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Originally entitled Space Police, the name was changed in the early stages of production when the Danish manufacturers of Lego objected to the use of a label they were themselves using for an area of their product. Space Precinct 88 as it was then called was shortened at a much later stage, shortly before the original backers, the BBC, typically dropped a proposed thirteen-episode series as being too expensive. Eventually, though, Gerry Anderson's latest product was born - although to tell the truth it was hard to see much of a difference between it and his sixties programmes. Made at Pinewood and Shepperton studios, the style was very similar, and so were many of the effects, which were clearly models crashing and exploding in the old Supermarionation style. The early scripts were tired and bland, with plots so full of holes you could pilot Thunderbird 2 through them. The only difference was that this series cost around $1.5 million per episode, which made it the most expensive programme to be made in Britain, even though most of the money was American, as was the format, and the initial intended market. As the US got to see it a full six months before Britain, Anderson knew where his profits lay, if not his loyalties. Unsurprisingly, Space Precinct fared very averagely in the ratings. It was an even chance on whether a second series got commissioned. As it worked out, it didn't.

Packed full of monsters and aliens in bizarre and multi-layered make-up, the hero of the piece was Patrick Brogan, played by ex-Knots Landing star Ted Shackelford. Brogan was a twenty-year veteran cop of New York City who wanted a change in life, and requested a transfer. Unfortunately, he got Demeter City, a hotbed of crime and lawlessness. He is partnered by Officer Haldane, a young, brash and fairly big-headed cop, who seems to spend most of his time chasing after Officer Castle, played weakly by Danish actress Simone Bendix. Thrown into the story's melting pot was Brogan's family, who played all the gooey home scenes and implausibly saved Brogan's life in episode one. The show was never going to be a major success, despite the hype and Anderson's own statement of fancying himself as another Gene Roddenberry, and it would only survive if its general presentation could be strengthened as the first series progressed. And to be fair, it did improve to an extent as it progressed. As was becoming the standard with UK television at the time, once the series had concluded its first run on Sky One it transferred to BBC2, to be shown in the usual 6pm slot, on Monday evenings, the slot guaranteeing it low audience figures.



Lt Patrick Brogan Ted Shackelford   Officer Jack Haldane Rob Youngblood
Officer Jane Castle Simone Bendix   Sally Brogan Nancy Paul
Officer Orrin Richard James   Sgt Fredo David Quilter
Cpt Podley Jerome Willis   Officer Took Mary Woodvine
Officer Romek Lou Hirsch   Voice of Slomo Gary Martin
Matt Brogan Nic Klein   Liz Brogan Megan Olive


Series Creator and Producer: Gerry Anderson
Executive Producer: Tom Gutteridge
Co-Executive Producers: Roger Lefkon
  and John Needham
Associate Producers: Richard Grove
  and Jeffrey Brunner
Executive Story Editor: Philip Morrow
Assistant to the Producer: Mary Anderson
Music: Crispin Merrell


Protect And Survive

Brogan is on the trail of a group of refugee-smugglers, when he finds a witness to the killing of his informant. He and his partner are assigned to keeping the witness alive for long enough so that he can testify against the local criminal mastermind, Gershom. The fact that the witness is big, blue, and eats flies doesn't make the job any easier.

Slik Bert Kwouk
Gershom Oliver Cotton
Lawyer David Shaw-Parker
Medic Leigh Tinkler
Loyster Rob Thirtle
Judge Andy Dawson

The Snake

A reptile-like creature known as the Snake continues a campaign of extortion and murder - until he involves Brogan.

Gray David Baxt
Kane Joseph Mydell
Azusa Ken Drury
Dallas Paul Humpoletz
Cpt Tecopa Leigh Tinkler

Time To Kill

Brogan is stalked by a time-travelling cyborg which manages to kill just about everyone but the cop himself. Brogan sets a trap for his persistent attacker, only to discover that the cyborg claims Brogan was his creator.

Ross Stephen Billington
Tamsin Nigel Gregory
Dr Grant Alison Rose
Cyborg Glenn Marks
Zipload Rob Thirtle
Drako Will Barton


Spare parts surgery and an alien Burke & Hare collecting live donors from the streets cause Brogan trouble, especially as he is next on their list.

Rik Ken Whitfield
Jorry Steven Berkoff
Speedy Truan Munro
Nurse Leigh Tinkler
Patient Joanna Berns
Receptionist Alexa Rosewood
Wirt Rob Thirtle
Prosperous Creon Will Barton

Body & Soul

During a pleasure trip with his son, Brogan discovers a long-abandoned experimental ship on a rogue asteroid. The dead body on board was also part of the experiment - but is it so dead?

