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Far East Kingdoms

South Asia


Berar (Vidharba)
AD 1490 - 1574

Berar was the focus of a sultanate which existed in central India in the sixteenth century. During the late Iron Age period it had formed part of the territory of the Sattavahanas, and for long periods of the first millennium AD it was ruled from the north. In 1321 the rule of Delhi passed to the Tughlaq dynasty. Mohammed Tughlaq, a descendant of that dynasty, later made Devagiri, on the Deccan, his capital.

The province of the Deccan (between the north of the River Godavari and the River Krishna), became an independent state during the time of the Bahamani sultanate. This sultanate soon disintegrated and split into five independent sultanates at Ahmednagar, Berar under the Imad Shahi dynasty (now in Maharashtra state and consisting of the districts of Akola, Buldhana, Amravati, Yavatmal, most of the Parbhani district, and parts of Nanded and Aurangabad districts), Bidar, Bijapur, and Golconda. Berar was quickly conquered by Ahmednagar.

(Information by Abhijit Rajadhyaksha.)

1490 - 1510

Fath-Allah Imad ul-Mulk

Former governor and first independent Imad Shahi sultan of Berar.

1510 - 1529

Aladdin Imad Shah


Bahamani sultan Mahmud Shah is thrown out of Bidar by his minister and seeks refuge with and military support from Aladdin Imad Shah. Berar fights alongside Mahmud Shah against the combined power of the usurper, Amir Barid, and Ahmednagar, but he retreats in disgust and retires to Berar after Mahmud Shah flees the battle.

1529 - 1561

Darya Imad Shah


1562 - 1574

Burhan Imad Shah

Son. A minor at his accession.

1562 - 1574

Tufal Khan Dakhni

Regent and minister.


The Vijayanagar empire is defeated at the Battle of Talikota by an alliance of Deccan sultanates; Ahmednagar, Berar, Bidar, Bijapur, and Golconda. The sultan of Bijapur takes the Raichur Doab as his prize.

The fort of Mahur in Berar
The great fort of Mahur in Berar, built on one of the sultanate's mountains in the twelfth century


Berar is conquered by Ahmednagar and incorporated into its territory. Burhan Imad Shah and Tufal Khan Dakhni are imprisoned and both are later poisoned in that prison by the sultan of Ahmednagar. Berar later becomes a province within the Maratha state of Nagpur.

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