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Season One

The Resurrection

A toxic waste spill reactivates the dormant remains of alien invaders who resume their plan to take over Earth. The US government set up a secret team to counter the menace. The first step is to ensure the aliens don’t get their hands on the three remaining ships from the 1953 invasion.

General Wilson John Vernon
Charlotte Gwynyth Walsh

The Walls Of Jericho

While Harrison tries to convince skeptical officials about an alien invasion, the aliens discover a new way to acclimatise to Earth by taking over a factory producing liquid nitrogen. They need it to act as a coolant for suits which stop their assumed human bodies decaying in the areas of high radiation where they must live.

Kensington Larry Reynolds
General Wilson John Vernon
Mrs Pennyworth Corrine Conley

Thy Kingdom Come

Harrison’s stepmother has a psychic vision which leads the team to the newest alien stronghold. The aliens have taking over members of a prison hockey team and head towards Canada. Once there they try to revive hundreds of their sleeping brethren from beneath a lake.

Sylvia Van Buren Ann Robinson

A Multitude Of Idols

A reporter and her film crew get the first footage of the aliens, and Harrison wants to see it.

Elyse Conway Michelle Scarabelli

Eye For An Eye

As the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of Orson Welles’ famous radio play begin, and Harrison and his team try to discover if the radio play was a government cover-up for a real invasion, the aliens have found one of their ships intact. Fortunately, Harrison and Co are there to stop them in a rare victory.

Flannery Jeff Corey
Harvey John Ireland

The Second Seal

The aliens invade an army base to discover the top secret burial sites of their 10,000 hibernating brethren, as well as a mass of artifacts and information. But in a bloody battle against Ironhorse and Harrison neither side is the winner.

Lt Amanda Burke Lynne Griffin
General Masters Greg Morris

Goliath Is My Name

Alien guerillas attempt to steal vials of a deadly virus from a college research lab, but the macabre deaths of some of the college students bring the team to investigate.

Robert Parkins James Kee
Jefferson Eric Bruskotter

To Heal A Leper

When an alien is struck down by a virus, the invaders steal dozens of human brains to seek a cure. Close on their trail, Harrison is just too late to make an important capture. This round very definitely goes to the aliens.

Sylvia Van Buren Ann Robinson
Scott Kim Coates
Beth Guylaine St Onge
Leo Paul Boretski

The Good Samaritan

The aliens put poison in a grain shipment which is bound for some of the world’s most famine-ridden areas. Harrison and Ironhorse track down the group of aliens and come very close to capturing one alive.

Alien Commander Michael Kramer
Marcus Mason Alex Cord


The aliens manufacture a thermonuclear bomb and aim to detonate it so that it destroys a US/USSR peace conference. Meanwhile, one of the Soviet delegates, a woman Harrison has known for some years, approaches the team and wants to defect. Instead she becomes a political pawn, much to Harrison’s displeasure.

Katia Deborah Wakeman
Kerov Patrick Macnee

Among The Philistines

The aliens move closer to their goal when one of them gains access to headquarters and the team’s top secret computer files, whilst masquerading as a top languages expert. During the final struggle between Norton and the alien, the butler, Kensington, is killed.

Kensington Larry Reynolds
Dr Adrian Bouchard Cedric Smith

Choir Of Angels

Using subliminal messages implanted in the music of Billy Carlos, the aliens manage to influence a bacteriologist to help them. The aliens seek protection from Earth’s bacteria, but Suzanne manages to add to their manufactured cure, turning it into a deadly poison. Harrison is a Billy Carlos fan, and is badly affected by the subliminal messages, until Ironhorse takes control and ‘dries him out’.

Billy Carlos Billy Thorpe
Dr Eric Von Deer Jan Rubes

Dust To Dust

The aliens attack an Indian reservation, where they hope to retrieve a warship left behind by one of the aliens’ previous expeditions. Eric Schweig probably won his role in the movie The Last of the Mohicans on the strength of his Indian role here.

