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Season Nine

Nothing Important Happened Today (Part 1)

Forty-eight hours after the resolution of Season 8, a surveillance tape threatens to derail Doggett's investigation of Kirsch. A new assistant director turns up in the form of the oily Brad Follmer, a former lover of Reyes', and proceeds to confuse matters wherever he can. Mulder's flat has been totally emptied and Fox himself has vanished without trace. It seems he's decided he must vanish for the safety of Scully and her baby, who may or may not be entirely normal. (The new series starts with a noticeable rearrangement of the title music, rearranged title images, including a new ID card for Scully, and with the new team all established as regular cast, along with Skinner.)

Skinner (Regular) Mitch Pileggi
Special Agent Monica Reyes (Regular) Annabeth Gish
Assistant Director Brad Follmer Cary Elwes
Shannon McMahon Lucy Lawless
Carl Wormus Nicholas Walker
Mrs Scully Sheila Larken
Roland McFarland John Casino
Baby William Scully Travis Riker, James Riker, Ashley Knutson,
  Rikki Held,
and Rowdy Held
Frohike Tom Braidwood
Langly Dean Haglund
Byers Bruce Harwood
Deputy Director Kirsch James Pickens

Nothing Important Happened Today (Part 2)

Questions are raised about Scully's baby. Questions are raised about Kirsch's loyalties. As political infighting muddies the FBI waters, the newly revealed super-soldiers fight to uncover or destroy the evidence. But it's hard to work out who is doing what for which reasons.

(Cast as before)


Doggett and Reyes discover a link between a psychiatric patient and a double murderer. It seems the patient shares some kind of link that enables him to know what is happening. Scully starts her new post at FBI forensic training in Virginia. Doggett refuses to believe in the sense of horror that Reyes felt at the scene of the first deaths.

Josef Kobold James Remar
Doctor Monique Sackheim Andi Chapman
Evelyn Mountjoy Sarah Benoit
Darren Mountjoy Tim Halligan
Demon / Paul Gerlach James Rekart
Doctor Kenneth Richman Troy Mittleider
Officer Custer Lou Richards


Agent Reyes suspects that a killer who has critically wounded Doggett, and permanently paralysed him, may have entered the world from a parallel dimension. Erwin Lukesh appears to have the ability to move between two dimensions, and in one he is conducting a murder spree in which he has already claimed the life of Monica Reyes. In solving the problem, the surviving Reyes discovers she has one to many Doggetts, but her moral dilemma about how to get "her" Doggett back is short lived. 

AD Brad Follmer Cary Elwes
Erwin Timothy Lukesh Dylan Haggerty
Mrs Lukesh Angela Paton
Agent Rice Gil Colon
Doctor Kim Ming Lo

Trust No 1

A contact comes forward, offering the names of the super soldiers, but he will only speak to Mulder. Scully is the only person in touch with him - via anonymous email addresses and only accessing them in anonymous internet cafes. He is lonely, missing Dana and William, and longs to come home. The contact is a super soldier himself, intent on Mulder's destruction, but there is a way to destroy super soldiers. Dana and Fox's love for one another is now no longer an unspoken secret.

Shadow Man Terrance Quinn
Patti Allison Smith
Man on the Street Steven Flynn
Agent Edie Boal Kathryn Joosten
Station Manager Fitz Houston
Young Woman Brianne Prather
Baby William Scully Travis Riker and James Riker

Lord of the Flies

Dylan, a high school teenager, is at the centre of some strange events concerning insects. When one boy dies, eaten from the inside by flies, and another has the words "dumb ass" inscribed on his back by lice, Agent Reyes focuses her investigations on him and finds a strange relationship in his family between insects and humans.

Dylan Lokensgard Hank Harris
Natalie Gordon Samaire Armstrong
Doctor Rocky Bronzino Michael Wiseman
Mrs Anne T Lokensgard Jane Lynch
Sky Commander Winky Aaron Paul
Cap’n Dare Branden Williams
Doctor Herb Fountain Erick Avari
Camera Dude Aeryk Egan


The body of a man is found skinned alive and Reyes finds she is investigating a string of skinning murders dating back forty years. It goes deeper than that, however, and dates back to a mining prospector who was murdered - skinned - and his murderers went unpunished. He has been exacting revenge upon them over the years, so that each time their souls are reborn he tracks them down to kill them again.

