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Churches of the British Isles

Gallery: Churches of Cornwall

by Jo Lewis, 3 September 2021

Restormel (North) Part 10: Churches of St Columb Minor

Church Street (Second) Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, St Columb Minor, Restormel, Cornwall

Church Street (Second) Wesleyan Methodist Chapel in St Columb Minor is easily found on Church Street at the northernmost junction with Leader Road. This was the second Wesleyan chapel in the village, built with the first chapel becoming the Sunday school (see below). It is built in the Gothic style, appearing on 1907 maps, perhaps being built in 1901. It became St Columb Minor Methodist Church in 1932. The chapel closed in 2000 and may become housing.

St Columb Minor Wesleyan Community Hall, St Columb Minor, Restormel, Cornwall

The former St Columb Minor Wesleyan Community Hall is on the south side of Leader Road, midway between Alldritt Close and Church Street, with the later chapel behind it (see above). This visually notable community hall replaced the earlier Wesley Hall (see below). In 1971-1972, that hall was sold and land was purchased behind the later chapel so that this community hall could be built. The chapel closed in 2000, but potential worship in the hall is not known.

St Columb Minor Bible Christian Chapel, St Columb Minor, Restormel, Cornwall

St Columb Minor Bible Christian Chapel is on the western side of Church Street, about sixty metres north of the northernmost Leader Road junction and the (second) Wesleyan Methodist chapel which sits at that corner (see above). This chapel can clearly be seen on early (1881) maps with the first Wesleyan chapel (see below) sitting to its north-west. It had ceased being shown as a chapel by the 1960s and was at some later date converted into a private residence.

Stanways Road Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, St Columb Minor, Restormel, Cornwall

Stanways Road Wesleyan Methodist Chapel was the first of several Methodist chapels in St Columb Minor. It sits on the road's south side, about thirty metres west of the Place Parc junction. Land was leased here in 1833, seemingly with an early Methodist building ion the site. The present building was erected in 1850 with later additions. Once replaced by the second chapel (above), this became the Sunday school and then the Wesley Hall. It was sold in the early 1970s.

Parish Church of St Columba, St Columb Minor, Restormel, Cornwall

The Parish Church of St Columba, St Columb Minor, is easily found in the middle of the village. It is supposedly dedicated to St Columba the Virgin, although no formal record of this exists. The site was quite possibly a large tumulus or burial place in pre-Christian times, but a church has occupied it for at least a millennium. The Arundell chapel, attached to the church, is said to have been built by Refry Arundell, who died in 1310. There used to be a memorial to him in the church.

Parish Church of St Columba, St Columb Minor, Restormel, Cornwall

This church dates originally to the fourteenth century, while the tower is a fine example of a fifteenth-century building, consisting of four stages with battlements and pinnacles. It is twenty-four metres high and contains eight bells which were re-hung in 1950. In 1920 the chiming clock was added as a memorial to the men of St Columb who died in the Great War. The tower has a passage from south to north through it which is as wide as a hand cart.

Five photos on this page by Jo Lewis, and one kindly contributed by Roy Reed via the 'History Files: Churches of the British Isles' Flickr group.



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