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Bidar (Barid Shah Dynasty)
AD 1489 - 1619

Bidar was a sultanate which existed in in fifteenth century India in what is now Karnataka state, near the border of Maharashtara and Karnataka. During its existence as an independent state it neighboured the sultanate of Bijapur. In 1321 the rule of Delhi passed to the Tughlaq dynasty. Mohammed Tughlaq, a descendant of that dynasty, later made Devagiri his capital.

The province of the Deccan (between the north of the River Godavari and the River Krishna), became an independent state during the time of the Bahamani sultanate. This sultanate soon disintegrated and split into five independent sultanates at Berar, Ahmednagar (both now in Maharashtra state), Golconda (in Andhra Pradesh), and Bijapur and Bidar (both now in Karnataka state). Bidar, however, was soon swallowed up by its more powerful neighbour and the rule of the Barid Shahi sultans ended.

(Information by Abhijit Rajadhyaksha.)

1489 - 1504

Qasim Barid I

Georgian Turk. Prime minister and regent under Bahamani sultan.

1504 - 1542

Amir Barid I

Son. Usurped the province from the Bahamanis.


Amir Barid comes to power and soon declares himself sultan, entirely removing the former province from Bahamani control. However, he also firmly controls the remaining Bahamani sultans themselves, virtually imprisoning them as he governs the territory.


Bahamani sultan Mahmud Shah's control of Bidar is usurped by Amir Barid and Mahmud Shah himself seeks refuge with and military support from Aladdin Imad Shah of Berar. Berar fights alongside Mahmud Shah against the combined power of Amir Barid and Ahmednagar, but he retreats in disgust and retires to Berar after Mahmud Shah flees the battle.

1504 - 1580

Ali Barid Shah

Declared himself sultan of Bidar.


The Vijayanagar empire is defeated at the Battle of Talikota by an alliance of Deccan sultanates; Ahmednagar, Berar, Bidar, Bijapur, Golconda. The sultan of Bijapur takes the Raichur Doab as his prize.

The fort of Bidar
The fort of Bidar, although it was heavily reconstructed by the Moghuls


The young Murtaza Shah, sultan of Ahmednagar, annexes Bidar, but local rule remains in place.

1580 - 1587

Ibrahim Barid Shah


1587 - 1591

Qasim Barid Shah II



Ali Barid Shah II

Infant son. Lost throne to his relative.

1591 - 1601

Amir Barid Shah II

Usurped the throne.

1601 - 1609

Mirza Ali Barid Shah

A relative.

1609 - 1619

Amir Barid Shah III

A relative.


Despite fighting alongside Ahmednagar against the Moghuls, the sultanate is conquered by its neighbour, Bijapur. Amir Barid Shah II and his sons are imprisoned and all local rule is ended.

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