Terry Pruit Don Swayze
Deputy Van Allen James McDonnell
Ed Kelso Cyril O’Reilly
Doctor Lisa Holland Katy Boyer
Bertram Mueller George D Wallace
Roxanne Kari Whitman
Victor Dale Potts David Figlioli
FBI Cadet Robert Beckwith

Provenance (Part 1 of 2)

When rubbings from the spaceship resurface, the FBI hides its investigation from the X-Files and Scully, the one person who is familiar with the significance of the symbols. A group of cranks have discovered a similar ship in Canada. This event, and an attempt on baby William's life, brings Scully onto her own line of investigation.

Assistant Director Brad Follmer Cary Elwes
Frohike Tom Braidwood
Langly Dean Haglund
Byers Bruce Harwood
Mrs Scully Sheila Larken
Motorcycle Man/Comer Neal McDonough
Lone Man Denis Forest
Overcoat Woman McNally Sagal
Agent Terry Sullivan James Parks
Toothpick Man Alan Dale
Driver Agent Joe Colligan
Passenger Agent Brian Catalano
U-Haul Driver Randy Hall
Kersh’s Assistant Laura Leigh Hughs
Roland McFarland John Casino
Baby William Scully Travis Riker and James Riker
Deputy Director Kirsch James Pickens

Providence (Part 2 of 2)

As Scully desperately tries to locate her missing son, the spaceship cult attempt to open up their discovery which they believe to be a physical manifestation of God. Scully is not helped by FBI political manoeuverings.

(Cast as before)

Audrey Pauley

After a car accident, Reyes wakes up in a netherworld  between life and death. She finds others there in the same predicament, and also Audrey, who can bridge the gap between this and the real world. There, Doggett is determined not to let Reyes go, especially as he now realises he loves her.

Audrey Pauley Tracey Ellis
Stephen Murdoch Stan Shaw
Doctor Jack Preijers Jack Blessing
Barreiro Del Zamora
Mrs Murdoch Michele Harrell
Nurse Whitney Edwards Vernee Watson-Johnson
Mrs Barreiro Esther “Tita” Mercado


DNA evidence frees a convicted murderer caught when Doggett while he was a uniformed policeman. When Reyes comes up with the theory that Fassl, the convict, is not himself the murderer but that there is a hidden part of him that is guilty. Dogget, of course, refuses to accept anything which he cannot see for himself.

Robert Fassl W Earl Brown
Jana Fain Lisa Darr
Duke Tomasick Arthur Nascarella
Assistant DA Damon Kaylor Robert Curtis Brown
Bearded Man Alan Davidson
Mrs Dowdy Mary-Margaret Lewis
Superintendent Brian Hutchinson Paul Vincent O'Connor


Mr Burt, a man who can see the odds in any bet, and see the future in any event, is following May Wayne, a serial killer. In a series of murders, Reyes calculates that the killer is fixated on numerology numbers, using these to calculate his next victim. Little does she realise that she and Scully are intended victims. Being trapped with him and Mr Burt in an underground garage brings it home to them.

Mr Burt Burt Reynolds
Mad Wayne Ray McKinnon
Special Agent Fordyce John Kapelos
Vicki Louise Burdick Ellen Greene
Bartender/Guido Angelo Vacco
Middle-Aged Man Larry Udy
Woman Beth Watson
Heavy Italian Man Ernesto Gasco
Old Italian Man Benito Prezia
Pizza Man Nick De Marinis
Amy Amy D'Allessandro
Baby William Scully Travis Riker

Scary Monsters

Young Tommy Conlon appears to hold the key to why strange life forms are taking refuge in human bodies. His father tries to protect him by hiding him in a mountain home, but Doggett and Reyes, following Agent Harrison's hunch managed to get themselves trapped there.. Scully has has a clue as to what is happening but it's Doggett's lack of imagination which saves the day.

