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Season Two

The Second Wave

A new, more deadly force of aliens arrives on Earth, these not needing high radiation to survive. They clone Ironhorse, who then kills Norton and commits suicide. Harrison and Suzanne, now cut off from Government help, team up with John Kincaid and the war continues.

Alien Scientist Julian Richings
Ironhorse Richard Chaves
Norton Phil Akin

No Direction Home

The team set up a new underground bunker and investigate another alien clone, Father Tim, when things go wrong at a vagrants’ mission.

Father Tim Angelo Razacos
Ralph Peter Blais
Helper Denise Ferguson


The aliens block a water main and cause a bad drought to become even worse. They then engineer a series of "miracles" at a local church.

Reverend Thomas Solter Kurt Reis
Grace Diana Reis
Steven Nathaniel Moreau
Bayda Patricia Phillips

Terminal Rock

The aliens clone the leader of a rock group and plant subliminal messages into their music. They also manufacture brain controlling devices to fit to their victims.

Rosa Douglas Shannon Lawson
Sol Paul Bettis
Larry Jaimz Woolvett
Ripper Lawrence King

Breeding Ground

The aliens begin a trend of incubating their young in human bodies. The team, now without Government support, try to stop this hideous practice.

Dr Emil Gestaine Gerard Parkes
Kate Burrows Helen Hughes

Seft Of Emun

Seft is a captive held by the Morthren. They dispatch her to collect parts to make power crystals, but she complicates the alien plot by falling in love with Harrison.

Seft Laura Press
Torri Illya Woloshyn

Loving The Alien

Debi runs away and meets a young lad called Ceeto. Unfortunately, Ceeto turns out to be a runaway alien.

Ceeto Keram Malicki-Sanchez
Marcus Eugene Glazner
Jo Mira Kirshner

Night Moves

Suzanne takes Debi to her grandmother’s farm to escape the growing civil unrest over food rationing. At the farm, researchers from the Department of Agriculture turn out to be aliens.

John Ken Pogues
Rebecca Owen Sally Chamberlain
Paul Fox Wayne Best
Shirley Meg Horgarth
Roy Dale Wilson

Synthetic Love

Drug users are being rehabilitated and abducted by the aliens so that their brain tissue can be used for nefarious purposes.

LaPorte Vlasta Vrana
Mr Jimmy Sam Malkin
Renee Kathryn Rose

The Defector

An alien is disfigured and sentenced to death by his superiors. He runs away and meets John Kincaid, trying to persuade the man that all he wants is peace.

Kemo Charles McCaughan
Ace Charles Kerr
Scoggs Belinda Metz

Time To Reap

Malzor travels through time to 1953 to try and inoculate some of the aliens against Earth’s bacteria. Harrison and Kincaid follow him and try to stop him.

Miranda Watson Paula Barrett
General Mann George R Robertson
Young Sylvia Martha Irving
Young Harrison Amos Crawley

The Pied Piper

The first alien child born is sent to a special school after it shows signs of emotional problems. Once at school, the child uses its telepathic powers to influence the other children.

Adam Joel Carlson
Martin Daniels Ron Lea
Julie Lisa Jakub

The Deadliest Disease

The aliens become infected with a deadly disease. They need a new piece of technology called a med-cell to save them, but before they can get it, it is stolen by a local gangster.

Tao Aki Aleong
Colonel West John Evans
Brock James Purcell
Bing Joon B King
Abraham Elias Zarou
Jerry Alex Karzis

Path Of Lies

A reporter photographs a gunfight between Harrison, Kincaid and the aliens. But the aliens have powerful allies and will make sure the photos are never used.

Marc Traynor David Ferry
Ed Jennings Barnard Behrens
Bibi Gardner Barbara Gordon
W R Samuels Maurice Evans

Candle In The Night

Suzanne plans a surprise party for her daughter Debi. Meanwhile, the aliens plan a surprise of their own.

Nate Noam Zylberman
Gunther Sandy Webster
Sam Gema Zamprogna

Video Messiah

The aliens use a clone of Dr van Order to incite violence through the use of subliminal messages broadcast in television adverts.

Dr van Order Roy Thinnes
Hardy Galt Larry Joshua
Mindy Cooper Lori Hallier
Clark Alex Carter

Totally Real

The aliens are killing people using a computer game. At the same time, Harrison and Suzanne develop a drug which allows people to link telepathically.

Nikita Colm Feore
David Nash Trevor Cameron Smith
Sendac Michael Woods
Scoggs Belinda Metz


Kincaid discovers that his brother, whom he though was dead, has in fact been kept alive by the aliens so that they can use his brain in an android body.

Max Michael Weldon
Colonel Bradley Chuck Shamata

The True Believer

The aliens pose as Harrison’s team and carry out a wave of petty crimes. Harrison must convince the authorities of his innocence.

Thresher Timothy Webber
Captain Nash Michael Hogan

The Obelisk

The aliens are nearly dead. They make a last, desperate attempt to destroy mankind.

Tallick John Gilbert
Ceeto Keram Malicki-Sanchez
Tila Cynthia Dale


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