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Far East Kingdoms

South East Asia


Sukhothai Kingdom
AD 1238 - 1438

Founded in the north-central region in 1238 by two Thai governors, Khun Bang Klang Thao (Si Inthrathit) and Khun Pha Muang. Government was by Patriarchic Politics, and was the first Thai leadership to be established without Khmer domination. The Sukhothai Period was considered to be a golden age of Thai culture. During that time, everybody could say 'there are fish in the water and rice in the fields', in other words, an abundance of resources. Potters entered Thai artistry and extensive trade was established with the Khmer and India. The first Thai writing system was created (derived from Khmer) by King Ramkhamhaeng.

c.1240 - 1270

Sri Indraditya

c.1270 - 1279

Ban Muang

c.1279 - 1298


1298 - 1346/7

Lo Thai

1346 - 1347

Ngua Nam Thom

1347 - 1368/74

Mahathammaracha I Luthai

His rule may have begun in 1346.

1368/74 - 1398

Mahathammaracha II

1398 - 1419

Mahathammaracha III

1419 - 1438

Mahathammaracha IV


Sukhothai is conquered by Ayuddhya.