Alden Humes Bob Sherman
Underling Will Barton
Forensic Leigh Tinkler
Jomore Rob Thirtle


A con artist turns dangerous when he befriends a lost alien child, Vala, whose power can kill when focused correctly.

Andy Sturgeon Andrew Tiernan
Cala Jade Punt
Nick Tom Radcliffe
Madam Kazia Pelka
Lurzan Leigh Tinkler
Trask Rob Thirtle
Skeevan Andy Dawson

Two Against The Rock

An alien with criminal convictions on four planets and a reputation for escaping from secure jails is being transferred to The Rock, an asteroid prison from which there is no way out. But the prisoners have taken it over and Castle and Haldane face the prospect of death by the lethal virus which wiped out most of The Rock's inhabitants.

Houdini Danny Webb
Volker Stephen Greif
Con Ray Winstone
Dr Ellis Richard Huw
Gagnon Will Barton
PC Joanna Berns
Sportscaster John Chancer
Bronkov Ken Whitfield
Tarn PC Leigh Tinkler
Newscaster Alexa Rosewood
Smike Wayne Forester

Predator And Prey

An undercover policewoman is murdered and her aggressive partner is assigned to work with Brogan and Haldane. Meanwhile, the vampire-like killer pursues its next victim.

Verro Walker Rolf Saxon
Chloe Vincent Natalie Roles
Lionel Carson Joe Mydell
Emil Kimada Richard James
Bouncer Ken Whitfield
Mags Alexa Rosewood
Creon Woman Leigh Tinkler
Man Andy Dawson
Peri/Humanoid Rob Thirtle
Timmons Wayne Forrester

Seek And Destroy

Whilst investigating a series of murders, Brogan and Haldane are warned that the brutal, nomadic Omara are planning to invade Altor.

Vachel David Burke
Slan Nurl Paul Brennan
Noah Ingram John Warnaby
Mr Douglas Sidney Livingstone
Garbage Man Ken Whitfield
Creon Hooker Leigh Tinkler
Jonita Sykes Alexa Rosewood


Lieutenant Brogan witnesses a fight between two aliens, and is forced to become involved. One of the aliens is a refugee who is being forced to win an illegal wrestling match. And Romek's grandfather, a retired cop, comes to visit.

Tildon Tony Haygarth
Nillim Tim Matthews
Seeger Pat Roach
Guard Terry Richards
Durl Ken Whitfield
Tarn Girl Alexa Rosewood
Drunk Tarn Will Barton
Barner Richard James
Zaydek Wayne Forester

Double Duty

Haldane finds himself attracted to a young woman who was found at the site of several horrific murders. He thinks a link may be a sudden influx of Black Crystal - a longevity drug - and a bag lady who thinks she is a queen.

Nissim Nikolas Grace
Aleesha (Humanoid) Lana Citron
Bag Lady Matyelok Gibbs
Aleesha (Alien Killer) Leigh Tinkler
Delivery Man Idris Elba
Inazy Nitzan Sharron
Retainer Richard Ashton
Torrance Rob Thirtle
Piru Andy Dawson

The Power

A massive generating power station orbits high above the planet Altor. It is part of an experimental project to give the planet cheap electricity, but when a rival plans sabotage Demeter City is put at risk.

Miss Numar Sheila Ruskin
Sylvain Alison Fielding
Max Zeller Tom Chadbon
Paramedic Mark Carey
Vella Ken Whitfield
Nurse Leigh Tinkler
Lindo Alexa Rosewood
Rodan Rob Thirtle
Commissioner Will Barton


An interplanetary police officer hypnotises key witnesses including Jane Castle, so that they testify against Brogan and Haldane after the pair shoot down a fleeing craft.

Cambria Maryam D'Abo
Reseda Clive Merrison
Carson Joe Mydell
Tev Rob Thirtle
Yorba Andy Dawson
Bailiff Ken Whitfield
Medic Leigh Tinkler
Mr Brill Will Barton
Olvera Wayne Forester
PC Joanna Berns

Hate Street

When a racist criminal is on the loose in Demeter City, Brogan and Haldane are not the only ones looking for him. A bounty hunter is on the case, but she also happens to be an old flame of Brogan's from his NYPD days.

Erika Brandt Frances Barber
Burl Flak Christopher Fairbank
Sandoff David Quilter
Dr Eastman Jeff Harding
Tate Robert Hamilton
Maya Kate Harper
Tanni Kiran Shah
Carson Joe Mydell
Tarn Nurse Leigh Tinkler
Dr Chan Wayne Forester
Mrs Chan Alexa Rosewood
Skog Peter O'Farrell
Tropele Rob Thirtle
Barco Andy Dawson

The Witness

Sgt Fredo's daughter is having terrifying visions of a serial killer who turns out to be a cop who carries his sense of duty just a little too far.

