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Churches of the British Isles

Gallery: Churches of Cornwall

by Jo Lewis, 22 June 2024

Carrick (North & West) Part 16: Churches of Mithian & Trevallas

Mithian Monastery. Mithian, Cornwall

Mithian Monastery formerly sat in the village of the same name, in the middle of which is the Miners Arms pub. There is mention of a monastery or monastic retreat near this location, and a large walled garden behind the pub makes that possible. The garden at Little Willows (previously Underwood), seems somewhat grand to be serving a cottage, so it perhaps served the monks. If this is correct then perhaps the Miners Arms once had an altogether different purpose.

Mithian Manor House Chapel, Mithian, Cornwall

Mithian Manor House Chapel was part of the former manor house complex which sits opposite the Miners Arms pub. A tunnel apparently connects the two. References exist regarding an ancient chapel in the village centre, exact location seemingly lost and the chapel perhaps converted into a dwelling, perhaps even part of the manor house itself. The chapel survived into the 1700s, and remains were standing in 1843, but it seems to have been entirely demolished by 1847.

Mithian Chapel of Ease, Mithian, Cornwall

Mithian Chapel-of-Ease is lost but may have been at the western end of the village. South Barn and Mithan Farm are on the left hereabouts, and the chapel may once have been here, before being converted into a farm building. The 1842 tything contains mention of a Church Lane at this end of the village. South Barn is now a dwelling but was once a cowshed, and could be the lost chapel. Local tradition certainly locates it close to Mithian Farm, with a graveyard.

Trevellas Institute & Reading Room, Trevellas, Cornwall

Trevellas Institute & Reading Room is found by heading west from Mithian to the B3285 (Barkla Shop) and turning right towards Trevellas Downs. On the left at a staggered crossroads (with the old smithy on the right) is a small rectangular building: the former Trevellas Institute which opened in 1913. It comprises a reading room and billiards rooms. Around the base are engraved foundation stones, and a date of 1912. The building still houses a snooker club.

Trevellas & Crosscombe Methodist Church, Trevellas, Cornwall

Trevellas & Crosscombe Methodist Church was new in 1956 with an attached school hall. It is likely that this building was erected to replace the loss of Crosscombe Methodist Chapel (see links) and the dilapidated Trevellas Downs Chapel (below). Compensation from the Air Ministry went towards costs. Both the Primitive Methodists and mainstream Methodists worshipped here. The chapel closed in 1991, after which it was sold in 1992 to be converted into a dwelling.

Trevellas Downs Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Trevellas Downs, Cornwall

Trevellas Downs Wesleyan Methodist Chapel is further north on the B3285 from Mithian, hard against the road's right-hand side. It existed by 1879, starting as part of the St Agnes Wesleyan Circuit. From 1932 it was known as Trevellas Downs Methodist Church. It is likely that this closed with the creation of the newly Trevellas & Crosscombe church (see above) in the 1950s. It perhaps became garage or storage unit prior to being converted for residential usage.

All photos on this page by Jo Lewis.



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