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Churches of France

Gallery: Churches of Paris

by Peter Kessler, 26 October 2009

15e Arrondissement Part 1: St-Jean-Baptiste de Grenelle

Église de St Jean-Baptiste de Grenelle

Église de Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Grenelle (St John the Baptist of Grenelle) stands at the junction of the Rue des Entrepreneurs and the Rue du Commerce in the 15th arrondissement. It is the oldest church in the district to still maintain its original style of construction. The local leading citizens of the day, the businessmen for whom the Rue des Entrepreneurs was named, realised that there was a need for a handsome new church in the growing district.

Église de St Jean-Baptiste de Grenelle

Initially this was to replace St Lambert Vaugirard in the neighbouring parish. Funds were assembled so that St Jean-Baptist could be constructed between 1827-1828 in the new parish of Grenelle, before Grenelle itself was officially a part of Paris (it was drawn in thirty years later, to form the 15th arrondissement in 1859). The duchess of Angouleme and her daughter were present to lay the first stone, making sure that there was a good turnout for this grand occasion.



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