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Kingdom of Galicia
AD 910 -1157

This north-western region of Iberia was formerly the Germanic Suevi kingdom before it was conquered by the Visigoths, and Galicia eventually became part of the kingdom of Asturias & Galicia. In 910 that evolved into the kingdom of Leon, and Galicia became an autonomous sub-kingdom to be ruled by the heir to the throne of Leon, along with the county of Portugal. This arrangement did not last, however, and Galicia had a patchwork life as an independent region.

910 - 924

Ordono II

Elevated to king of Leon in 914.

924 - 982

Galicia is taken into Leon until the accession of Bermudo II.

982 - 999

Bermudo II

Also king of Leon from 984.


The county of Coimbra is re-conquered by the Omayyids. Portugal again becomes the front line between Moor and Christian in western Iberia.

984 - 1037

Galicia is again taken into Leon. During this period, Menendo II Gonçalves, count of Portugal, is killed by raiding Vikings in 1008.

1037 - 1065

Galicia is taken into Castile.

1065 - 1071

Garcia II

King of Galicia & Portugal.


Ferdinand I's kingdom of Castile is divided between his three sons: Sancho II receives Castile, Alfonso VI, Leon, and Galicia is once again sub-divided from Leon for Garcia. Sancho attacks Alfonso as he attempts to capture Leon, and Garcia takes the opportunity to proclaim the independence of Galicia and Portugal.

1070 - 1071

Sancho defeats Alfonso in 1070 and drives him into temporary exile, reassembling the whole of Ferdinand's kingdom, although Galicia and Portugal are still autonomous. In 1071 Garcia is able to defeat Count Nuno II Menendez of Portugal, claiming the title king of Galicia and Portugal. His victory is short-lived, as Sancho and Alfonso attack him and partition the kingdom. In 1072, Sancho dies, and the kingdom of Castile, Leon and Galicia immediately falls to Alfonso, who maintains its unity by imprisoning Garcia until his death.

1072 - 1075

Garcia II

'Restored', but imprisoned and never again ruled.


The kingdom is again taken back into Leon.

1112 - 1157

Alfonso (VII)


Galicia finally becomes part of Castile.

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