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Churches of the British Isles

Gallery: Churches of Cornwall

by Jo Lewis, 6 February 2022

Restormel (North) Part 14: Churches of Summercourt to Nansledan

Summercourt Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Summercourt, Cornwall

Summercourt Wesleyan Methodist Chapel sits on the western side of the Chapel Town road, now with the busy A30 at its back. It was built with an attached Sunday school, seen here to the left. The chapel is dated to 1845, with the Sunday school being of the mid-to-late nineteenth century with some later twentieth century alterations. It was closed possibly in the 1990s, and was for sale in 2004. It is now clearly residential with a sympathetic conversion.

Kestle Mill Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Kestle Mill, Cornwall

Kestle Mill Wesleyan Methodist Chapel sits at the south-west corner of the minor junction in the village, at the 'Trerice Turn' bus stop and north-west of Summercourt along the A3058. Both chapel and the adjacent Sunday school were present by 1881. Kelly's Directory 1902 notes the chapel's existence, and at the Methodist union of 1932 it became Kestle Mill Methodist Church. Records seem to end in the 1970s. Today it is a residential conversion.

Quintrell Downs Bible Christian Chapel, Quintrell Downs, Cornwall

At the top of the A3058 is Quintrell Downs Bible Christian Chapel, on the north side of East Road, about 80m east of the A392 roundabout. It existed by 1879, but was later extended to the east (the block shown on the right). The plaque on the main building reads 'Chapel Coth 1872' which implies the original build date. It continued in its chapel form in 1907, but then became known as Quintrell Downs Methodist Church. Closure came about 1976 and it is now residential.

Chapel Farm Chapel, Chapel, near Quintrell Downs, Cornwall

The lost Chapel Farm Chapel is marked on old maps on the east side of the local lane, immediately north of the main farm buildings in the tiny settlement of Chapel. This settlement sits north of the A392, about a kilometre north-west of Quintrell Downs. A medieval chapel existed here, although no dedication is known, and the settlement itself bears the name of the building's purpose rather than its dedication, revealing it to most likely be a very old and long-lost chapel.

Nansledan Community Methodist Hub, Nansledan, Cornwall

Nansledan Community Methodist Hub sits on Plen Tennyson, a native Cornish street name in the new-build town of Nansledan, immediately south of St Columb Minor. The street is in the centre of the town, with the Methodist hub a retail premises owned by Newquay Methodist Church (see related links). By 2020, it and two other Newquay Methodist congregations were meeting in Newquay's Bishop's School (links). A brand new church building was due soon (below).

Newquay Methodist Centre, Nansledan, Cornwall

Newquay Methodist Centre is on the High Street in the new town of Nansledan. In 2021 construction was ongoing, with only this sketch available from the official online record. The plans had already been formally approved, paving the way for the creation of both a spiritual and social hub for the new community. The plans were drawn up by ALA Architects of Charlestown, near St Austell, with the build being a single storey construction. The centre will also cater for exhibitions.

Five photos on this page by Jo Lewis.



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