbi sets up a business which will dispose of nuclear waste. But he is simply transporting it to the future and Lambert must find a way to stop him.

The Chief Henry Darrow
Annie Knox Mia Sara
Judge Benedict Choate Jerry Hardin

Darien Come Home

Darien infiltrates a computer company in Chicago run by two criminals from the future who plan to steal millions of dollars from the US treasury.

Josh Elliott Christopher Daniel Barnes
Zach Elliott Robert Mammone


Darien forms an alliance with computer operator Tulsa Giles to foil the plans of a 22nd-century fugitive who works for the International Security Agency.

Tulsa Giles Mary-Margaret Humes
C I Burke Lewis Fitzgerald

Little Boy Lost

Darien encounters a former teacher-turned art forger who is terminally ill. He reunites the man with his missing son, but then has to decide whether to return him to the 22nd century, and certain jail.

George Castas George Henare
Robbie Castas Borhan Borhani
Sheriff Curtis Peter Curtin

The Contender

Darien meets Ernest Cooper, another Trax user who has returned to take his son home. But his son is now a successful pro-boxer.

Ernest Cooper Bernie Casey
With: Victor Love, Gianni Russo and James Condon

Treasure Of The Ages

Darien tracks another fugitive who is using 22nd Century equipment to dive for treasure in the Caribbean, but an approaching hurricane could cause them both problems.

Noah Eddie Albert
Frank Haskell Edward Laurance Albert
Mary Haskell Lise Holbert

Night Of The Savage

Darien meets a modern day Jack the Ripper in Olde London Towne as one of the fugitives he is hunting is on a blood-stealing spree.

The Savage Peter O'Brien
Claudine Baker Elaine Smith
Callender Stephen Grives


Darien sets out to help when time travelling terrorist Dietrich leads a gang of white supremacists against Japanese families.

(Guest cast unknown) 

A Mysterious Stranger

Private investigator Romulo Rayfield enlists Darien's help in tracking down Doctor Alwyn, criminal chemist who had discovered a deadly narcotic and is now on the run from the future.

Dr Alistair G Alwyn David Dukes
(Rest of cast unknown)


Darien travels to Arizona to capture a 22nd century lawman convicted of taking bribes.

Stacy Gough Brian Vriends
Tom Kane Stuart Whitman
With: Jennifer Congram

(Title Unknown)

Attorney Laura Darrow doesn't trust Lambert to rescue her 22nd century client so she insists on joining him in the 20th century to make sure the job is done properly.

(Guest cast unknown) 

Two Beans In A Wheel

Sgt Thorne saves her boss, Lambert, from a hitman, and informs him that Sahmbi is on the trail of the Holy Grail, which apparently surfaces in this time zone, only to disappear again.

Sgt Eve Thorne Chelsea Field
Sahmbi Peter Donat

The Prodigy

A high school athletics coach is delighted when a colleague runs 100 metres in an apparently record-breaking time.

(Guest cast unknown)  

The Price Of Honor

Darien uncovers a plot to blackmail a man who will later become president. One of Sahmbi's colleagues is using knowledge from the future to blackmail the man, thus endangering peace talks.

Secretary of State John Shaw Dorian Harewood
With: Margaret Avery

Face Of Death

A secretive doctor is killed by a device that will not be invented until 2187. On the trail of the murderer, Darien becomes involved in stolen Inca treasures.

With: Patrick Kilpatrick, Luca Bercovici,
  Matt Battaglia
and Jeffrey Nordling

Beautiful Songbird

Lambert bumps into one of the century's greatest country and western singers just before she becomes famous. He finds she has a guardian angel who seems to know just how to arrange her blooming career. He’s also be a time-travelling psychopath planning her murder.

Catlin Carlisle Kassie Wesley
Elvin Gary Grubbs
Gandolf Reichter John de Lancie

Darrow For The Defence

A fugitive from the future brings Darien into contact with an old flame.

(Guest cast unknown) 

One To One

Sahmbi invents a way to control minds and tries to sell it to ruthless businessmen.

(Guest cast unknown) 


All details are trademarked and copyrighted by their respective producers. All character and location names are also copyright. No infringement of any copyright is intended.