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Far East Kingdoms

South Asia


Rajputana (Alwar)

Alwar (once known as Ulwar) was one of the Rajput states of Rajasthan which existed in India in the modern north-west of the country. It was located near Jaipur in the Rajputana region. The state was also claimed as a Jat kingdom after the kingdom of Bharatpur was founded. The rajas claimed descent from Raja Udaikarna of Amer and belonged to the Kachwaha clan (they claimed a lineage which descended from the legendary Prithviraj Chauhan, the king of early Delhi). They were the first of the princely states of Rajputana to sign a treaty of friendship with the British East India Company. Hemu, the celebrated king who challenged the might of Akbar's forces, was born in Alwar.

(Information by Abhijit Rajadhyaksha.)

Bar Singh

Son of Raja Udaikarna of Amber.

Maharaj Singh

Naru Singh

Rao Lala

Udai Singh


Fath Singh

Rao Kalyan Singh

Rao Agar Singh

Thakur of Macheri.


Mirza Raja Jai Singh of Amber makes Rao Agar Singh the thakur of Macheri.

Alwar Palace
Alwar rose to prominence through its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty

Amar Singh

Founder of the Khara family.

Thakur Shyam Singh

Of Para-Thakur.

Agar Singh of Macheri

Thakur Hathi Singh

Thakur Mukund Singh

Thakur Tej Singh

Thakur Zorawar Singh

Thakur Mahabat Singh


Pratap Singh Prabhakar Bahadur is granted the panch hazari mansab by Moghul Emperor Shah Alam.

1775 - 1791

Pratap Singh Prabhakar Bahadur

Son. A Kachwaha Rajput and founder of the state of Alwar.

1791 - 1815

Bakhtawar Singh Prabhakar Bahadur

Adopted son. Aided East India Company against the Marathas.


Balwant Singh

Son. Deposed. Died in exile at Tijara in 1826.

1815 - 1857

Binay Singh / Prabhakar Bahadur

Nephew of Bakhtawar Singh.

1857 - 1858

In common with many of his peers, Binay Singh (known colloquially as Bane Singh) assists the British in India during the Indian Mutiny (or Great Sepoy Mutiny), following which the British Viceroys are established to replace the Moghuls as the highest power in the land. Binay Singh is also a patron of the arts, and encourages fine architecture in Alwar, including palaces, gardens, buildings, roads and so on.

1857 - 1874

Sheodansingh Prabhakar Bahadur


1874 - 1892

Mangalsingh Prabhakar Bahadur

Adopted son. Poisoned.

1892 - 1937

Jaisingh Prabhakar Bahadur

Son. Found guilty of state irregularities. Exiled to France.

1937 - 2009

Tejsingh Prabhakar Bahadur

Relative and adopted son.


Tejsingh Prabhakar Bahadur serves in the British army in North Africa and Italy. However, the dominion of India is formed on 15 August 1947 following the official handover of power by Britain. The following year, the raja's own state is merged within the Indian union together with the princely states of Bharatpur, Dholpur, and Karauli to form part of Rajasthan, and the raja himself is left with just his title.

1970 - 1971

The Indian Parliament decides to abolish the institution of royalty, and the following year the rulers of the former princely states are de-recognised and their privy purses and titles snatched away from them.

2009 - Present

Jitendra Pratapsingh Prabhakar Bahadur

Son. Congress politician, MLA.

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