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Churches of Estonia

Gallery: Churches of Pärnu County

by Peter Kessler, 10 April 2011

Part 3: Churches of Sindi

Sindi Appearance of God Apostolic-Orthodox Church

Sindi Appearance of God Apostolic-Orthodox Church (Eesti Apostlik-Õigeusu Kirik Sindi Jumalailmumise kogudus in Estonian) is at Pärnu mnt 29, close to the junction with Karja põik. The river in Sindi is on the opposite side. In 1961, a registration of all Orthodox churches in the USSR began, possibly to log weaker congregations in order to eliminate them and take their properties. Most of those in Estonia were in the west, and Sindi's church was closed on 16 May 1962.

Sindi Lutheran Church

Sindi Lutheran Church (Sindi koguduses) sits well back from the street at Paid mnt 7. The church was founded in 1899, but worship was interrupted during the Soviet Period. In 1990, the congregation reformed and purchased their present building, close to Raudtee street and supported by Denmark's Jerslevi Church. It serves most of Pärnu-Jaagupi, and was officially re-founded on a legal basis on 31 January 1998. By 2010 it had a congregation of thirty-two, mostly women.



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