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European Kingdoms

Eastern Europe


Beylerbeys of Podolia
AD 1672 - 1699

The Polish region of Podolia, or Kamyanets-Podilsky (Kamieniec Podolski), was occupied by the Ottoman empire in 1672. During this period, regional Ottoman governors were appointed to govern the region, although the life expectancy of each holder of the post was relatively short. Under the terms of the Treaty of Buchach on 18 October 1672, the annexation was formalised.

Podolia had suffered especially badly from slaving raids by splinter states of the Golden Horde. Along with its sometime ally, the Nogai (Nogay) Horde or khanate, the Crimean khanate raided Slavic settlements across what is now Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, and Belarus. Slaves were captured from southern Muscovy, Poland, Moldavia, Wallachia, and Circassia by Tartar horsemen in a trade known as the 'harvesting of the steppe'. In Podolia alone, about one-third of all villages were destroyed or abandoned between 1578 and 1583. Some researchers estimate that altogether more than three million people were captured and enslaved during the existence of the Crimean khanate.

1672 - 1675/76

Köstendili Koca Halil Pasha

1675/76 - 1677

Arnavut Uzun Ibrahim Pasha

1677 - 1680

Köstendili Koca Halil Pasha

Second term of office.

1680 - 1682

Defterdar Ahmet Pasha

Died 1683.

1682 - 1685

Arnavut Abdurrahman Abdi Pasha

Died 1686.


Tokatli Mahmud Pasha

Died 1684.

1685 - 1686

Biyikli Silahdar Mustafa Pasha

1686 - 1688

Bosnali Sari Hüseyn Pasha

1688 - 1689

Yegen Ahmet

Died 1689.

1689 - 1699

Mustafa Ibrahim oglu Kahraman Bey

Last Ottoman governor.


Under the Terms of the Treaty of Karlowitz of 26 January 1699, the Ottomans agree to hand back Podolia to the Polish crown. They evacuate their forces from Kamienca between 5 to 22 September.

Kamianets-Podilskyi Fortress
The medieval fortress at Kamianets-Podilskyi in Podolia was under Ottoman control in the seventeeth century


Podolia is annexed by the Russian empire on 23 January 1793 and incorporated into Ukraine.

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