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Map Rhufoniog

FeatureRhufoniog was the name given to the small sub-kingdom of Gwynedd ruled by one of the sons of Cunedda Wledig. Although it is doubtful that the territory remained a sub-kingdom under Maelgwyn Gwynedd's overlordship, Rhwfon's immediate descendants still enjoyed some degree of power in this eastern territory. They quite possibly acted as protectors of the eastern border, once Powys had gained former Gwyneddian land (modern Clwyd) the east.


Rhwfon ap Cunedag

Created sub-king and ruled under brother Einion Yrth of Gwynedd.


Mor ap Rhwfon


Aidan ap Mor


Moreith ap Aidan


Mor ap Moreith


Maelgwyn Gwynedd probably draws the sub-kingdom back under his direct control.