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Season Three - SeaQuest 2032

Brave New World

Ten years have passed since the SeaQuest was taken from Earth during a destructive civil war. Now it has returned and, when the shocked crew are recovered, it gains a new captain in the tough Oliver Hudson. His first task is to prevent a right-wing group from taking over the Pacific region.

Cpt Oliver Hudson (intro) Michael Ironside
Ensign Loni Henderson (intro) Kathy Evison
JJ Fredricks Elise Neal
Captain Bridger Roy Scheider
President Alexander Bourne Michael York
Secretary General McGrath Michael Costello
General Armand Stassi Andrew Stahl

In The Company Of Ice And Profit

A mining company guilty of polluting the southern oceans is trying to assume control of the planet's supplies of fresh water. Hudson is ordered to destroy an iceberg which is heading for Saudi Arabia, but he finds it is populated by refugees.

Lt Ben Krieg John d'Aquino
Deon Tim DeKay
Mason Freeman Ralph Wilcox
Secretary General McGrath Michael Costello

Smoke On The Water

Hudson runs into complications when he is forced to share command of a dangerous mission with a long-lost love.

Elaine Morse Patricia Charbonneau

Destination Terminal

Lucas tries to avert a disastrous crash when a supersonic undersea train is targetted by a corporate saboteur.

(Guest cast not known)

Chains Of Command

Hudson is taken captive after he confronts his former commanding officer who is now the rogue leader of a remote nuclear weapons station.

(Guest cast not known)


Hostile Macronesian forces attack a freighter and kill all the crew, with the exception of two children which Lt Henderson rescues. She is then captured and charged with espionage, and as the tension rises, Lt Brody becomes a casualty of the new war.

Alexander Bourne Michael York
Seapeople Leader Trevor St John
Secretary General McGrath Michael Costello


An oil spill which the SeaQuest cleared up with bio-friendly chemicals twelve years before has produced a mutated form of that chemical and is wiping out the ecosystem of a large stretch of ocean. Nathan Bridger is determined to prevent the UEO making things worse.

Nathan Bridger Roy Scheider
Secretary General McGrath Michael Costello


The SeaQuest crew escort a convicted mass killer to a new prison site, but complications inevitably arise during the trip.

Ambassador Scully Jonathan Banks
Elaine Morse Patricia Charbonneau
Secretary General McGrath Michael Costello

Good Soldiers

SeaQuest is placed under Bridger's command to destroy a top secret base where gruesome research is being carried out. Complications arise when Bridger reveals the base is now in hostile Macronesian territory.

Secretary General McGrath Michael Costello
Nathan Bridger Roy Schieder
Emil Verachek James Mathers
General Stassi Andrew Stahl

Second Chance

An engine malfunction sends the ship back in time to 1962, where it apparently causes World War Three to be triggered during the Cuban Missile Crises.

Commander Michael Vancamp Terence Knox
Christine Vancamp Brittany Murphy
Dr Perry Karen Fraction


The UEO Secretary General becomes an assassination target when he becomes involved with Macronesian politics.

Alexander Bourne Michael York
Seapeople Leader Trevor St John
Secretary General McGrath Michael Costello


Trade negotiations with the Tartarus Federation hit a snag when Lt Henderson finds her long-lost first love among the Federation's forced labour.

Ambassador Dennis Christopher
Mason Freeman Ralph Wilcox
Jason Pardee John H Brennan

Weapons Of War

When a UEO base is wiped out by the Chowdai, an Oriental undersea dictatorship, Tim's Internet girlfriend turns out to be a fearless warrior who wants to defect.

Lt Cmdr Hiko Kimura Julia Nickson
Secretary General McGrath Michael Costello


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