Bureau of Internal Indian Affairs Officer Eric Schweig
Grace Lonetree Robin Sewell

He Feedeth Among The Lilies

The aliens are conducting experiments in which they implant devices in humans, send them back into civilization, and then ‘harvest’ them six months later. While interviewing victims of this process in an attempt to discover what is happening, Harrison falls in love with a woman who is haunted by nightmares of her own terrifying encounter with the aliens. Unfortunately, she is picked up by the aliens just before Harrison can get to her, and the scientist is left wondering at her fate, knowing that the aliens have her somewhere.

Karen McKinney Cynthia Belliveau

The Prodigal Son

The alien supreme commander from the 1953 invasion is alive and living in a body immune to Earth bacteria. Harrison is kidnapped by the alien, Quinn, and learns that millions more invaders are on their way.

Quinn John Colicos

The Meek Shall Inherit

Harrison’s adoptive mother escapes from a nursing home to warn him because she feels the aliens are on the move. She joins up with a homeless person called Molly and goes on the run. Ironhorse uses his newly constructed specialised squad to help out.

Sgt Coleman Norah Grant
Sylvia Van Buren Ann Robinson
Molly Stone Diana Reis

Unto Us A Child Is Born

While trying to avoid capture, an alien possesses the body of a woman about to give birth. When the child is born it is revealed to be a hideous mutation that goes on the rampage throughout the hospital. Ironhorse seals several floors off, and he and his squad hunt the creature down, but not without casualties.

Sgt Coleman Norah Grant
First Alien Brent Carver

The Last Supper

Representatives from the various countries of the world meet to plan a defence strategy against the aliens. Unfortunately, the aliens have infiltrated the meeting and plan to sabotage it. Once the infiltrator is discovered, the aliens launch a mass attack on the building, and Ironhorse loses half his squad defending it and the people inside. Fortunately, this round goes to the humans, and now several nations are pooling their resources and sharing their collective information on the aliens.

Sgt Coleman Norah Grant
Dr Soo Tak James Hong

Vengeance Is Mine

Ironhorse is sent on a rest and recuperation leave after he accidentally kills a woman hostage of the aliens. The dead woman’s husband captures Ironhorse, seeking revenge. But the Indian colonel turns the tables on his captor and demonstrates to him just what they’re up against by foiling an alien plan.

Sarah Cole Carolyn Dunn
Martin Cole Denis Forest

My Soul To Keep

The aliens try to hatch their offspring by keeping the eggs in a captured icehouse. Suzanne is blackmailed by her ex-husband, an investigative reporter, who wants information about the anti-alien taskforce she is working for, thinking that the ‘aliens’ are illegal ones - Mexicans. When he discovers the truth during Ironhorse’s spectacular and action-filled raid on the icehouse he soon changes his mind. This round most definitely goes to Blackwood and company.

Quinn John Colison
Cash McCullough Michael Parks

So Shall Ye Reap

Aliens are trying to develop a drug that will drive humans to murder one another. Unfortunately, for them, their drug is all too successful, and the human captives become obsessed with getting more of the addictive drug, even going so far as to rip their alien captors apart for it. By the time Harrison and the team arrive, all the aliens in the laboratories are dead and their former experiments are grovelling on the floor, licking spilt supplies of the drug in mindless ecstasy.

Lt Novack Dixie Seattle
Detective Jack Sawyer Jonathan Walsh
Envoy Jill Jacobson

The Raising Of Lazarus

An alien shuttle is found and confiscated by the USAF, being taken to a secret base. The alien escapes from the shuttle and hides in the base’s ventilation system. Ambitious scientist Colonel Alexander injects himself with alien blood cells in an attempt to communicate with and use the alien for weapons research, but he only succeeds in offering the alien a host body.

Col Frederick Alexander Nicolas Coster
Lt Perry Janet Bailey

Angel Of Death

An android arrives on Earth and, in just four days, kills dozens of aliens. The team investigate, thinking the android is an ally. They do not know it is only scouting the human race for use as a food source. In a small-scale battle at the end of the episode, the team have to fight off the aliens from Mortax, wiping them out but all being wounded in the process, Suzanne being critically hurt. Only the powers of Q’tara, the android, continuing the masquerade, saves them.

Q’tara Elaine Giftos
Alien Jake John Evans


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