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Churches of the British Isles

Gallery: Churches of Dorset

by Peter Kessler, 18 July 2010

Bournemouth Part 3: Churches of Winton, Newtown & Bearwood

The Parish Church of St Luke

The Parish Church of St Luke is on the north-east corner of Wimborne Road and St Luke's Road in Winton, and also serves Talbot Woods. Data on the church's history is extremely limited, but a Late Victorian date of construction is most likely. Inside, the carved stone font was given by Miss French in about 1898, while the baptistry was given by public subscription as a memorial to John E Wellum who served St Luke's as a churchwarden.

The Parish Church of St Luke

The beautifully carved oak font cover was in memory of Dr Arthur Sansom, and the carved oak screen and panelling by Messrs Wake & Dean of Bristol was completed in 1935. The fine oak Standard Candle holders were given in 1945 in memory of Douglas F Spencer who was killed whilst serving in the RAF. The pulpit is of carved oak and was given by public subscription in memory of the Reverend Canon Frank C Learoyd, first vicar of St Luke's, who served from 1915 to 1944.

Winton United Reformed Church

Winton United Reformed Church is on the south side of Luther Road, midway between Wimborne and Cranmer roads. Founded as a mission for the church at Throop in 1868, it passed to Richmond Hill Church in 1869.A new building was opened on 9 March 1884 in Wimborne Road, and in 1894 some Richmond Hill members transferred here to form the new Winton Congregational Church. In 1980 it was decided that a new building here on Luther Road was needed.

Newtown Methodist Church

Newtown Methodist Church is on the eastern side of Ringwood Road, opposite Wessex Trade Centre. Clearly a Victorian building, no information is readily available on it, but although it was holding services right up until 2010, it was also being offered for sale. The building was constructed in brick with stone features and a pitched timber truss roof covered with slates. There is a two storey extension at the rear and a separate single storey church hall.

St Barnabas Church Bearwood

St Barnabas Church Bearwood is on the northern side of King John Avenue, with King John Close behind it. The church was a plant from Canford Magna Church in nearby Poole and was opened in 1982 as Bearwood Church. After twenty-three years, the leadership felt it was time to give it a name, so in January 2005 the Bishop of Sherborne, Tim Thornton, dedicated and named it St Barnabas. The church underwent extensive rebuilding in 2010, adding a new glass frontage.

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