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Churches of the British Isles

Gallery: Churches of East London

by Peter Kessler, 22 May 2011. Updated on 9 October 2012

Havering Part 9: Churches of Romford & Gidea Park

Havering Christian Fellowship, Romford, Havering, East London

Havering Christian Fellowship stands on a plot on the western side of Craigdale Road, immediately south of the junction with Brentwood Road. This hall was among several small undenominational missions in Hornchurch. It was originally known as Craigdale Hall and was erected in the 1920s. Extensions seem to have been added over the years. By 2011 it was The Craigdale Centre, Part of Havering Christian Fellowship, and also the Early Learning Centre.

Romford Evangelical Free Church, Romford, Havering, East London

Romford Evangelical Free Church stands immediately east of the south-eastern corner of Brentwood Road and Granger Way, opposite the entrance to Princes Road. The church originated in 1888, when a mission hall was built in Boundary Road, about 150 metres to the west of the present church building. A free church was formed in 1894 and the present church was erected in 1902, just inside Hornchurch, although physically it was much closer to Romford.

Zoar Strict Baptist Chapel, Romford, Havering, East London

Zoar Strict Baptist Chapel stands on the eastern side of Carlisle Road, at its southern end, and facing along Milton Road. The chapel was formed in 1927, originally using a building on Hornchurch Road, but by 1936 the members had moved to Albert Road (two streets to the west of Carlisle Road). The present building was erected in 1953, when the members moved into their third and, so far, final building. No sign remains of the Albert Road premises.

Victoria Road Primitive Methodist Church, Romford, Havering, East London

Victoria Road Primitive Methodist Church is on the northern side of Victoria Road, opposite Albert Road. The church originated about 1873, thanks to missionaries from Grays in Essex. A permanent building was erected in 1875 but was wrecked by bombing during the Second World War. The present building was erected in 1949-1950 but closed in 1966. It was in use by Havering Mencap in 2000 and now also houses the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

The Carlisle Room (Open Brethren), Romford, Havering, East London

The Carlisle Room (Open Brethren) is hidden away on the eastern side of Carlisle Road, just a few metres south of the junction with Victoria Road. The Brethren had five halls in Romford by the 1960s: Ingrave Hall, Rush Green Hall, Collier Row Hall, Rise Park Chapel, and The Carlisle Room, registered in 1963. Apparently it was de-registered in 2008 when the Meeting Hall, 148a Chase Cross Road, Collier Row, was taken, but in 2011 it was apparently still in use.

The Parish Church of St Alban Protomartyr, Romford, Havering, East London

The Parish Church of St Alban Protomartyr Romford lies behind a picturesque tree line at the north-eastern corner of Princes Road and King's Road. The church was opened in 1890 as a mission of St Andrew. A conventional district was formed in 1935, and a separate parish, taken from St Andrew, was assigned in 1952. The advowson of the vicarage is vested in the bishop of Chelmsford. A foundation stone was laid in honour of St Alban, martyred in AD 303.

Church of God (in Romford), Romford, Havering, East London

Church of God (in Romford) stands on the eastern side of Manor Road, opposite Springwood Way. Founded as The Catholic Apostolic Church in 1867, a house in the High Street was originally registered for worship. Meetings were held in the Laurie Hall, Market Place, from 1869 until about 1894, when an iron church was built in Manor Road. In 1962 that church was re-registered as the undenominational Manor Hall and by 2009 it was the Church of God.

Gidea Park (Wesleyan) Methodist Church, Gidea Park, Havering, East London

Gidea Park (Wesleyan) Methodist Church stands at the north-eastern corner of the roundabout at Brentwood Road and Manor Avenue, heading east from Romford. The church originated in 1926 when a school chapel was opened. Extensions were carried out in 1931-1932, and Gidea Park was transferred to the new Romford circuit in 1947. The present church building was constructed in 1958 and today it also plays host to the youth-orientated Re:generation Church.

Christ the Eternal High Priest Catholic Church, Gidea Park, Havering, East London

Christ the Eternal High Priest Catholic Church stands well back on the eastern side of Brentwood Road, with Cottage Mews directly behind it and the church hall partially masking the church from the street. The new Gidea Park parish was formed in 1963, and the church building, with its unusual octagonal building of brown brick with a central spirelet, was constructed in the same year. Its windows may be small, but the light from 360 degrees makes up for that.

Redeemed Christian Church of God, Gidea Park, Havering, East London

Redeemed Christian Church of God, 'Breakthrough Chapel' lies on the eastern side of Ardleigh Green Road, about seventy metres south of Cecil Avenue, directly opposite All Saints Squirrel Heath. The building was erected by Ardleigh Green Baptist Church which originated in 1914 as a mission of Hornchurch. In 1932 it joined the Essex Baptist Association. The present school chapel was built on the same site in 1933. Later, the Baptists either left or reformed as today's church.

All photos on this page by P L Kessler. Additional information by Nick Holt.



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