Morgan Todd Boyce
Datch Kate Harper
Carson Joe Mydell
Maharg Peter Hugo Daly
Estes Kiran Shah
Lam Ken Whitfield
Yolander Alexa Rosewood
Soup Server Leigh Tinkler
Chantel Wayne Forester
Zipload Rob Thirtle
Sketch Artist Andy Dawson


Brogan investigates a pharmaceutical company which has been secretly manufacturing an illegal substance. At the same time his daughter wants to visit the station house as part of a school project.

Dr Jansen Michael J Shannon
Carmel Pippa Guard
Morgo Anthony Venditti
Droon Rob Thirtle
Forensic Andy Dawson
Pola Leigh Tinkler


Jane is taken hostage by the friends of a terrorist gang leader who was arrested in a sting operation. Unless their comrade is freed, Jane will die. Haldane is not going about let that happen.

Lynn/Sprite Jacqueline Defferary
Glen Christopher Thomas
Reeve Ben Walden
Carson Joe Mydell
Gushen Rob Thirtle
Tong Wayne Forester
WPC Joanna Berns
Creon Guard Andy Dawson

Smelter Skelter

Sally and Liz Brogan are witnesses to a violent and unusual jewellery robbery. When the thieves' weapon becomes dangerously uncontrollable, it's up to Brogan and Haldane to corner the gang without getting themselves wiped out.

Zann Bradley Lavelle
Carson Joe Mydell
Bank Assistant Leigh Tinkler
Creon Driver Wayne Forester
Dr Rudd Alexa Rosewood

The Fire Within (Part 1)

Haldane goes undercover to expose the Pyrists, a spiritual sect devoted to the worship of fire. He finds that their control over the sect's members is stronger than he can resist.

Icar Jack Hedley
Brok Lisa Orgolini
Carson Joe Mydell
With: David Quilter, Kate Harper, Wayne Forester,
  Alexa Rosewood, Rob Thirtle, Andy Dawson

The Fire Within (Part 2)

Brogan suspects Haldane may have been brainwashed by the Pyrists. How can their power over him be broken now that he has committed murder for the sect? And why is Brok so eager to gain control of the sect?

Icar Jack Hedley
Brok Lisa Orgolini
Kalamandro David Quilter
Fama Kate Harper
Kyster Wayne Forester
Samina Alexa Rosewood
Flexen Rob Thirtle
Elderly Pyrist Mary Ordish

The Forever Beetle

Lt Brogan goes after an unknown thief who has stolen a rare and priceless scarab. The thief turns out to be an old pal whose antics are a little shady at best.

Murphy Sam Douglas
Wolf Constantine Gregory
Cole Glenn McCrory
Carson Joe Mydell
Sena M Kiran Shah
Dr Long Andy Dawson
Nardo Wayne Forester
Bartender Alexa Rosewood
WPC Joanna Berns
Rupp Rob Thirtle
Creon Hooker Leigh Tinkler

Divided We Stand

Ruthless aspiring politician Vinny Artak hatches a diabolical scheme to win an important election. This includes blaming his second murder on Haldane and Brogan.

Vinny Artak David Quilter
Dr Kyte Christopher Baines
Regina Suzanne Bertish
Reporter Kate Beckett
Drak Rebecca Steele
Administrator Dominic Letts
Junna Ken Whitfield
Forensic Will Barton
Vacua Alexa Rosewood

Deathwatch (Part 1)

A giant meteor crashes onto farmland on Altor, infecting a local with strange energy. When the farmer's colleague goes missing, and heavy-handed Military Intelligence turn up to confuse matters, the cops of the 88th Precinct are left with a lot of unanswered questions.

Bertha Anne Kristen
Weldon Cecilia Noble
Borden Ken Farrington
Liz Megan Olive
Carson Joe Mydell
Skid Rob Thirtle
Gullis Wayne Forester
Shopper Leigh Tinkler
Graffa Andy Dawson
Anza Alexa Rosewood

Deathwatch (Part 2)

Major Graffa and Captain Weldon have located the interplanetary spore, but Graffa is infected by it. Seeing that the only chance to save Altor is to go on the run, Weldon snatches the spore, and Brogan too.

Commander Burnell Tucker
Weldon Cecilia Noble
Carson Joe Mydell
Duty Officer Andy Dawson
Nox Wayne Forester
Reimer Alexa Rosewood
Graffa Rob Thirtle
Command #2 Glenn Marks


All details are trademarked and copyrighted by their respective producers. All character and location names are also copyright. No infringement of any copyright is intended.