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Modern Britain

Gallery: Churches of the City of York

by Peter Kessler, 9 January 2011

Central York Part 9: Churches of York

Melbourne Terrace Methodist Church

Melbourne Terrace Methodist Church is on the western side of Cemetery Road, just north of the Melbourne Street junction. A Methodist New Connexion congregation was meeting in a room in Whitby Terrace, off Cemetery Road, in 1855. They sold to Wesleyan Methodists in 1872, moving to Trinity Chapel. The Wesleyans opened a new red brick chapel decorated with stone and white brick on the present site on 22 March 1877. It was demolished and rebuilt after 1955.

Christian Science Society

The Christian Science Society is on the eastern side of Fulford Road, opposite the entrance for Alma Terrace. It is a branch of the church of Christ Scientist in Boston Massachusetts, USA. Regular services were first held in York in 1907. In June 1929 the present church was opened, built of rustic bricks with windows decorated with stone facing and a flat roof. There was also a Christian Scientist reading room at 4 Lendal in 1956 which moved to High Petergate in 1959.

All photos on this page kindly contributed by Colin Hinson.

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