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Churches of the British Isles

Gallery: Churches of Cornwall

by Jo Lewis, 6 February 2022

Restormel (North) Part 15: Churches of Trencreek & Newquay

Trencreek Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, Trencreek, Cornwall

Trencreek Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses lies on the eastern side of Trencreek Road, opposite Gannel Close and just a hundred-or-so metres north of the A392, immediately to the west of Quintrell Downs (see related links). The building would appear to be a relatively new construction but, as with many Jehovah's Witnesses sites, there is little information available about its founding. Given the changes in the area, it is possible that it was built in 2014.

St George Mission Church, Trencreek, Cornwall

St George Mission Church, Trencreek, was sited well to the north of the Jehovah's Witnesses building (see above), across the railway line, and on the western side of the road, at about the site of the building featured in this photo. This is the entrance to Trencreek Holiday Park. The mission church is shown on maps from the 1960s, but other sources suggest it began as a Church of England mission in 1893 and was closed in 1966/7. Baptism records go up to 1925.

Blaze Church, Newquay, Cornwall

Blaze Church is on the south side of Newquay's Tolcarne Road, just twenty metres south of the Holywell Road junction. This is just west of the Edgcumbe Avenue 'border' of Newquay, itself west of Trencreek. The church was 'planted' in Newquay in 2001, with origins in the front room of a residential house. It is part of the Newfrontiers worldwide family of evangelical churches. Members then met here, at the Tall Trees (Pure) Nightclub before taking over the building.

Newquay Christadelphian Church, Newquay, Cornwall

Newquay Christadelphian Church is on the northern side of Quarry Park Road, just a hundred and fifty-or-so metres south of Blaze Church (above). The hall can be spotted on maps of the 1970s, but little else seems to be known about it. At the start of the 1900s this area was one of small homes, called Holywell. The Christadelphian name means 'brothers in Christ', with members recognising no authority other than the Bible, without the Anglican structure of bishops.

East Street Wesleyan Methodist Chapel (Second Site), Newquay, Cornwall

East Street Wesleyan Methodist Chapel (Second Site) was built on the south side of the street, in the heart of Newquay. Methodist preaching began in 1802, with the first chapel arriving in 1833 on Crantock Street (see related links). A Methodist division in 1852 resulted in the building of the Wesley Hill chapel (see links), but by the end of the century that had become too small. The East Street building was erected in 1904 to provide a large, impressive new site.

East Street Wesleyan Methodist Chapel (Second Site), Newquay, Cornwall

With the opening of the church in 1904 (above), an attached hall was also opened and can be seen here from the rear of the site on Seymour Avenue. Following the conclusion of the Second World War, congregation numbers gradually fell off. Controversially, all three of Newquay's Methodist meetings combined in 2009, closing all chapels in favour of a new site in Nansledan. Elim Church took over here, creating Newquay Christian Centre (Wesley Campus).

Five photos on this page by Jo Lewis, and one by P L Kessler.



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