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MapKings of Connacht / Connaught (Gaels of Ireland)
Incorporating the Autini & Magnatae

There exists a very small window through which to view the early tribes of Gaelic Ireland (those which largely pre-date the Roman presence in Britain). Ptolemy's Geographia recorded the tribes of Ireland some time in the second century AD, seemingly the first person to do so. Shortly after this, between the second and fourth centuries AD, most of Ireland shifted from tribal naming to descent naming. The shift was so complete by around AD 400 that it is almost impossible to link many of the early tribal names to the later descent names.

Within the territory that later formed Connacht dwelt the Autini (Auteini) and Magnatae (Nagnatae) and tribes. By around AD 300 (shown in a modern Rootsweb map that is of uncertain provenance) there seems to be an Uaithne in the former territory of the Autini. There is enough similarity in the names to suggest that this is a continuation of that tribe, but with an increasingly Gaelic form. Similarly, although pretty theoretically, the Magnatae could be the later Uí Maine.

(Additional information by Edward Dawson, and from External Link: Ireland's History in Maps.)

fl 170s


Also king of Mide.


Fedlim unsuccessfully attacks the Dumbarton Britons of Alt Clut. However, at this time in Ireland's history the tribal system has not yet been replaced by the descendant-name system, and it is highly unlikely that the kingdoms of Connacht and Mide exist in this form. This means that this event is recorded quite some time later, after the fifth century at least. This either places its authenticity in some doubt, or it means that a later chronicler has applied the names of his time to a tribal event. In which case, which tribe is involved? Perhaps the Autini or Magnatae of Connacht?

1002 - 1014

Connacht is under the direct control of the high kings of Ireland.

1022 - 1106

Connacht is under the direct control of the high kings of Ireland.

1106 - 1156

Toirrdelbach macRuaidrí na Saide Buide ua Conchobair / Turlogh

High King (1121-1135, 1141-1150).

1156 - 1183

Ruaidrí macToirrdelbaig / Rory O'Connor

Son. Last High King (1166-1175). d.1198.


Much of Ireland now falls under the control of the kings of England.

1183 - 1189


1189 - 1200



After attacks that begin in 1175, Connacht now falls under the control of the kings of England.