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MapCity State of Hamazi

Hamazi is thought to have been located in the western Zagros Mountains roughly between Elam and Assyria, and could have been near Nuzi or modern Hamadan. An ancient kingdom of some importance which flourished in circa 2500-2400 BC, Hamazi was the second 'foreign' city outside of the Sumerian heartland to rule the region. It defeated the Second Dynasty of Kish to claim supremacy in Sumer, albeit briefly.

FeatureAccording to the Sumerian king list, a total of one king ruled for 420 years, once (one dynasty) in Hamazi. This is the sixth entry on the list comprising king 51. Here, List 1 is primarily used, backed up by List 2 (see Sumer for details).

fl c.2450 BC


The order in which these two monarchs reigned is not known.

Irkab-Damu of Ebla in Syria sends a diplomatic message to Zizi, along with a large quantity of wood, hailing him as a brother, and requesting that he sends mercenaries in exchange (from a clay tablet copy found in the archives at Ebla).

Ebla clay tablet
The surviving 17,000 or more clay tablets in the library of Ebla's Royal Archives are the earliest written documents in Syria, and they provide a wealth of detailed information about the region and its kingdoms and trade networks

c.2450 - 2430 BC

Hadanish / Hadanic

Ruled for 360 years.

c.2430 BC

Then Hamazi is defeated and the kingship taken to Unug (Uruk).

c.2046 - 2037 BC

During the reign of Amar-Sin of the Third Dynasty of Ur, Hamazi comes under the control of his empire and is managed by governors, or ensis.

Lu-nanna son of Namhani

Governor of Hamazi.


Governor of Hamazi.

c.2010 BC

The province is occupied and plundered by Isin as Ur's empire is collapsing.

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