Agent Leyla Harrison Jolie Jenkins
Gabe Rotter Brian Poth
Jeffrey Conlon Scott Paulin
Tommy Conlon Gavin Fink
Sheriff Jack Coogan Steve Ryan

Jump The Shark

Reyes and Doggett turn to the Lone Gunmen for help and are led on a quest to find their old friend Yves Adele Harlow. The Lone Gunmen may be heroes of truth and justice, but good guys don't always win, and these guys are now broke. Could this be their final curtain (and another nail in the X-Files coffin)? They seemed doomed to undergo one of the worst fates imaginable to any set of beloved heroes - that of a pointless and totally manufactured termination in an ailing series not long from its own termination.

Frohike Tom Braidwood
Langly Dean Haglund
Byers Bruce Harwood
Kimmy the Geek Jim Fyfe
John Gillnitz Marcus Giamatti
Big Security Guard Robert Joseph
Professor Douglas Houghton Timothy Landfield
Morris Fletcher Michael McKean
Brittany Pamela Paulshock
Medical Examiner John Prosky
Yves Zuleikha Robinson
Jimmy Stephen Snedden
First Man Michael Edward Thomas
Leonard Southall Michael Craven Wells


The agents capture a badly scarred man trying to break into their offices. Although his identity is a mystery, all evidence points to his being Mulder. But after an attack on baby William Scully, the ghost of the long-dead Agent Spender arises - Mulder's half-brother. William maybe safer away from his mother entirely.

Older Social Worker Annie Abbott
Doctor Charlie Newman David Fabrizio
Mrs Van De Kamp Shannon Hile
Mr Van De Kamp Adam Nelson
Jeffrey Spender Chris Owens
Doctor Whitney Edwards Cyd Strittmatter
Young Social Worker Kiersten Van Horne
The Breather Photo Double Jason Waters
ER Nurses Dallas Munroe and Dan Shor
Baby William Scully Travis Riker and James Riker


An FBI cadet's uncanny intuition helps shed light on the murder of Doggett's son. With amazing precision, Cadet Hayes is able to pinpoint the way in which various murder victims met their ends. Doubt follows, though, when the suspect AD Brad Follmer points the finger of guilt at Hayes. One way or another, Doggett is determined to find release at last for him and his ex-wife, and lay their son to rest.

Assistant Director Brad Follmer Cary Elwes
Barbara Doggett Barbara Patrick
Rudolph Hayes Jared Poe
Nicholas Regali Sal Landi

Sunshine Days

A man who lives in a house which is rumoured to be an exact replica of that of a famous television series is linked to a series of suspicious deaths. Only people who break into the house at certain times of the day seem to see that, though, while to others it is a perfectly normal residence. Oliver, the house owner, is a Brady Bunch fan with a highly dangerous power, and Scully is fixated on the idea of providing definitive proof of an X-File and benefiting the world. But maybe John Doggett is at last getting the hang of this job.

Oliver Martin Michael Emerson
Doctor John Rietz John Aylward
Blake McCormick Tyson Turrou
Doctor Henry Jacocks Stephen W Bridgewater
Michael Daley David Faustino

The Truth

After breaking into a Marine installation, Mulder is captured while "killing" Knowle Rohrer. He is placed on trial in a military court which (finally) manages to explain the facts behind the whole alien invasion conspiracy, but the facts are clearly balanced against the truth. When the fixed trial is over, Scully, Skinner, Doggett and Reyes break Mulder out and he and Scully head towards a final acceptance of the truth, and the limited number of years in which they will be able to enjoy their relationship together...

Special Agent Fox Mulder David Duchovny
Deputy Director Kirsch James Pickens
Alex Krycek Nicholas Lea
Marita Covarrubias Laurie Holden
FBI Prosecutor Kalembrenner Matthew Glave
Gibson Praise Jeff Gulka
Jeffrey Spender Chris Owens
Knowle Rohrer Adam Baldwin
Toothpick Man Alan Dale
General Mark A Suveg William Devane
Cigarette Smoking Man William B Davis
X Steven Williams
Frohike Tom Braidwood
Langly Dean Haglund
Byers Bruce Harwood
With: Cody Lightning, Christopher J Stapleton, Patrick St Esprit, Julia Vera


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