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Season Two


SeaQuest, having been forced to self-destruct, has now been redesigned and rebuilt and is ready for active duty. Trouble is brewing when genetically engineered warriors intend to break out of government confinement.

Dagwood (intro) Peter DeLuise
Lt Brady Sam Jenkins
Jim Jesse Doran
Joseph Spike Alexander
David Philip Tanzine
Matthew Larry Brandenburg

Fear That Follows

The ship and crew have an uncomfortable encounter with an alien vessel.

(Guest cast not known)

Sympathy For The Deep

People on the Miranda peace colony are going insane and an old flame of Bridger's calls him, pleading for help.

Dr Shelton Robert Foxworth
Laura Huxley Mimi Kuzyk


Tony Piccolo meets his mother, who is taking youth-enhancing drugs, and Bridger admits his infatuation with the ship's empath, Dr Smith.

(Guest cast not known)


Hearing a Morse code SOS, and a young girl's cries for help, the ship enters a mysterious vortex and find a deserted city on the other side, which happens to be in the future.

The Girl Kelly Morgan

The Sincerest Form Of Flattery

Pearl Harbour is attacked by a test computer-controlled attack vehicle on a mission of world destruction, and Bridger is ordered to stop it.

Cousin Piccolo Amie Bluff
Secretary General Noyce Richard Herd
Mrs Piccolo Mimi Lieber
Computer W Morgan Sheppard

By Any Other Name

The crew suffer a quiet assignment to a horticultural station where the captain harbours thoughts of romance. The station turns out not to be so quiet when the plants start moving of their own accord.

(No guest cast)

When We Dead Awaken

Brody's mother, poisoned many years before, is reawakened from suspended animation so that she can visit her grown son, but the poisoner is now a powerful military figure who is determined to keep his secret.

The Doctor Jesse Doran
Alison Brody Alison Moir
General Thomas Sherman Howard

Special Delivery

Dagwood is found guilty of murdering his "creator" but reckons without the existence of a twin brother.

(Guest cast not known)

Dead End

The search is one for a SeaQuest shuttle when it gets caught in a giant whirlpool.

Marcus Rawlings Gregory Martin


When the crew investigate the sudden disappearance of a group of divers they discover a prehistoric crocodile which is devouring all in its path.

(Guest cast not known)

The Lost Land

On the ocean floor, Commander Jonathan Ford is startled by the spectre of a Greek warrior rising from the mud.

(Guest cast not known)

And Everything Nice

Lucas Walenczak learns an important lesson in the art of romance when he experiences love at first sight.

(Guest cast not known)

Dream Weaver

A slimy blanket of bubbles traps the SeaQuest and drags it down to the ocean floor.

(Guest cast not known)


No story details known - episode not screened by ITV.

(Guest cast not known)


Lucas, Piccolo and Brody compute data about Solitaire Island, which is sinking at a geologically-significant rate.

(Guest cast not known)

Something In The Air

A team of experts open an ancient box unearthed from the sea and let a demon free.

(Guest cast not known)

Dagger Redux

A potentially disastrous plot is hatched to rescue Mariah, leader of the Gelfs, who was imprisoned in a jail for the criminally insane for her role in the Dagger Rebellion.

(Guest cast not known)

The Siamese Dream

Wendy takes Dagwood to a parapsychology centre for treatment of a disturbing condition.

(Guest cast not known)


Tony Piccolo and his old Navy buddy Eddie find themselves at the mercy of an unseen force.

(Guest cast not known)


Captain Bridger is faced with a difficult decision - but it could mean destroying his crew's hopes of returning to Earth.

(Guest cast not known)


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