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Ralph Smart's Danger Man was a great success from its début in 1960. A thriller series of much popularity, it starred Patrick McGoohan as John Drake, a NATO agent who handled the 'messy jobs' around the world in this ITC series. The programme aired in the US, and was revived in 1964 in a new hour-long format with Drake now an operative for M9 and reporting to superiors such as Hobbs (Peter Madden). The new series, shown in the US as Secret Agent, was thick with gadgets and ran for just over a year before McGoohan decided to move on to a new production in 1966. The new production turned out to be The Prisoner, a series which earned its star and creator everlasting fame. Danger Man itself was highly successful, and boasted a superb theme tune by Edwin Astley.


Season One: 39 Episodes
1960 - 1961
Season Two: 47 Episodes
1964 - 1965

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