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This was promoted as yet another of the BBC's quality children's dramas, but turned out to be a rather low quality tale without much appeal. Acting was average, with some of the younger actors producing awkward and often embarrassing performances. The script was stale and the production was very barely average. A poor showing for what could have been so much better.

The Radio Times teasers on each of the six episodes ran like this: 1: Only Marcie can sense that there is something wrong. 2: Tonight the children will go home. And they will turn to the machine. And the machine will embrace them. 3: The pattern is almost complete. Marcie and Mr Eldritch perform the final step. 4: It's the end of the century, the end of a whole thousand years. Powerful times. A time for things to be wrong. 5: Legends are safe and sound in the past, but the things man has made with his own hands in the 20th Century are the real monsters. 6: This time the world can end. This time the madness has a face and a voice, and its name is Behemoth.

Each episode was shown on BBC1 at 4.35pm on Thursdays, and re-shown on Sundays on BBC2. The series' only real attraction now is that, as well as featuring the dreaded Servalan from Blake's 7, it was also an early vehicle for Kate Winslett.



Doctor Osley Tim Barker   Olivia Samantha Cahill
Thomas Ben Chandler   Mrs Polzinski Rosalie Crutchley
Miss Maitland Brigit Forsyth   Marcie Victoria Lambert
Mr Eldritch Grant Parsons   Mr Polzinski Cyril Shaps
Reet Kate Winslett   Inga Martina Berne
Behemoth Marsha Fitzalan   Miss Pendragon Jacqueline Pearce
with Roger Milner


Writer: Russell T Davis
Producer: Unknown
Director: Unknown
Music: Unknown

All details are trademarked and copyrighted by their respective producers. All character and location names are also copyright. No infringement of any copyright is intended.