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European Kingdoms

Eastern Mediterranean


Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire
Non-Dynastic (AD 602-610)

In AD 395, the Roman empire finally split permanently, creating formal Eastern Roman and Western Roman empires, acknowledging what had existed in practise for many years.

Eastern Roman Emperor Basil II in iconography

(Information by Peter Kessler, and from External Link: History of the Byzantine Empire (Live Science).)

602 - 610


Usurper of the Justinian dynasty. Overthrown.

early 600s

The empire loses the territory of Epirus to Slavic migrant settlers.

607 - 616

The Sassanid Persians invade and conquer Eastern Roman Syria, Egypt, and Asia Minor as part of the Byzantine-Sassanid War of 602-628.

608 - 610

In conjunction with his son, Heraclius 'the Younger', Exarch Heraclius of Africa revolts against the usurper Phocas. The younger Heraclius uses Africa as a base from which he is able to overthrow Phocas and begin his own Heraclian dynasty in Constantinople. His father passes away shortly after learning the good news.

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